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Nanny Ogg Granny Weatherwax

By Loopydave
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Couldn't help myself and had to paint up my Nanny Ogg/Granny Weatherwax inktober sketch. inktober day04: Weatherwax and Ogg by Loopydave I make no excuses though!
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This is amazaballs!!! Well done

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Thanks! Huge Pratchett fan and I always knew I would get to painting everybody's favourite witching duo

These ladies are what I see when I read the books. Excellent

They ARE Nanny and Esme. Best portrait of them I ever seen. Superb job.
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Most kind of you to say!
Nothing kind about speaking the feckin' truth. Cheers.
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Really beautiful work. Read all the Pratchett Witches books to my daughter, including the Tiffany Aching books, but none more fun than the Granny/Nanny books. What attention to detail!

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Thanks! SO nice to hear its appreciated by someone who knows their Pratchett! :glomp:
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Perfick!  Gave me a smile!
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:) <- a smile! ;)
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that's perfect!!!

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Glad you like!
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Sweet! :D
DD well deserved!

How long does it take you to bring an image like this from the original sketch to fully rendered? Just curious.  ;)
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2 or 3 days I think.... 
and thanks! :highfive:
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someone has finally done it and written a version of Nanny Ogg's Hedgehog Song.....oh and they're aussies who did it…
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Thank you SO much for sharing that... had a good laugh!
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It was only a matter of time before someone carried out the threat and did it, I suspect quite a lot of beer might have been involved, because no way you'd sing that anywhere sober.

It's up there with other rude songs like The Harlot of Jerusalem, Dead Eye Dick and Eskimo Nell
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Just awesome:heart: Reading the The Shepherd's Crown right now. Allow me a quote!

“Many people could say things in a cutting way, Nanny knew. But Granny Weatherwax could
listen in a cutting way. She could make something sound stupid just by hearing it.”

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Thanks! Thats the one disc world book I haven't read yet... coz when I do I will know there are no more for me to read! 
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Thats a great line... so glad you added it!
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That is the face of an elderly apple. 

Would have loved to see your illustrations. 
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haha! I love that description of her... its such great writing!
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