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yo!! Been a while since I've had a comprehensive commission journal!
These are unlikely to close anytime soon, so no need to worry about grabbing a slot immediately. 

Scroll down to the bottom if you've got any questions!

~~Paypal (USD)~~

You can grab just about any commission type you'd like with paypal! Note me if you're interested, we'll work out
the details and I'll send my paypal[dot]me link (I don't provide it publicly).


Busts - $10.00
Waist Up - $15.00
Full Body - $20.00
                                                                        Bust Example                 Waist Up Example                  Full Body Example

Flat Color

Busts - $13.00
Waist Up - $18.00
Full Body - $22.00
                                                                                Bust Example             Waist Up Example               Full Body Example


Busts - $15.00
Waist Up - $20.00
Full Body - $28.00
machete by Loopy44oh god my eyes by Loopy44Commission for Creativcolurs (2/2) by Loopy44
                                                                              Bust Example             Waist Up Example           Full Body Example



Icon Commission for Verdico (1/2) by Loopy44 Icon Commission for RainyOak by Loopy44 Icon Commission for Snowydragon89 by Loopy44

Chibi Icons


Icon Commission for Roariis by Loopy44 IT IS CURRENTLY REAL SPOOPY HOURS by Loopy44 Roariis by Loopy44

(these will likely have flat shading, rather than the minimal painting the regular icons have)


(always painted, usually bust or waist up)


~~DeviantArt Points~~

~~Animal Jam Items~~

Fewer commission types are available for DA points and Animal Jam items, since I have
less need for them nowadays (got bills to pay, bleh)


Busts - Points800 or Rare Spiked Collar
Waist Up - Points900 or Rare Long Spiked Collar
                                                                                                 Bust Example                       Waist Up Example

Flat Color

Busts - Points800 or Rare Spiked Collar
Waist Up - Points900 or Rare Long Spiked Collar
Candy boi by Loopy44The-dogtor by Loopy44
Bust Example                  Waist Up Example



Points850 or Rare Spiked Collar
Icon Commission for Creativcolurs (1/2) by Loopy44 Azul1 by Loopy44 Cheer1 by Loopy44

Chibi Icons


Points800 or Rare Spiked Collar
Roariis by Loopy44 Charlemaghne3 by Loopy44 Ashbirds1 by Loopy44


As always, note me if you're interested or have any questions! My commission formalities are HERE,
and you can find lots more examples of my art in my GALLERY, or on my TUMBLR

Wanna shoot me an email? You can find me at !

t a g g e d

Sat Aug 11, 2018, 9:14 AM
It's been forever since I've written any journals on here, dear lord. anyway i got tagged in this meme by Wolfykan9r9r thx bro 

1. Best Pal(s)?
irl friend whomst shall remain unnamed (ily)

2. Which is best, Humans or Furries?
Gosh this is a hard one. Probably humans? Furries are a lot more fun to draw but it's way harder to take seriously characters who look like something outta disneyland. There's a lot more cool human art out there to enjoy as well so I guess we got that going for us

3.  Healthy drinks OR sugar drinks?
Does black tea count as healthy? I put a fuck ton of sugar in mine so,,,

4. Someone you dislike/hate?
,,,,all of the GOP currently

5. Favorite Animal?
Probably either deer or crows. idk i love all animals :'0

6. A goal you wanna achieve in life? ANY goal.
Get a new job this year

7. Dream?
uhhhhh To live in the woods. i've had this dream since i was in fifth grade and dammit I'm not quittn on it now >:0

8. Are you crushing on someone and they have no clue about it?
I don't really get crushes tbhh

9. If you can see one person in the whole world who'd it be? why?
my other irl friend who hasnt left his house for like a month. boy need some milk 

10. Which is your favorite? Digital art or Traditional art?
I adore the look and feel of traditional art but it's never held much appeal for me personally to create. I'm a digital artist by preference and by practice :'3

And now, some questions for you, dear reader! 

1. What's your preferred method of conveying an emotion; writing, art, or a mix of the two? 
2. Do you prefer the frosting or the cake? Have you ever made/eaten cake from scratch?
3. Are you a big breakfast or a big dinner person? Your opinion on lunch?
4. Do all your favorite characters from TV/movies/games have anything in common? What is it?
5. Pastel, dark, saturated, or greyscale?
6. Do you prefer your movies cheesey or dead serious?
7.  What's your sleep schedule look like? 
8. Your favorite period in art history?
9. Favorite traditional artist? Favorite digital artist?
10. What's the best animated movie in your opinion?

I tag whoever reads/wants to do this!

Skin by Xenonia

Commission Queue (3/2/18)

Fri Mar 2, 2018, 1:20 PM
 I meant to update this a while ago oops



Fullbody Paintings

These aren't sorted by priority, but by category. If I seem to have forgotten you, please let me know! 

Skin by Xenonia

2018 Artsy Resolutions

Mon Jan 1, 2018, 9:47 PM
Some of my goals for this year!!!

  • Draw more fanart of the shows and movies I love!! I need to stop being so afraid of not being good enough for my interests!
  • Work a little bit slower with my digital pieces! I want to have my lineart be detailed and textured, especially in regards to muscles, jewelry, clothes, horns, and fur!
  • Do at least 5 pieces with a full painted background! I always struggle with those because I go too fast and I end up unsatisfied with the results. I hope to change that this year!
  • Maybe do a couple comic pages so you guys can get to know my OCs and their universe a little? This one's pretty low on my priority list because comic pages are time consuming and I'm honestly not the best writer, lol.

Anyway, those are my 2018 art related goals!! I hope you guys have a great year for art and improve a whole bunch!!

Skin by Xenonia

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 26, 2017, 7:46 PM
my computer charger took a dump so I'll be online less for the next 2 days. I'll reply to comments when the new one comes in :'0

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Commission Queue (12/20/17)

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 20, 2017, 1:24 AM
I'm just uploading a journal of all the people waiting on commissions as of today, Dec. 20th :3
**Note that these are sorted by category, not priority. If I've forgotten to tag you or you want your name removed from this list, please tell me!!

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
These commissions are officially closed! Thanks so much to everyone who commissioned me, I'm going to take this time to work my way through the queue and try to get these out as soon as possible! ^-^

Icons - 250Points 

Iconexample1 by Loopy44 
Iconexample by Loopy44  Iconexample2 by Loopy44
400x400px headshots of your character. You can add text of your choice for an added 25Points. You can also request a specific color scheme for no extra cost.

Sketch Busts - 200Points 

Bust Ex. by Loopy44  Dksjhszkjgfrsd by Loopy44Yeet1 by Loopy44 

Sketch busts of your character. Additional characters are an extra 100Points. You can also request your sketch be in a color besides black for no extra cost. (ex: purple lines)

Fullbody Sketches - 400Points 

Fb Ex. by Loopy44Cleaned-Up Sketch Example by Loopy44
Sketched fullbody pictures of your character. Additional characters are an extra 120Points. You can also request your sketch be in a color besides black for no extra cost. (ex: purple lines)

Painting Busts - 450Points 

bITCH IM FABULOUS by Loopy44 Dandan by Loopy44 Old Commission For Another Person I Dont Know The  by Loopy44 
Painted bust of your character. You can request a specific color scheme and/or a simple background of your choice for no additional cost.

Fullbody Paintings - 520Points 

Commission for Dreanix by Loopy44 Commission for Koala AJ by Loopy44 Christmas Gift for Roariis by Loopy44

Fullbody painting of your character. As with the others, you can request a specific color scheme and/or a simple background of your choice for no additional cost. Added characters will cost an extra 200Points. Complicated backgrounds will also be an additional 200Points.

Won't draw: 
-Complicated mechs/armor
-Fetish stuff

Will draw:
-Any species
-Kinda suggestive stuff?

If you feel like your commission is kinda iffy on the will/won't draw list, just ask ^-^
Again, these'll be open until January of 2018! I may or may not renew them then, but we'll see.

If you have any questions, please feel free to read my Commission Formalities or comment/note me!  

Opening Icon Commissions!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 19, 2017, 5:17 PM
This isn't the official commission sheet I'm just telling yall that they'll be open in a bit :D
I'm thinking they'll be maybe 250 points each? i haven't done point commissions in so long lol

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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 9, 2017, 5:27 PM
SHOUTOUT TO Homeward-Stars !! She's a really awesome friend and she's been working pretty closely with me on a new (and l a r g e) comic project that we hope to get out here real soon <3
 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧So go watch her and shower her with favorites✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

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Test Journal

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 2, 2017, 5:09 AM
Yo check out my skin I put a Loopy up there

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
[[Some things to clarify anything with my commissions]]
  1. Yes, I accept multiple simultaneous commissions from the same commissioner.
  2. Payment is only accepted through paypal, and is to be paid in full upfront. (Unless the payment type is otherwise specified.)
  3. Character commissions without visual references will not be accepted.
    • The only exception to this is if the commission is for me design a character, which is a different commission type.
  4. Commissioners can always change your mind on commissioning me (I will provide a full refund if I haven't started), but if I've already started and/or finished, you are obligated to pay. You can't change your mind if I've already finished the piece.
  5. I do not offer discounts unless specifically stated. (Or unless you are a close friend.)
  6. I am happy to listen to complaints/constructive criticism, but I do not tolerate heckling or other rude behaviors.
  7. I have the right to refuse a commission for whatever reason, but that is unlikely to happen unless a commissioner is:
    • Rude to an intolerable degree.
    • Demand too many revisions to a sketch/finished piece.
    • Commission me for things I'm not comfortable with.
  8. Revisions:
    • A sketch of the commission can be sent privately per request before the lineart has been started. 
    • Every commissioner is entitled to 3 free do-overs of the sketch, as well as 10 minor fixes.
    • After 3 revisions, each additional do-over will cost 60% of the base price.
  9. Additional characters:
    • The first 3 cost 50% of the base commission price.
    • After 3, more additional characters cost the full base commission price.
    • (Ex: Base price at $20 + 3 characters at $10 each = $50. +a 4th character = $70, 5 characters would be $90.)
  10. Complexity:
    • The price of a commission will vary depending on the complexity of the character/scene. For most of my commissions however, complex characters cost an additional 60% of the original price.
  11. If you need help calculating the price, please don't hesitate to ask! 
  12. I reserve the right to cancel and refund a commission at any time for whatever reason. (This would primarily apply if unforeseen circumstances make me unable to complete a piece.)

The above might be subject to change, but for now that's about it :)
((If you have any other questions/suggestions, please feel free to ask :D))
Come follow me over on Tumblr, where I lurk more often than other places>> (I recommend this one if you want to talk to me, 99% chance I'll reply)
Or if you're just here for my art, you can follow my art blog, where I post a little bit more often than here>>
And my twitter, where you'll be assaulted with scribbles and fan art for the Planet Dolan crew (and sometimes actual art)>>
ALSO google plus, where I have a mixing pot of bad memes, art, and misc bits about my life>>… (I recommend this one if you want to get to know me a bit better)

I'm leaving the creepypasta one out to spare you guys, that blog is awful lmao

I also still have patreon if any of you want to throw money in my bean bag>>
I'm discontinuing The Beginning of an Era cause I don't feel like doing it anymore and god knows I don't have the time between school, AP classes, and commissions and my Doing Nothing to relax time, so 

yeah say bye to that I guess

nothing will stop me from still drawing these dork characters once in a while though :3c
So, I've already had these open on Furaffinity for a bit, but I was wondering if anyone on here is interested in commissioning me for autumn themed commissions? They'll look like these, but fall colored:
Commission for Kitiley by Loopy44 Canis SC 132 by Loopy44
My prices for these are $20 with additional details I don't feel like typing

Anyone interested? ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


dammit why can't I just be edgy in peace whY DO I HAVE SUCH A CONTRADICTORY PERSONALITY aAHHH

Okay I'm done thank u for listening

Anyway, thanks a ton to those who have alerted me to people tracing/claiming my art as their own, it really means a lot to me! Though, I don't really care all that much about art thieves, to all y'all tracers - it's common courtesy! Don't be rude like this! It's distasteful and mean!!
Now, I wanted to clarify something in this journal:
Referencing the poses I use in my art is in no way a crime! Go ahead, I love it when people take inspiration from me! What I don't love, however, is when people just slap some different colors on my lineart and call it theirs. That's not referencing, that's tracing. BIG NO NO. See how I put all those watermarks on my art? That means "HEY! I don't want people to recolor this! I don't want tracing either! Thanks for respecting my (and others') personal preferences!" I mean, I know they look ugly as shit on my art, but you gotta do what you gotta do, y'know? The pack only moves as fast as the slowest member.

Also, while I'm still on the subject of me, "why haven't you been posting?"
I'm busy on tumblr and school, ok? I'll be back soon maybe??? I love you guys and I still read all your comments and see your faves and stuff and ily <3<3
        Also to the dinglenut earlier who needed to calm their tiddies; take a chill pill bro, and please realize that I rarely post anything on here that isn't original art. If it's not my art, it's a dumb screenshot from a game, c a l m  t h e m  t i d d i e s . I do not steal from people .

at least I got to keep my beehive ;o;
I get shit tons of notes asking for/if I'll livestream, s o . . .

I don't like people watching me and I don't like people seeing my process in real time. It's not like it's some big secret, but it just makes me really uncomfortable.

That's also the reason I don't upload many speedpaints, they make me nervous and degrade the overall quality of the art,, so

please stop asking for streams , thnk u