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Adrian and Haley by LoopGaroux Adrian and Haley by LoopGaroux
Another piece of art of my book :)

Haley is the main character in the book; her name means "Hero" and little did I know this when I gave the name to her but later found this out when I looked it up :P She is called a Loop Garoux - the last of her kind that shape-shifts to a giant horse-sized wolf.

She is very outspoken 25 year old that loves the black cat "Goku" and the male GSD that accompanies her on a daring journey to save the planet from the Underworld - Werewolves and Vampires. She also has amazing fighting skills in almost any style but she is more out to use high caliber guns and the red bladed sword that was passed down to her by her biological father (deceased) Haley becomes more aware of her power and abilities all throughout the book. She even could tell the differences between human, werewolf, and vampire, just by their unique scent. Werewolves have a dead body like scent also known as the "Dead Dog". Vampires have a mildew/moldy scent and humans are just humans :P Is why most K-9's were wiped to total extinction because a dog could detect the smells of the Underworld. Haley is a fun character to create because she is unique, and powerful. All the obstacles she must endure and fight against just to return something back to the earth to save it is just astounding.

Adrian is another main character and accompanies Haley in most of the book to help her save the earth. The only funny thing about him is that he's a pure-blooded lycan to one of the stronger lycan Houses. Hmmm, so a lycan helps Haley? thought that they are enemies? well technically yes, but he is somehow different and has a connection to her in the past. All lycans have gold eyes, but his are light blue. He is quiet and calm. He hardly shows much expression but starts to show more the more he hangs out with Haley. It is her that also caused him to transform into his werewolf form for the very first time. He always refused to transform and always refused to take lives when he lived in his lycan House. His differences caused concern to the Houses lord - Also his father. Ultimately, certain events take place involving the newborn Haley that landed him A-Wall from his House. But once these two meet again they gradually develop a bond that could never be severed as they travel together to save the planet.

Don't want to spoil too much, but gave a taste about these two. I love how this picture turned out and it is bright in color o.o

At some point while I am finishing the last bits of my book, I hope to share this book to the readers who love the dystopian, zombie, earth golem, vampire, werewolf, furry cat and dog, sub-vampire species of humans rejecting vampire venom, and the shape-shifting hero of the story - a Loop Garoux wolf :P
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December 30, 2015
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