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Allrighty then

Sock puppet and his buddy Jim.
Also the reason Jim Carrey always has a cold left foot.
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This is REALLY great, Dave :D

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Fantastic work, Dave!

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Hey Dave, brilliant work...and I'm not talking out of my ass when I say, it's a pleasure viewing your creations.

Oh...that sock puppet fits.... liiiiike a glovvvve. :cheers:

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Haha! Thanks man... and bonus points for that reference!! :D

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Can he do a Clint Eastwood impression?

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Its Jim Carrey so I'm sure he could! :D

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Use a used sock for a puppet... Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "social distancing". 2 metres? Ha 10 more like.

Great caricature again Dave.


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I have a relative who puts garlic in his socks and he swears it stops him catching colds but my theory is people avoid being close to him and thus he avoids catching anything from others. Socks... its all about keeping people away :D


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I’d ventura to say that’s a fine piece.
I can’t mask my appreciation for such excellent work.
I’m such a yes man when it comes to your art.
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Well, Bruce Almighty, neither Me, Myself or Irene will call you a Liar Liar on that one!

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Your work is an eternal sunshine!

... not sure about the spotless mind though.

Nevermind that was dumb.


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Excellent work there, excellent!

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Uh oh. Somebody's...FABULOOOUUUS!!!
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Totally love it, awesome artwork!

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Thank you most kindly!

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Still one of my favourites!

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