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Loopy goes MAD

It's been too long...
Was fortunate enough to do this cover for MAD US. Silly Star Wars stuff ... right up my alley!

Pencil Sketch, paint in photoshop.
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Haha, just noticed the Jabba the Hut voodoo doll in the background. Nice work :D

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You KNOW Han Solo had one of those in the Millennium Falcon ;)


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Haha, definitely :D Also just spotted the sardine can in Chewy's bandolier :)

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What? Me worry about the odds?
NEVER tell me the Odds!!
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Haha! Perfect!

Como aprendo fazer esses desenhos? Qual o nome disso?

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This explains almost everything.

Loopydave's avatar

Almost? ;)

Cheers! :D

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Aye, seeing how the canon explanation for things going from bad to worse in episode V is indeed Han Solo being less than responsible with the map... -.o

Watch that great piece again and wants to note something more. The word Kessel exists in german! It's a noun and means kettle. It is also used for a boiler. So the Millenium Falcon is steam powered?

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Haha! Would explain why its a 'hunk of junk' I guess :D I also think its a German supermarket company, which means the Germans get all the good star wars jokes :D

Well, I am from Switzerland, but not so far from the border to Germany. But I never saw or heard from a supermarkt called Kessel. Sorry about that.

At least the storm troopers were certainely inspired by the 3rd Reich SA and SS. SA stands for Sturm Abteilung, which can be translated as Storm Troop!

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LD: HELLO! .... SUPERB work! .....


MAD Uncle Sam


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Thanks! Doing something for MAD was on my bucket list so I got to tick that one off !

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Absolutely Awesome!

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Chewie says 'Aaaaarrrrarrrrr' (thank you).

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Oh jeez I completely missed the tetris in the background haha! How do you come up with it? lol
Loopydave's avatar
Haha! Used to love playing tetris and it just seemed right to put the game there ;)
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MAD is awesome. Star Wars is awesome. Together they're....more awesome? :D
Loopydave's avatar
I like your math there! A + A = more A!
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The supermarket was out of that blue milk, but there was a pigeon's nest over the entrance, so I got you a dozen eggs for 99 cents.

(Actually it was the drug store that had the pigeon's nest and the 99 cent eggs at the same time.  True story!)
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I'm sure the eggs taste better than blue milk anyway :D
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