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Planet of the Apes

I don't do commissions, but this was a pencil sketch for my buddy :iconjasonedmiston: who wanted 'something from Planet of the Apes'.

Silly dialogue and grey box added later in photoshop for my own personal amusement.
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Worthy of MAD Magazine!
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High praise indeed!
This is so great ! ( Just a bit of ol' MORT looking around the corner ) !
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Thanks! I didn't really grow up on much Mort Drucker stuff, but the little I saw must have influenced me more than I realised because I get the Mort comment a bit when I do 'cartoon-a-tures' of movie stuff.
Having the name SIMIO,  this is fitting for me !
Having the name SIMIO this is fitting for me !
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go ape s#@*
best badge
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Its all the rage in the Simian population these days ;)
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that comment goes so well with your avatar pic.

just picture it on a billboard

:iconloopydave:"go ape s#@*
its all the rage in the Simian population these days"
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Thanks! Great movie, though once you notice Mr Hestons teeth you can't unsee them :D
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Great job. Puts me in mind of Mad Magazine movie spoofs.
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Thanks Alan! High praise there :highfive:
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Awesome Art Work Done Here.
Love it, This is my Favorite Movie. The Saga, And The New Ones Too.
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Heres a question if the apes rule the world what happened to the monkeys and I mean the cute little 6 inch primates with tails not the wrongfully labelled Chimps, organatangs, and Gorillas that are generally featureed in the Planet of the Apes. 

What happened monkeys in the ape world? Did the apes just say "f&*k those monkeys and their midget a$$es they ain't apes like us f&%k em they more annoying than the humans cause they monkeys keep stealing our bananas" 

Like none of the movies ever showed what happened to monkeys just what happened to apes and humans thats all.
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I really like how much thought you've put into this :D
Can't really help you there much - maybe they kept them as pets or, discovered they tasted great with a garlic sauce or something...
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or maybe maybe the monkeys have gained intelligence even more vast than the apes and humans are are secretly living underground plotting to wipe out humans and apes. 

They be a good common enemy in future Planet of the Apes movies, monkeys are smaller probably breeder faster, move faster and just plain unpredictable compared to apes whom are pretty much human in Planet of the Apes.

Monkeys are like goblins in a way small but deadly maybe?

Thats what I think 
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A big monkey thanks!
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Ha ha... Such great talent... and you spend it on monkeyshines. :D
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:D I'm called 'loopydave' for a reason you know ;)
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You are incredible!
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