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Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood... would you?

No rings were destroyed in the making of this painting.
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Parece un muñeco, wtf

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Hahaha Creepy Funny!! You, if you haven't already, gotta do him from Sin City!!! Now That's the one to creepify those eyes the Best lol!!

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:D SIn City casting: One look at those eyes and he's got the part :D


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...three time world champ in the Marty Feldman/Rodney Dangerfield commemorative staring competition... Elijah Wood, close second- the Philippine Tarsier.

...haha, Cheers, Dave.

Loopydave's avatar

Haha! Had to google the Philippine Tarsier... and that made me laugh out loud!


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Haha...glad to return the favour.

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Great Work as always!:)

"Damn your eyes!" Dr. (Young) Frankenstein.

"Too Late." Igor:jawdrop:

Loopydave's avatar

Haha! Never a bad time for Young Frankenstein quotes!

miguelzuppo's avatar

I love your work man!

Loopydave's avatar

Aww, thanks man!

Love the Marty Feldman eyes...

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OK, I believe I've just found the tool for the perfect murder. All those kids, getting on my lawn and generally disrespecting their elders - one late-night DM with this attached, and they are history. Freddy Krueger has got nothing on Loopy Dave! :muhaha:

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Haha! Feel the power of my art! (insert diabolical laughter)

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Seriously, the more I look at it the more amazed I am. The eyes get your attention first, of course, and you could say it's overkill, but the lower jaw/mouth area is just pure genius, really getting the essence of the man.

Loopydave's avatar

Cheers my friend .... most kind of you to say!

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I was watching him recently in that Dirk Gently series, and he's still doing that sad, thousand-yard stare...:lol:

Loopydave's avatar

I was sad they canceled that show... really enjoyed it, particularly the first season. Its brand of nuttiness appealed to me.

Ernimator's avatar

I woke up today with his brother, Morning.

Nice job, Loopers.

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