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Crocodile Dundee Jnr

By Loopydave
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This will end badly!

Been spending a couple of hours every night over a number of weeks, after my commercial work, plugging away in this little piece.
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 How Mick met Wally?
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Hahahaha! Perfect title!!
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Good memories of Crodile Dundee!
You want to do an illustration with Paul Hoogan?
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Yes, I'll have to do a proper Crocodile Dundee picture one day... I grew up in the Northern Territory (North end of Australia) where a lot of that movie is set, so the movie has a place in my heart :D
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THIS is a croc! :iloveaus: Gawd i love my home country...
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Hahaha! Feel the same way. Funny how a honking great croc can warm ones patriotic heart :D
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Is it me, or does the Croc look ever so slightly pissed at Dundee Jnr?
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Oh the croc is pissed alright... it's not just you ;)
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awsome croc *-* funny idea , fantastic style 
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My mind is a strange and peculiar place ;)
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hey I want to say this is really nice concept i m not asking that buddy
digital art is really really awesome
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:D Glad you like!
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dude...your stuff is an inspiriation to me....all i ask for is for you to color my lines hehehheheheheeh sike...but ya you got skills bro
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this is classic. great job!
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Is that Bill Gates Jr?
I love all your work!!
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Cheers man! Appreciate you coming by :)
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