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Fire Dragon

This little fellow is from a much larger painting I'm currently working on for the upcoming 'DragonSong' book from SQP.
As my grannie used to say "Don't play with matches, or highly flammable dragons". Important advice to live by.

Pencil sketch, painted in photoshop.

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xlotus96's avatar
reminds me of charizard
Loopydave's avatar
Embarrassed to say I had to google 'charizard'. Don't think I've ever seen a single episode of Pokemon :D
Letdragon's avatar
You fortunate soul. XD
GhelikBlack's avatar
oh, my is that cute!
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
Awww, the poor little dragon!
Must be painful to grow up with brothers and sisters when you're a dragon; those flammable sneezes,
and before you know it, someone has the tip of their tail on fire!
Loopydave's avatar
Most likely why you don't see any more in the wild these days. ;)
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
LOL! That is probably why; they don't reach maturity because they get
burnt to a crisp by their siblings during flu-season
daxusx's avatar
oh how cute little :iconomgsocuteplz:
daxusx's avatar
de nada! I am a big fan of your work I think your caricatures are pretty and cute at the same time funny and delicated... what's ur name? i am daiana, friends call me dax
Loopydave's avatar
Lovely of you to say. My name is David .. my friends call me David, Dave or loopydave :D
daxusx's avatar
why loopudave?
Loopydave's avatar
I'm known to be somewhat silly at times :D One of my clients used to work with another Dave as well and called me the 'loopy dave' to tell us apart and I guess its stuck a bit.
KatePfeilschiefter's avatar
Looks a lot like the dragon from the book "Ignis".
Loopydave's avatar
Not familiar with that book. On the other hand, my friend drives a Suzuki Ignis if that counts for anything. No dragons in it though.
twinkletinker's avatar
So cute... he looks definitely worried!!!
I love the flame like texture crawling up his belly..!
Loopydave's avatar
I think I'd be worried too if my tail was on fire :D
Cheers Mari :)
twinkletinker's avatar
It brings a whole new dimension to "come on baby, light my fire" for sure!! :giggle:
lululetti's avatar
Aw he's so cute! :D
Loopydave's avatar
Clearly needs a less flameable tail though! :D
lululetti's avatar
Yes poor kiddo!
Rexxen's avatar
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