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Monster Mash Month illustration 9: Elsa Lanchester in the 1935 movie Bride of Frankenstein.
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Very cool to see the blushing bride in this awesome series (if shades of gangreen can be called blush...)

For a moment I thought I saw Vampira peeping out from the backcover, but of course it would be more logical that it is Morticia! She's a very happily married woman, plus I just noticed that her name is written above her head.... :meow:

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:D Yeah, I figured including her name would be a bit of a give away :D

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This is just TOO GOOD! Fantastic work! Gotta appreciate her choice of reading materials.

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Aw, thanks - glad you like. And yes good reading is important :D

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those colors are amazing

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This might be one of my favorites you've EVER done! All those gorgeous colors.. AND Morticia on the back of the Modern Bride! Love it!

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Super kind of you to say... and when doing the magazine design I just had to have Morticia selling a brand of perfume :D

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great one with a bonus Morticia ;)

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Thanks... Morticia appreciates the call out too :highfive:

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Spot on can you get nothing wrong .

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Thanks... so glad you like!

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Oh I love how you handled her hair texture! This series has been making me smile so much!

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Thank you! The hair was as fun challenge to paint but you have to get her hair right on a character like that!

Gladiot's avatar

Hope she's looking for a wedding photographer that works in black & white. It would probably make her look more... living (lifelike is a stretch).

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:D The fun thing about doing monsters from black and white movies is that nobody can really say my crazy colour selections aren't correct;)

Those eyes! Those lips! Those bolts! Those scars! Ehhhh... Really love this one - the lighting on her is perfect, and coming from the magazine?

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From a magazine ad page for wedding lighting services ;)


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Another classic! 🤣

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Doing the monster mash! Cheers!

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"It's a magazine!" is an excellent tag line for a magazine. :D I love that the magazine's cover colors reflect hers!

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Got to get those tag lines right or how else would people know its a magazine? ;)


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