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More starwars silliness. The original sketch was even sillier, with rollerskates, metal tin cans and a sign that read Pink Bantha Taxi service. Thank goodness for my levels of self control where I've only kept the 'classy' gags in there ;) :D

Pencil sketch, painted in photoshop. Click on for better details.

EDIT: Decided the Tuskan raiders head was too big and scaled it down a bit.
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Thanks... clearly a Star Wars fan... or just a fan of carrots? ;)
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Star wars is ok. Carrots are ok. But I'm a fan of your zany take on both!   :-)
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Not sure you'd want them kissing you though :D
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That is true, haha :D
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Playing the part of the Bantha in Star Wars VII will be Mick Jaggar….
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Now I really want to see a Bantha singing 'Satisfaction' :D
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:iconthinkinplz: Well, I don't think he's gonna get any wearing that colostomy bag...:facepalm:

too bad I don't know how to animate'd be 'epic'. :rofl:
Why a colostomy bag?
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You may need to ask his doctor.
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Love this one.. Faved!
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Thanks for both the love and the fave! :D
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Oh yeah! I love it!
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Thanks... and thanks for the fave :highfive:
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So cool!!!! I like it!
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Beau travail et avec humour en prime ! :)
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Love the sesame street ref. I'm happy too see that the Bantha can have such volume and shine to his hair in such blistering hot weather.
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Must be all the carrots they eat. Hey, if people buy that carrots are good for you eyesight, why can't they be good for your Bantha's coat ;)
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