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Crocodile Rock

I'm sure there is insanity to be found in painting so many scales - every time I paint a crocodile I promise myself to NEVER do it again... but I guess I'm called 'loopy' for a reason.

Pencil sketch on paper, painted in photoshop.
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Most kind of you to say GentleCrocodile! :D

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Oh my fucking god oh god..........what is that mistake from god ;~;
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One of my favorite songs as a kid, and this is exactly how I pictured it!
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nice, great scene
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Even though it's been years, I just realised..

'so may scales'
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Thanks for the heads up... fixed! Yes, its been up for many years, but yours was the sharp eye that caught the error!
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The goldfish hopping out of a beer mug is a nice touch!
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Thanks! Its amazing what a goldfish will do when its drunk!
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Wow! Great imagination, awesome expressions,light, lineart,shadow... I like everything on this drawing!!! :dummy:
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Merci! Glad you like :)
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he is pretty cool.
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He thanks you for your kind words! :D
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Very cool picture and funny idea. Razor sharp details. Great work ;)
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And razor sharp teeth ;)
Cheers, glad you like!
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"Massacre in the steel foundry" most likely, arranged for piano.
Just looking at this makes me smile, no matter how often I've seen your picture before. Thank you.
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Glad you like... but the song does say to 'Never smile at a crocodile' so you may need to be careful :D
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