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Battlepug Compugdium

Cover art (back and front) for the wonderful collected 'BattlePug' story arc from Mike Norton, from a layout provided by Mike.
Now available through Image Comics and bookshops.
Love Mike Nortons BattlePug comic and was pretty exited to be asked to paint a cover for the collection.
Plus, you know, pugs!
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Seen the copies of the graphic novels in my local library.
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Glanced through it once, but found it not of interest to me.
Inhuman dog? ;)
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Haha! They are kind of similar, aren't they!
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I adore your style :)
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Aww, thank you very much :glomp:
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Just don't let the pug catch you laughing at him ;)
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Wow. Your art is always so refreshing. Your talent and skills inspire me.
Thank you for sharing your work in DA. I never get tired of looking at it.
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Aww, thank you :glomp:
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And I was so looking forward to seeing Alita… won't be able to get pugs out of my mind now, even with a really long skewer… dammit... its the eyes...

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Haha! Now I'll be keeping my eye out for the surprise pug cameo in Alita :D
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;) you're welcome!
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Beautiful epic piece! Love it, I might need to hit up my local comic shop :D
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Thanks! Its a fun read!
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"Pray to your gods, for the Pug won't listen to your pleas!"
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'Pug Justice has no mercy!'
Loriot (anonymus of Bernhard-Viktor Christoph-Carl von Bülow, 1923-2011), one of the biggest german humourists, liked pugs a lot. He made several sketches showing his pugs in heroic scenes, and he quotes: "A live without pugs is possible, but it would be senseless!"

I watch this art in this context and I as always Loopydaves very funny art didn't disappointet me. As always...
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Haha! I like that quote!

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I was checking your account yesterday thinking of your lovely works :D Glad to see you posted another amazing piece :clap:
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Aww, thank you! :hug:
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