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How fast is your spaceship? StarTrek

Day two of my own personal 'How fast is your spaceship?' week of scifi nerdiness. Today, Star Trek...
When I first left home, a friend lent me the entire run of Star Trek Next Gen and that was it, I was hooked (never had TV growing up and no movies... and been trying to make up for it ever since :D).
Someone needs to create a new Star Trek series for TV I say!

Pencil, ink on paper, Paint in photoshop.
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Haha, love it! 😄
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Thanks... and thanks for the faves!
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that borg rubix cube though XD
Loopydave's avatar
The borg like puzzles ;)
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"Batteries here" I died when I saw that!
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Maybe you need to change your batteries ;)

Cheers, and here's to a speedy recovery :D
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Thank you for your concern! I changed my batteries and I'm fine now.
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so there goes my basic math billion times billion and bit more mph, data ?
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Billion times a billion plus... sounds good enough for me, but Data does tend to like his precision :D
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oh lol in deeeeed :)
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Have you seen the USS Discovery yet? from the bottom it looks like garbage, but from the front its my favorite looking one so far.
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It does look nice from the front... I'm a big Bryan Fuller fan, which is making me even keener to watch the show!
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Apparently reaching warp ten is pretty much an infinite probability drive, so i guess the enterprise can go as fast as it can and still count as actual "speed". 
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I seem to remember a voyager episode where they went warp ten and it was a bit that way.... probably time of me to to rematch that series!
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Lol, i love the NTSC lettering on the big -D.

And yeah, a new Star Trek series would be awesome! (if done well of course)
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Yes!  New Star Trek series in 2017...  All new characters, new villains, I'm curious to see where they take it (Gene's son, Rod Roddenberry is involved too)...
Loopydave's avatar
Nice to hear people noticing the silly details :D
Cheers, and yes, time for more Trek I say!
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.....or 1,932 times the speed of light :-)
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1.932 or 1,9? because i am seriously confused with the marks
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