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Apocalyptic pug

Cover to Mike Nortons :iconmiketron2000: funfilled crazy apocalyptic graphic novel 'The Curse' starring Baxter the pug dog, coming soon from Omni press.

He also has a web comic called 'Battlepug' at [link] which is a heap of fun too.. go check it out!

Pencil sketch on paper (based off a rough layout provided by the big man himself) painted in photoshop and posted in all its apocalyptic glory here on dA!
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He crops up in the strangest places apparently!
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love pugs wicked image
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I would love o see you pull one off with John Wick and his Dogs.
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That would be pretty cool!
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Pug says thanks.... or he would if he wasn't so busy posing with his pistol and sword!
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You better be careful here, cause THIS is the Apugalypse!
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Who knew the end of the world would look so cute ;)
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well to be honest, i think Tsum Tsums are more cuter than pugs, BTW doesnt Pewdiepie and Cutiepie have 2 pugs?
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He makes Black Beard appear as Captain Kangaroo!
I love that were wolf!Icon (line less) 
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Maybe they are one and the same... have you ever seen them together? ;)

Mr Werewolf says thanks!
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Oh wow, that's a lot of monst-
HOLY COW ITS DAVID BOWIE. (All the way on the right)
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David who? ;)

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just living the pug life manSmiling Pug Smiling Pug Smiling Pug Smiling Pug Smiling Pug Smiling Pug Smiling Pug Smiling Pug Smiling Pug 
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I'm terrified and amazed at the same time :D   Awesome work!
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I think that's the correct response to seeing a peg legged pug with a sword and pistol! :D
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this is my ultimo favorite  !!!!!!!!::) it should be a digitsally  animated movie!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe  plus all the plush toys of that pug hehehe!!!!
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Hahah! Cheers!
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Huh! I always see this as HJTenchi's background. This is awesome. :D
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