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RIP Frank

By Loopydave
Took some time out today for a fairly quick tribute pencil sketch after hearing of the passing of the great Frank Frazetta - and a naked round bottomed woman with a giant cat somehow seems most appropriate (if you know his art, you know what I mean, and if you don't shame shame shame!)

Not really happy how it turned out and wasn't going to post it, but I wanted to show something as a mark of respect, so here it is. RIP Frank, you were a giant among men.
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DannySamFanMan's avatar
I loved his women. Peace.
cullyferg2010's avatar

Such a loss. Even after he had his stroke that cost him the use of his right arm, he trained himself to use the left instead. And you couldn't tell which of his artwork was down with either hand.

BroDan270's avatar
So beautiful! Love it :)
Loopydave's avatar
Thanks Daniel!
CapscesDigitalInk's avatar
Excellent work and a wonderful tribute to a great artist. We love you Frank!
Loopydave's avatar
Thanks... and indeed!
dizzleman's avatar
I love Frank's art. You channel his spirit very well. Bravo and thanks for posting this tribute, it would've been a shame if you hadn't.
Loopydave's avatar
Frank fan myself (obviously) and I appreciate your kind words :)
DrOfDemonology's avatar
Easily one of my most favourite artists ever... he is missed :(

An incredible tribute :salute:
Loopydave's avatar
Thanks. One of my favourites too. A bit rushed at the time, but I wanted to do something to mark the sad occasion.
Loopydave's avatar
Thanks for that enthusiastic applause! :D
ipaintu's avatar
Meanwhile, in America... :iconepicclapplz:
Lithomancer's avatar
Beautiful homage to one of the greatest artists of the history.
Loopydave's avatar
Frank certainly rocked! Thanks Jose... and thanks for all that favin' :highfive:
ken-chun's avatar
Did u use just a regular pencil? and great tribute loved franks depiction of the woman body lol
Loopydave's avatar
Cheers! Drew it a while ago now, but I'm pretty sure I used a 'pacer' or clutch pencil for most of it.... I tend to use them for my rough stuff as I don't have to sharpen them! :D
ken-chun's avatar
ok thanks and one lastly question when you start a sketch do you start out with shapes? if not how do you start out?
Da-Vinch's avatar
I think Frank is the reason I love cats.........and naked round bottom women......
a lovely tribute to him, Dave............thanks
Loopydave's avatar
Lol! Cheers man!
octogonpc's avatar
AwEsOmE ImAgE!!
Loopydave's avatar
Thanks Vincent!
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