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Bob Ross

Happy little accidents with Bob Ross
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Bob says 'hey'

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it's both talented and LMFAO in a good way your going places

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:D Cheers! Going places sounds good after all this pandemic lockdown :D

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"Let's get crazy" :D

I think the great man himself would've appreciated your art here very much!

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Great Job, man. (thumbs up)

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Thanks... to you AND your thumb! :D

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Thanks - glad you like!

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You know him by heart. Wet paint and happy little trees included. Great work!

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There are 5 raptors in this picture can you spot them.......... before it's to late!

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:D I only found 3 of them... should I be worried? ;)

Great likeness! I have to wonder if his pet squirrel lived in that hair of his! I used to watch his show sometimes, long time ago, and he seemed like a therapist, speaking softly, slowly... I swear, he could have hypnotized people that way (maybe that's how he lured in the squirrel).

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Haha! I'll have to remember that when I'm trying to hypnotise squirrels :D


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great great work as always! =)

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...hahaha, he used to knock the 'Devil' out of those large brushes. It was a family show after all and the only 'blue' went onto the canvas.

Great piece Dave and a bold move making him live right there...;P

All the best.

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:salute: -More charicatures... pplz -

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:D I'm sure that will happen!

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:heart: - alritey then

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Indeed he is... and that gif is perfect (or a happy accident ;) )

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I loved Bob Ross when I was a kid! I would watch him everyday after school and I even bought a shit load of oil paints and canvases to learn to paint like him. The level of detail in your paintings is amazing. Excellent work!

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