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Terminator themed lifedrawing session

More life drawing stuff... this was from a Terminator themed session. Big shoutout to Jean-Luc, the organiser ... he puts so much effort into each and every class and makes them into events. Sound tracks, lighting and amazing models. We've had dancers, burlesque performers, fashion models, actors, gymnasts etc.
10- 20 minute poses.
Mature label coz of those awesome 90's glasses...
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Is that Lena or Linda?

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Haha! The life drawing model name was Emily.

The model is missing something...

Oh, yes...

..Phased Plasma Rifle in the Forty Watt Range...

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Haha! She had a plastic toy gun which I changed for the colour version I painted. Not sure it had 'forty Watts' but it DID make a 'pew pew' noise when the triggered was pulled :D

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And , how is it comments are Not coming out rite ?? not how typed ...

,, :shrug: thanx

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I don't know what's going on there... I've had the occasional dA glitch myself. Maybe its SkyNet ;)

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Yeah , could be skyNet or the Y21K bug thing

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SO cool to see your sketches! And then the rendered final! Brilliant stuff as always Dave! Plus the theme is AWESOME! Love the Terminator series. The first 3 films are classics in my opinion. Which Terminator films do you like most?

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Thank you!

The organiser really leaned into the theme and had the theme music going and there was dramatic Blue and Magenta lighting. Definitely a fun session!

Despite seeing the 4th movie before any of the others, I'd have to agree with your selection... I'd probably put 2 as my favourite fo all of them though.


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1) You've certainly a great eye for detail in this time frame. Gr8 work as always!

2) Just curious. The model looks to be in fit condition and you mentioned about the backgrounds of them. a. Are they introduced with a little background to the art group?

b. Would you happen to know what this one did other than modeling given her physique?

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  1. Thanks!

  2. Usually any relevant background on the model is mentioned in the class info, but I don't remember anything about this particular model other than she was very athletic, which was kind of perfect for an android robot from the future!

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Cheers my friend. Terminator was the models favourite movie and the organiser played the soundtrack while we drew... lots of fun.

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Looks a little racier than the life drawing sessions I remember. Looks like an interesting change of pace.

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Themed life drawing sessions are a newer thing to me, but they don't feel any racier - but maybe thats just me. The class I try to get to on the occasion does both, which is good, but there's always cool music and a great atmosphere.

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Well, that's sort of what I meant. Doesn't HAVE to get real 'extreme' for a life drawing session to get racier. The bar is set incredibly low. LOL

Sounds a little more practical in terms of usefulness to a working professional with including some props and such. Atmosphere counts for a lot with that sort of thing in my opinion. Sounds great!

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