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Morning Brew

By Loopydave
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More art on dead trees using those old fangled pencil things.

Mature label coz the big cat has quite the potty mouth.
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"You know you're next to be sacrificed?"

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Dont make the morning brew right and bad things happen!

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Nice job, man.  I love the theme, and the potty-mouthed black jaguar is a nice touch. 
Loopydave's avatar
Got to watch for those potty mouth jaguars ;)
WagmoreBarkless's avatar
Sexy and dangerous (the girl is not too shabby either)...
Loopydave's avatar
Loopydave's avatar
The appropriate response to a hot coco! :D
It makes me want to write a song.  ""Aztec princess," he calls me Aztec princess all day, as he bangs his huehuetl on the hill above the bay."  Great Jaguar, and of course, great bod.  I love it. 
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It is not often my art inspires song :D
Thanks man!
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She made me stop, smile, even laugh. Then come back to her time and again .
Brilliant work ! Gorgeous pencil mastery !!!!
The Goddess, her crown, the cat, the stonework--  any one is superb.  Combined?  The dial shot to 12. 
You are a GOD ! 
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Thanks David... glad you like it so!
Classic cool and gorgeous 
I greatly appreciate very beautiful woman and big cats 
You are very welcome 
Zabhela111's avatar
Wonderful pencil work! Wow.
Loopydave's avatar
Thanks! Pencils remain my favourite medium and its always fun to get stuck into lots of detail.
Zabhela111's avatar
Digital is slick, and portable. But there is a feel from pencil, it's just kinda classic.
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I like her face. It's like "You better be interesting to me for your own goodness. ;-)"
Loopydave's avatar
Clearly you have a talent for reading faces :D
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Hmm, I just about LOL'd when I realised they're bringing coffee!

And hey, wait - is that Liza, from the Simpsons?
Loopydave's avatar
If you are going to be a ruler its important to have people to bring you your coffee ;)
Indeed it is... she's a big coffee fan too :D
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