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Great scott!

Great Scott, its Doc Brown! More playing around on the Wacom One... 
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Awesome! BTTF 2 is one of my favorite movies ever!

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Still one of the best movie trilogies ever.


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Who's got the toilet paper?

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Haha! Nothing like a pandemic to create a toilet paper shortage !

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When a stupidity pandemic hits, all bets are off! Wait, you mean there already is one?

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I'll raise a single shot of whiskey in honour of this picture! ;)
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Sounds like a compliment to me and a win for you.... I like it! :D

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This is excellent! Love the doc.

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Doc FTW! Cheers!
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Cheers my friend!
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I love your art style! That all I wanted to say.

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Thank you very much. Appreciate you checking the art out. Probably all I wanted to say too :D
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  So, why would the 1955 Doc Brown worry about landing in the old west and getting shot over a matter of 80 dollars if he knew not to build a Delorean time machine that would allow him to land in the old west and get shot for a matter of 80 dollars?  Wouldn't his grave in 1955 suddenly disappear if he knew his future and how not to go back to the old west and get shot over a matter of 80 dollars?

My head hurts... 
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Its best not to think too hard about these things or your head is likely to explode :D
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