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Happy StarTrek day!


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Happy Star Trek day from Mark Zuch and the gang...
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Perfect, and so true.

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Is this logical?

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But the rank of this one can only be honorary. :D

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Amazing how you were able to make the Zuckster almost look human and less scary than he is in real life!


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Years of experience drawing face ;) :D

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Happy to amuse!

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I hate to say it, but somehow that caricature isn't as creepy and inhuman as the real thing.

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The android thing of course works perfectly, but I think it should be noted that ST's Data, while indeed an android, was also a person of integrity and honesty, a truly curious mind and a good friend who sought to help people and promote the common good; MarkZ - nothing of the kind.

Well, maybe that "curious mind" thing - but with him it's a whole different kind of curiosity...

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Well put! Both may be curious but the underlying behavioural motivation couldn't be more different.

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So fun and...creeepy

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Must be halloween :D

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That´s worthy of an award! :clap:

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Glad you like ! :bow:

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:D:D:D air filter on eyes

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Resistance is futile!

Well done!

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Heh, nice.

Those silicon valley goons are horrific tbh.

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