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I'll be back... back to the future

By Loopydave
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The sequel you never knew you needed. 

Pencil sketch, painting in photoshop, now sent back from the future for you to look at.
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Como faço para adquirir essas imagens em alta? Você faz personalizado?


Lol! Where do you come up with this stuff?

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Its a by product of too many hours watching movies ;)

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that's a fantastic piece of art :D

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Thank you most kindly!

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Ha! Ha! That's a good one!

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Two 90 Classics in One with Time Traveling in it.
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This is canon, just look at How it Should have ended!
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:D I like to think it is :D

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This is awesome.
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Well this is definitely reminding me of the HISHE video on Terminator: Dark Fate 😅.

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Some one linked me to that after I had finished this piece :D
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And I'm loving it for that reason 😁👍.

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Y'know...THAT I wouldn't mind seeing at the box office.

Considering Hollywood constantly remakes crap from 30 years ago. 
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Someone did a face swap on back to the future with Tom Holland as Marty Mcfly and Robert Downey jr as Doc which could work - not sure who would play the terminator though!
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OMG! I love this!:)
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