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Happy Hogswatch!

By Loopydave
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Sessons Greetings...  and in my house that means it's the annual watching of Terry Pratchetts 'Hogfather'. Keep a fireplace poker handy for the boogie monster under the bed, be careful what happens to your teeth and have a wonderful Christmas!
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Glad you like!
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And her grandpa Bill Door.
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Haha! Yup - thats the bunny!
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Ah, the divine Michelle Dockery and the late Ian Richardson.
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Such excellent casting!
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Would it be ok if, this December, I used this image for Christmas cards for my family?
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Sure! Let me know what they think :D
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Yup... thats definitely not me selling it there. Looks like they removed my signature too.
I've reported the violation... but the stupid thing is, if they contacted me, I could have worked out a deal and given them a higher resolution version to work with.
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Is this the precursor of your current "Discworld Inktober" ?

It feels like the characters just popped out of the book to greet us !


 And they're staring at us, unphased but incredulous, thinking :
"and here we thought the discworld made no sense!oh well..."
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Thanks! I guess it IS a precursor in that I did it a while ago and it did give me a hankering to have a go at more discworld characters :)
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Thank you most kindly!
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Ive never heard of Terry Prachett but im instantly curious!!
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Definitely worth checking out if you like well written humour with a fantasy twist!
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Wow I love Terry Prachett! I remember reading Colour of Magic and I'm planning to read Hogfather at some point. Will you be doing anymore?
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Big Terry Pratchett fan myself, so I'm sure I'll be doing more Disc world stuff at some point.
Here's one I did from 'Soul Music'..  Band with Rocks in by Loopydave
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This put a really big smile on my face ^^
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And that makes me happy!
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I love this movie!
Especially Mr. Tea Time Heart 
Also, your art is lovely.
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Thanks... and yes, great movie. It's my christmas eve viewing every year now!
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Where do you watch it? Netflix, or something?
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