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That Arnold fella

Flexing with Arnold.. something I started last year and finally finished it off.
Pencil sketch and clean up/paint in photoshop.
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Forken heck

Sprinkle umlauts where appropriate

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I like to sprinkle umlauts on my cereal... helps me start the day!

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Very very funny ^^

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:D :D :D why all these perfect synthesis?? great!

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Loopydave's avatar

Haha! I feel 20% more manly just from watching that :D

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Hail to the Styrian Oak!

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So good! Clearly no one has been giving you the wrong advices in art

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Haha! I'm pretty much self taught and I've mostly ignored the advice I did get so I'm not sure what that says about me :D


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I'm BachMon.

He always said he'd be Bach.

Ol' redeye may terminate,

but he'll never retire.

I always wondered, he's SO top heavy, why doesn't he just topple over? You know, he'd shout, "Teeem-behr" and thud.

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Well they DID use to call him the 'Austian Oak' so your timber metaphor could be right on the money!

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How do we know you're not juicing to create great art like this?

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Oh, I do juice... mostly apple juice, but I do dabble with a bit of that orange or mixed fruit as well. I like to live on the edge ;)

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