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How fast is your spaceship? the LEXX

By Loopydave
Continuing my own personal 'How fast is your spaceship?' scifi nerdiness series. This one, LEXX.
Lexx was a show that was certainly out there but ever since I saw the first episode I wanted to paint Stanley Tweedle (4th class security guard, intergalactic loser and accidental captain of the LEXX) and now I have.

Pencil and ink, painted in Photosop.
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gingigamer's avatar
Is this a show on Syfy? Never heard of it.
Loopydave's avatar
Its an oldie... first aired in 1997
matter-out-of-place's avatar
why does that ship look like a goosebumped scrotum with a vagina on it? i could understand if hr giger designed it :D
Loopydave's avatar
If you ever watch the show, you'll know that that's kind of the whole vibe with LEXX  :D
matter-out-of-place's avatar
its a smutfest :D think ive only seen bits of it and that says enough :)
CmdrGamera40's avatar
Me: ( after hearing 790’s insult ) BURN!!!!
Loopydave's avatar
790 knew how to give a good insult :D
CmdrGamera40's avatar
If only he had to sucker-punch Stanley for ever stupid decision he ever made.
Rogue7's avatar
Great art, I enjoyed it all the way up to the start of the last season, they didn't need that IMHO
Loopydave's avatar
For some reason I never made it to the last season.. but that doesn't sound such a bad thing now :D
Rogue7's avatar
I believe that the last season broke the show, not wanting to give spoilers
yosofine's avatar
I think I only saw one episode of this show then it disappeared forever.
Loopydave's avatar
At one stage I was painting covers for a DVD distribution company here in Australia and they gave me a stack of titles they were selling... including the complete Lexx series. A lot of it has not aged well and its definitely not to everyones taste, but there is fun to be had in its wackiness I think!
xenbis's avatar
Haven't seen this movie, but this work is cool and funny anyway!:D (Big Grin) 
Loopydave's avatar
LEXX is a weird and wonderfully wacky German/Canadian scifi show from the 1990's. Not sure how well it holds up nowadays but it was fun to draw the characters!
MadArtist29's avatar
Im surprised you didnt include Red Dwarf along with these speed images
Loopydave's avatar
Just couldn't think of a good enough gag about the speed of the space ship ;) I did some Red Dwarf art anyway... maybe I'll post it sometime soon :D
LovgrenO's avatar
How about this:
Dave: "Red Dwarf can go light speed! It just takes her a few million years of acceleration."
Holly: "Too bad everybody is dead by then."
Dave: "Everybody is dead?"
Holly: "Yes Dave, everybody is dead."
These jokes about ship speed are great by the way. Thanks for sharing them.
A-thonX's avatar
Lexx is awesome. Ive only caught bits and pieces, but i loved the pilot. Your art does them justice!
Loopydave's avatar
Thanks! Lexx was crazy and unique and I'm pleased you like the art :)
kidchuckle's avatar
that's awesome. Man I used to love that series. I'm curious to see what its like now. I wonder how well it's aged.
Thanks for the good memories!
Loopydave's avatar
Cheers man! The graphics are really dated, but it was such a weird show, its kind of still okay :D
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