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Trying something a little 'old school-y'... drawing from this years 'inktober'

Fineliner on paper, text added in photoshop as my calligraphy needs a bit of work.

EDIT: Now available on a T-shirt at… if you are into that kind of thing!
Edison offered Tesla $50,000 to redesign his company’s DC generators and then refused to pay… but, for FAR FAR less, you can have a T-shirt that already works efficiently and Tesla won’t have to resign in protest this time.
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When Tesla upgraded Edison's work, Nikola went to him and asked for his money.

Edison's response was, "You haven't learned to understand American humor."

For a year, Tesla worked odd jobs before going to work for George Westinghouse. And the rest, they say, is history.

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Some humor; Tesla’s grandfather threatened to excommunicate scoundrels in Serbia for lesser crimes than that.
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And the elder Tesla had such power to make it stick.

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Well, of course. He was made bishop after his wife passed. She was an AMAZING woman. Perfect photographic memory.
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Now we know where Nikola got that from!

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Mrs. Tesla had hundreds of Epic Poems about Serbia’s greatest heroes memorized and could sing along with even the Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil without having to read it, which is only surpassed by the Ethiopian liturgy in its complexity. It’s usually only used on very special occasions, so most priests have to read the whole thing, but her son’s, Nikola’s brothers, didn’t have to . It’s said they could compose excellent sermons on the fly, off the top of their heads, every time!
Saint Tikhon’s mission learned of these and made certain to send a priest from the Colorado branch to visit him up at his home near Pike’s Peak, and occasionally drag him to Liturgy. His dabbling in Buddhism notwithstanding, he never renounced his faith and continued to have such men in his life.
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Blessings on him then.

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Tesla's bulb was better. Edison could have teamed up with him and brought so much more to the world but choose the steal from him as well as Marconi who lost in court but after Nic was gone. Gentle genius gets the shaft in the end, not a happy story.
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Then the government sabotaged his work and stole his inventions
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The worse part was how no attempt to save any of his family was made. I doubt the Allied intelligence was unaware of the moves the Croatian Fascists were making against their Serbian neighbors. They didn’t have the resources to stop the slaughter, but they could have called in a favor to get a FEW of his relatives out, maybe one or two grandnephews or grandnieces, as children were easier to smuggle. Since his mother’s genius genes seemed to have been passed on to all his siblings (he was just the most enterprising and radical), from accounts of his brothers and nephews all being brilliant preachers, this actually could have been a wise investment as well as a compassionate reward for a suffering adopted son of America. But if anyone thought of it, the higher ups ultimately didn’t bother trying.
Priests and their families in particular were targeted for extermination. Nicholas was the only male Tesla in generations to not have become a priest, or get married.
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And one of Donald Trump's uncles was an FBI agent that broke into Tesla's hotel room, broke into his safe and took his paperwork.

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What?! He was an egghead that just tinkered with other people’s ideas and made them work better, but he worked with what he was GIVEN, like the first Microwave transmission prototype. The original, an esoteric derivative of Roentgen’s early work that had several obscure contributors from Europe, kept exploding. Doctor Trump MADE it work when he perfected the Cyclotron and we’ve got everything from helping our battleships communicate so to defeat imperial Japan in the Pacific, to two minute hot pockets, to 5G LTE technology now to thank him for from this. He wasn’t a field agent. IF any of what he worked on was stolen, and damn anyone who did so, there’s zero evidence that he was privy to that crime.
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What Doctor Trump are you talking about?

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Since Fred Trump Jr. only had ONE brother, I can only assume you meant Doctor John Trump. He wasn’t an MD, but a sort of Jack of all trades engineer.
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No, I'm talking about a Trump member who was with the FBI during the latter part of Tesla's life. So it must have been a great-uncle who absconded with the secrets for his boss, Hoover.

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Fredrick Trump had five siblings and as far as I can tell, never left the Austrian Palatinate wine business that their family ran. Furthermore, while there weee plenty of anti-fascist German immigrants, I’m skeptical of that paranoid bigot Hoover keeping in employment an elderly German emigrant during WW2.
See, Fredrick got started late for those times in having a family, at 36, and HE was the youngest of six siblings.
Assuming one DID immigrate and his next oldest was the one to move to America later and got into law enforcement, he’d have been around 42 by 1920, so would have been 64 when Tesla was raided.
But that’s VERY speculative. Sounds like an “Orange Family Bad” meme to me.
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No, not a happy story... though Tesla is starting to get a bit more recognition these days. Too little, too late though!
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Marconi had used 17 of Tesla's patents to make his wireless radio work. Edison wouldn't allow Tesla to use his patented light bulb for the Chicago Exposition. He had to come up with a two-piece bulb instead. And some people would later use an adapter for Tesla's light bulbs in Edison's fixtures.

The irony was that Edison was forced to switch from DC to AC power when he hired the German electrical engineer Charles Steinmetz. Later he merged his business with Conrad Electric to create General Electric.

And later still he was forced out of control of the company by his own board or directors.

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that's about right.  Heart Dave.
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Yup! And thanks :highfive:
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That’s shows how to steal someones idea!
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