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Another life drawing study

This particular model and pose gave off a real Gil Elvgren pinup vibe so of course I had to turn my class sketch into this painting over the weekend.

Mature theme due to the ideological sensitivity of killing flowers for head wear.
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japender61's avatar

Beautiful! I love the classic pin ups!

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Thanks... big fan myself, particularly the art of Gil Elvren :thumbsup:

japender61's avatar

Definitely! He was the Master! When it comes time to buy calendars for the new year, I always get one of his pin ups. OK, have you ever seen his painting “Still Life”? With your sense of humor, you would just die. It’s awesome, and so few people get it. 🤣

Loopydave's avatar

I am familiar with the painting... which of course has a lovely bowl of fruit in it :D

curiousjon's avatar

It's cool, every now and then I find something you post that I really enjoy! Not sure why, just that I like it! Thank you

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Bellissima,la primavera ,matura ,sta arrivando l'estate.

Beautiful, spring, ripe, summer is coming.

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:) Really beautiful work!

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:nod: You're very welcome!

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Thanks for the WOW... appreciated!

Zechary3's avatar

You keep leveling up and it is glorious. You are a true inspiration to us who put a lot of time into mastering their craft. Keep it moving forward.

Loopydave's avatar

Aww, thanks man! Onward and upwards I say!

AnaCaspao's avatar

Super gorgeous, the way you render skin is unbelievable!

Loopydave's avatar

Most kind of you to say :)

GalCantHelpIt's avatar

Not sure why, but I'm digging the realism of that elbow crease.

Loopydave's avatar

I thank you, as does her elbow!

UniquelyStupid's avatar

Fantastic! Great detail.

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