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Clint Walker

Happy Birthday to Actor and human mountain range, Clint Walker, who would have been 94 today.
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Seconded! And may I suggest the Cat Ballou gun-fighter brothers?

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Who does Clint Walker caricatures..... LOVE IT! In his prime he could have been the best Batman/Superman ever! He looked like the living embodiment of both Bruce Wayne AND Clark Kent..take your pick!

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Totally agree... particularly Clark/Superman. Would have loved to have seen that.


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Been gone for a while, nice to come bakc and find some Loopy goodness in the feed Thumbs Up

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Nice to have you back!

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Well done. I watched a lot of his shows growing up. He had a big presence on the small screen.

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Thanks and he must have been!

I've always felt that Clint walker would have been an excellent Superman. as he had the look to carry it off as well as the slow easygoing country boy appeal of someone who could have come from Smallville. And the hustle and bustle aggressive if you want to succeed city folk took his laid back easy demeanor as timidity.

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Good call... totally agree!

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Excellent work.

Always wondered if Clint was used as the basis for Jimmy Dean's song "Big John", because at 6' 6" with broad shoulders and quite a narrow waist he certainly fit the bill and I imagine he must have weighed between 245 and 255.

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He certainly fitted the description.. Clint was a giant of a man... so could have been some kind of inspiration for it. Cheers!

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Outstanding! Loved this guy! I’m still amazed he survived the ski pole through the heart.

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Thanks! Yeah, that was an accident that would have killed just about anyone else I reckon.

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Haha! Perfect emoticon!

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Haha. I do what I can.

Excellent work as always!

I love the quote on Clint by American film critic Howard Thompson - "the biggest, finest-looking Western hero ever to sag a horse, with a pair of shoulders rivalling King Kong's". At 6 feet 6 inches tall he made Lucille Ball (5 feet 7 inches) look tiny when he appeared on her show. All in all a big star known the world over as Cheyenne Body.

Picture is up to your usual high standard Dave.


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Cheers! Great quote and it describes him well - he was a giant... I remember seeing him in photo next to Muhammad Ali who was 6 feet 3 inches and heavy weight champion of the world and he was still over shadowed by Mr Walker.

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Thank you most kindly!

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a ski pole through the heart, survives, and lives to 91? now that's a legend.

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He was indeed! Glad he found a better place to store his ski pole after that too.

Great portrait! I'm glad to see him remembered. When I was a kid, a lot of those westerns were being repeated, and he had to be the biggest actor - I think when he rode a horse, his feet touched the ground.

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Haha! He definitely had the look that if his horse got lame, he'd just pick it up and carry it back into town.


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