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Some Gal

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.
Have a video of painting the hair on my instagrams…
if anyone is interested. 
Don't bother looking for the invisible plane... its invisible!
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Deviant "I never saw an invisible plane!"

Loopydave: "Uhh... it's right in the back. I'll paint it out! No sweat, I'll make it into a Wonder Woman."

Deviant: "Ah!"

Loopydave: "All right?"

Deviant: "That's the problem!"

Loopydave: "What is?"

Deviant: "The Wonder Women."

Loopydave: "Are they to greek? I tried to make Hippolyta the most greek."

Deviant: "No it's just that there are five of them."

Loopydave: "Oh, well, another one will never matter, I'll make the invisible plane into another one."

Deviant: "No, that's not the point."

Loopydave: "Alright, I'll loose the invisible plane. To be honest, I wasn't perfectly happy with it."

Deviant: "That's not the point. There are five Wonder Women!"

Loopydave: "Too many?"

Deviant: "Well, of course it's too many!"

Loopydave: "Yeah I know that, but I wanted to give the impression of a real gal. You know, not any gal."

Deviant: "Now, a certain gal I commisioned from you, with no invisible plane and one Wonder Woman!"

Loopydave: "One?!"

All credits (and hails) to the genius of Graham, Eric, Michael, John and both Terries (also known as Monty Python).

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Fantastic! I'd bet she would be very flattered by your representation.

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Very kind of you to say :)

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Very nice work !!

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She is at that !

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love it, just amazing!

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She's awesome!!!! :)

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Cheers my friend!

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Not just SOME Gal. THE Gal!

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That is excellent!

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Thank you most kindly!

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Yeah, but if Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter had a fight... well, Lynda is almost seventy, so maybe a poker game. Sheesh, all the goddesses of my impressionable youth are either pushing walkers or pushing daisies.

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Lynda Carter is a stunning woman at 70... must be all that time spent on Themyscira, does something to the genes!

You would never guess from Lynda's cameo at the end of WW84. Great work as usual Dave.


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You're a Master!

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Most kind of you to say!

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