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The things you find in the mines of Moria...



Someone asked for a complete list of the things you can find in the Mines of Moria, so here goes…
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A. Lara Croft

B. WOW Orc

C. Hellboy

D. Tars Tarkas (Tharg from John Carter)

E. Skrull

F. Sully and Mike (monsters inc)

G. Cookie Monster

H. ET Phoning home

I.  Sir Daniel Fortesque  (Thanks :iconnebezial: ;) )

J. C3PO & R2D2 (these are not the droids you are looking for)

K. Shrek

L. Goblin from Labyrinth

M. Grumpy Cat

N. Gollum

O. Wally/Waldo

P. Sloth from Goonies

Q. Watto from Phantom Menace

R. Batman

S. Monty Burns

T. Cave Troll… they have a Cave Troll

U.. Predator

V Gremlin… from Gremlins

W. Spiderman

X. Stich - from Lilo and Stich

Y. Dobby from Harry Potter

Z. Minion

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