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Monster Mash Month... this time Frankie in the somewhat discoloured flesh
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Awesomely fun series of classic movie monsters... gotta fave them all! :thumbsup:

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;) Always a pleasure... cheers! :beer:

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Did he own a pet? I didn't know he owned a pet.

It could be just some random animal though, riding on his head. It is quite high, I guess.

Great image, as usual.

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If he didn't own a pet, I'm sure he could just stitch one together from a dead weasel and various other animals, stick a coil on it and let the lightening rip. Its how he would have done it in the movies at any rate.

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Ah frank my old friend , looking good .

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Its his new diet.

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gosh these shapes are delicious!

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That is super kind of you to notice and to say. I love playing around with shapes, but often people miss that coz I also add a lot of detail and thats the bit they see. :hug:

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It's a huge part of why I love your caricatures & figures- Your shape language & play on negative space is so appealing <3

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I can only be one singer, of course say hello to my little friend Frankie Avalon.

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Going super old school here! Nice!

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Awesome! I can almost here Boris’ voice now… smoke, good! Great color and lighting by the way.

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Thank you most kindly!

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Immortalized by Boris Karloff

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And with a little mental and speech therapy he was able to narrate a Christmas classic, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and the underappreciated sequels, "The Whos Strike Back" and "Conquest of the Planet That Went Who".

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Somehow I missed the 'Conquest of the Planet That Went Who". but I REALLY want to see it now :D

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He's a bit off put because somebody told him, "Frankie my dear, I don't give a damn."

The nut and bolt is a nice touch.😊

Nice job as always, Loopydude.

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Haha! Gone with the wind would be a whole different movie with Frakensteins monster in it.... and I would argue, a whole lot better one :D


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But - did he really go to Hollywood?

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Thats the rumour... but what happens in Hollywood stays... no wait, what happens in Hollywood gets reported in every gossip magazine in the country ;):D

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Frankie say WAR! Hide yourself! (Working for the black gas...)

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