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Monster Mash Month: Some kind of Creature from some kind lagoon.... also had his own movie.
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look at the finger and the nail the colors essence green purple the texture of the skin too (I love what you do) keep up your excellent job.

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Haha! I guess you could say I'm copying from a piece I did back in 2008

Water creatures and fishing lines are a fun idea that I'm sure have been done many times before though so it doesn't surprise me that different artists do something along those lines completely independent of one another. I do like what you did with the idea... its lovely!

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Oh, thats lovely!

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With rubber duck, of course.

Rubber ducks are essential.

I think he found the hook in the whole issue.

Great piece, Dave!

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What rubber duck? ;)


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OMG, there's that damn duck again! :no:

What duck? :o

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:D You beat me to the 'what duck?' line :D

I had plans for a 'famous people from history with ducks on their heads' series but only ever did one - socrates. Maybe I will revisit the idea one day. :D

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Best not run a good meme into the ground.

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My first thought when seeing this was "The Rubber Duck is taunting him, daring him to eat the worm!" Just like you would at a Tequila Party. <3

The Princess Laughs ...
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Haha! Never been to a tequila party but thats probably a good thing as there is no way I'm eating worms :D

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Well, the one I was at was funny because it started out as a Taco Tuesday at a friend's place with movies and sitting around and just drinking Corona beers with lime slices and having fun. That was when Kait came in with a bottle of tequila ... and things got crazy. <3

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And he looks like he's being paid the same rate as a delivery driver!!! Yep, work for food!! ;)brilliant artwork my friend - love the rubber duckie too :D

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I'm sure he's fine with the work for food arrangement, though his rubber ducky manager probably had something to say about fair wages for fair work.

Cheers my friend!

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Oh yeah I remember this guy... I noticed him now & then when I wasn't drooling over the gorgeous Julie Adams... ;)

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I almost drew her in the background.. but its monster month and she is no monster. I did have some other Creature ideas that I might do including Julie... see how I go for time.

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:D Cool, I'll look forward to seeing that... Cheers and Happy Halloween! :pumpkin: :beer: :pumpkin:

Nice work Dave.

Fish Heads, Fish Heads... and it watched Sesame Street too (Rubber Ducky song).

Quite interesting little fact. One half of the duo Barnes & Barnes (Fish Heads) was Bill Mumy (Will Robinson in Lost in Space, Lennier in Babylon 5 and a load of voice acting in games and animated shows).

Question - Dave at one time you did caricatures of the entire casts of iconic TV shows and movies. Did you do either Lost in Space or Babylon 5?


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