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Backend of 2009

I really can't wait to see the backend of 2009!

This year has been rather trying one for me, with all sorts of crap and stress going on and I really cant wait for its end.
Thinking like that leads to pieces like this ;).

Happy New Year to all - here's to a fabulous 2010 with extra 'happy' for everybody!

Pencil sketch, painted in photoshop.

Click on butt to make it bigger! Its fun, at least the first 3 times you do it!
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Teach me to render skin ;-;
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Funny thing is my brother and I were just talking about 2009 and then your image popped up.  As always brilliant stuff.
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I must have been listening :D
Keep up the good work
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Thanking you most kindly!
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The muscles in the back are amazingly life like
i hate to see you go, but i love watching you walk away
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Thanks for the wow! :D
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:) When i saw it i say WOW. Great all gallery anyway:)
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sexy butt! sheems she did jillians michael training !!
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Thanks. :) Not sure any amount of Juilian Michael training would make my butt look like that though :D
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maybe amy dikinson or denisse aunstin too but julian michale have a great butt training anyhw you get a butt like that with many factors:Gyms -good ood-goood sleep and most imortant genetics!!:squee:
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In the words of Al Pachino. "GREAT ASS!!!" LOL
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Thanks. I've been working out. Oh, you mean the picture! ;)
Cheers man!
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hmmmmmmm, ah ha! good work keep it up
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:D cheers Roberto!
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