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The Mandolin

Something silly coz I couldn't resist. I have no real excuses!

Pencil and ink, colour in photoshop. This is the way.
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LOL.......just seen this cool show, awesome job as always :D

.....stay safe and healthy ;)

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Thank you most kindly... and right back atcha!

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Silly is Good Stuff!

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Thanks! Big fan of silly!

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I don't think you need an excuse for something like this. Fantastic!

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Welcome amigos... To the land without ennnnd... *in symphonic harmony* the desert and death are the closest of friends...

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I burst laughing hard as soon as I saw it. So full of inside jokes too :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: 
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Thanks.. and thanks for the fave too :)
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Space and Western! Priceless!
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Its a great mix!
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That's awesome! :D
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Haha I love it!
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I haven't seen it but this made me laugh! Bravo sir! :)
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Thanks! Its a fun watch.
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Love it. I just forgot to tell you so.
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You NEVER fail to amaze and amuse. Great!!

I have spoken. It is the way.
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