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House of Creatures
somewhere deep in the white forest
lived a woman and her creatures
here they have taken refuge from
the harsh reality that they dont
belong and the painful acceptance
that they no longer can live a
"normal" life.....
everyone has shunned
their very existence
so inviting and warm is
the house that was buildt
here the woman vowed that
she will "protect" her
creatures if they promise
not to kill her
secretly she hoped that
the hospitality she provides
would deem her useful
however, the life that they
used to live will slowly disappear
soon the woman will once again
obtain happiness with her new found
life and her house of creatures
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Tear Stained Dairy
with every stroke of my pen, it became harder
to breathe...memories took shape of familiar
people, their eyes dull with lust and chesire
cat smiles of ill will
picutres of harmful events played on forever
in the theatre of my heart and each page of
my dairy were guilded in tears as the words
reminded me of how I have been torn apart
they made me feel worthless and ugly
they made fun of my increasing weight
they drained me of my happiness and crushed
my fragile ego, I cant count how many my
tortured soul was screaming as i wrote how
much i wanted to die. i had often wondered
why i endured so much hell, i am glad god
healed me when i fell.
my heart is barely beating with hope of better
tomarrows, now what once was my tear stained
dairy, drowns in the river of my sorrow
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I Missed the Train to Dreamland
It seemed as if time grew slower with each passing hour,
the waiting room where I stood filled rapidly with my
They take form into people I avoid or wish to forget,
here they grow and their voices are not of whispers
but loud and annoying. My eyelids grew heavy with
fatigue...I prayed for the slumber express to pull in
The train comes and I get up and leave but thoughts
have held me captive, I fight to calm their screeching
voice with words of sweet optimism and mental meditation
my efforts proved void
the train leaves... deaf to my pleas to wait alittle
longer, a sigh of surrender as I turn to sit and wait
for the next train as my thoughts continue to slowy
drain my clarity, for I missed the train to dreamland
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Was It Just A Dream
Was it just a dream when you climb through my window
and took me by the hand
"fly away to a place of make believe, where we will
find treasures in a clear for both life and life are
as vast as the sea"
your eyes glowed with adventure and your smile warmed
me deep within. Tonight, I will break the chains that
bound me to reality
may I spread my wings.
Quickly we scurried down the streets
up the large hill
around the corner
"alas, we have found it!"
your face beamed as you shouted
A giant blimp  with flashing lights
a live shows, here we danced in cicles
til everything was a blur
we sang kareoke til we were tired
and we talked about pirate ships and
you crew. Was it just a dream I wondered
as I woke up to the sun's rays and the
morning's gentle breeze
in my head your voice rung
"The best adventures never end,
follow them and believe, you will
find what you seek"
:iconloonymoon101:loonymoon101 0 0
Pianist in the Snow
Long drawn out melodies, from keys of black and white wander lost
He plays so peacefully...amid the artic abyss, his eyes sleepy and
his fingers numb from its unforgiving kiss
Dark but sacred are the secrets in half and quater notes
reach the ears of no one, so the world will never know...
His ambitions that are guilded on the treble and bass
His music grew to love him.....this unknown glorious
the pianist in the snow
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Here We Are Again
Here We Are Again
here we are again,the same games that we played since we were in high school
how much longer til we continue to hurt each other with false promises and empty
I love you's? one of us is bound to either erupt into a frustrated rage or unravel
into pile of sorrows and all thing that we use to be.
Here I am again, numb from all wars that were fought for no damn reason, i pushed you
away forever never to know what it would feel like to hug and kiss you goodnight.
after i cried many rivers for our destroyed friendship, I remember that you never
could fix me in any kind of way.
So here I am, living without you both in memory and being.
May life be kind to you.
:iconloonymoon101:loonymoon101 1 0
life is a storybook that continues for as long as it is allowed
we are the authors, writing until our fingers ache and the precious
words are no longer clearly seen by our tired eyes.
some stories that are written are simple, beautiful,
complicated yet interesting. some are tragic and cause
great heartache pain.
here, the pages lie exposed for the world to see, never
willing to erase what is wished to be forgotten. here,
we enter the chapters others and read into their very
existence that they have given themselves.
without consent, we critique,edit and rewrite portions
of work of the  authors we meet,  this can either send them
into glories never ending or destroy the originality they
worked so hard to maintain.
when one book comes to an end, another one opens,
here the cycle continues, hence the chapters written
never end
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life beginning
one moonless,
he lies awake listening to the angry wind
with every passing moment, his mind begins
to race for he must travel to the land where
both dreams and nightmares
His shallow breath,
his weeping prayer someone
please remind him of heaven.
As he travels night and day may he
never strayfrom the things that bring him
glorious hope and beauty
Seasons are born and then die,
he must never hide from what life has yet
to bring. Treasures are buried deep in secrets
he must keep, he shall thrive,
his life is just begining
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still she kept fighting
she was never one to complain or give in, regardless of what life had thrown at her
she lent a shoulder when one was needed, she was a mother, a wife and a friend, she
fought many wars that were waged, even when there was no energy left she still kept
powerful, wise and kind are what described her, faith and determination were her beliefs
she would never hurt you for she was filled with love and inspiration. in her time of
sickness, she still kept fighting, she fought a long and hard battle, but deep in her heart
she knew the angels were awaiting her arrival. so she gave her last, closed her eyes never to
:iconloonymoon101:loonymoon101 0 0
Where Monsters Thrive
Somewhere in the world, there is a place where monsters thrive.
they welcome you with glowing eyes and chesire cat smiles of
jagged teeth. they lull you with the haunting music of
heartbroken guitars and weeping violins
your mind begins to slip as they whisper, "do not fear the dark
we will never forsake you." how delicious they find you to be.
so passionately they will  devour, to walk amongst the living with
no soul.
Cursed are the creatures who rip out the heart of a bride while
whispering: "just give in" may they lay in their graves, cold
and broken with out the presence of the grim reaper. behold,
the valley of wandering brides
where monsters thrive
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The One Day
The one day I began to think of you, was the day my world would slowly change, when I finally had the chance to see you, my heart nearly stopped. The closer you came, the harder it was to swallow, I couldnt hold my breath any longer.
The one day I decided to watch you, was the day I began to wonder what really makes you tick, how deep does your thought process go, so I admired you from a distance.
The one day I approached you, was the day you were pent up in your frustration, you hugged your knees so tight and you hissed  every curse word that crossed your mind
The one day you pushed me away, was the day my mind began to unravel, I stood there confused on whether to smile and walk away or shatter into many pieces. you reminded me of how ugly and insecure I really am. Later that night my pillow drowned in my tears.
The one day you decided to appologize, was the day it was too late, heres to our friendship, though it never started, it ended in fate
:iconloonymoon101:loonymoon101 0 0
Snow Covered Memories
Snow covered memories lay frozen, never again
to feel love's blessed presence.
cold shivering souls dig endlessly, blinded
by theier tears, searching for the one thing
that made them whole
A broken winged angel sings, wondering where
have his memories gone
without a mere existence or loves blessed
presence, the snow covered memories begin to
melt becomming evanescent
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Out of nine, she was the third, she was kind enough to harbor life, her
hair is the field so golden dancing endlessly. her eyes are the forests
that are evergreen. the raindrops are her tears when she cries, which
created oceans that go on for miles
The sun and moon are her earrings when she turns her head,the
mountain is the figure we see when she lies down. the
midnight sky is her evening gown, she gave us beauty that we do
not deserve. we do not know it but we are killing her and causing
her pain. we are killing her children by setting fires and dug in her
skin to satisfy our deepest desires. you are:
Hurting me
Eliminating me
Loathing me
Polluting me
she cries as she begins to die, we will never know how much she hurts
she is not a trash can
shes earth
:iconloonymoon101:loonymoon101 0 0
At Some Point
At some we crash and are left to pick up the surviving pieces and bury the ones that died
At some point we fly, high above the world to have a moment to collect our zen, so we may restore what is left of our  sanity
At some point we break, forced to quickly mend the broken bones regardless of how we feel
At some point, we have individuals who push themselves into our lives, and  we wonder why we cant just shut them out
At some point, we have heartwarming moments with family and they  are the ones who bring us smiles and precious memories from a life time
At some point, we are pushed past our breaking point, secretly longing to catch a break
At some point we snap, we warned  others that this day  will soon come, they didnt listen
At some point we love and help those who dont deserve it, they could care less
At some poin we cry, weep till there are no tears left
At some point, we learn to accept those who are completely different from us,
:iconloonymoon101:loonymoon101 0 0
A Reaper and a Pirate King
Thinking of a reaper and pirate king, flawless in both reality
and dreams, they bring me smiles and laughter. one ventures  the
the wild sea, the other dwells in the morbid dark, one is
eccentric, the other carefree, both know nothing but laughter
and have smiles so inviting.
one has eyes that are large, playful and bright while the others
hide behind hair the color of the moon. they make great company
and never put me in a dull mood, what adventures  lie ahead time
will tell. I fall victim to slumber and enter the realm of dreams
I am happy to have met the silly grim reaper and the pirate king
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Inside she was screaming, her colors were fading and her
life was slipping away, she is whispering many silent
prayers while placing both of her hands gently over
her pulsing heart
She is a bent and broken beauty wishing to survive
but it is too late, it was already devouring her,
slowly, slowly, slowly..... staring at her reflection
her eyes deepening in sorrow, her tears falling and
crashing to their fate. she is losing grip of her
sanity, she is craving something not so easily given
Her friends and family are noticing how silent and
introverted she has become, they begin worrying.
she is yearning to cure this pain
:iconloonymoon101:loonymoon101 1 0


Winter Garden
In this garden of winter
I am everything cold...
Still ground, dead trees,
the leaves on the branches
frozen in time...
The forever stopped rivers,
the painfully white snow
sparkling and cold
under the bare feet.
Blue skin,
blind eyes staring up to the lead sky,
the thin layer of frost
covering and sealing the lips...
In this garden of winter
I am the silence,
the dead lack of sound.
Forgotten laughter,
forbidden screams of killed dreams,
ever hushed whispers
of the last, lost heartbeats...
In this garden of death
I am the set of marbles.
Crystal clear,
they once ran as desperate tears,
and now lie spilled in vain...
In this garden of cold,
I am everything and forever...
And nothing rules here
but the frost and ice
and nothing comes here,
but the coldness and winds
and nothing will ever change,
in this place of sorrow,
until the time breaks in half
and darkness covers it all.
:iconmaylar:Maylar 3 1
Avengers Assemble - The Age of Tony Stark- by vtophya Avengers Assemble - The Age of Tony Stark- :iconvtophya:vtophya 52 2
you never changed
IT IS WEIRD! seeing that you have disabled your account. it feels odd.
it feels like i have accidentally slipped off the edge of a cliff
and it is just that feeling of your heart sinking into yourself
falling, thinking,
what did i do this time?
and, OH BOY, do i have more to say! ha! ha!
i miss you and your curly blonde hair,
your freckly face, your cute laugh,
but do i really?
can we roleplay again? you brought that opportunity back but swept it right away.
i was so excited, to be honest. i wanted to see our two characters talk once more.
that is all i wished back in january, but you gave it up.
i told myself so many things. don’t you remember, what i told myself in 2013?
it's all your fault. you’re a monster. i have homicidal thoughts of you.
but i have learned a lot since then:
trust no one.
i am the husk of a shell. i have sunk so low. no motivation, no time.
i still don’t really like anything anymore.
:iconmoonstruckmutt:moonstruckmutt 1 0
i want to go deaf
i don't want to hear what they say to me, i don't want to hear what i say to them
as i type this, they can hear me typing, they can mock me, they can accuse me of complaining
i will risk losing the tranquility of music to stop hearing them
  "you're mentally retarded"
    "go kill yourself"
       "no one cares"
          "you don't matter"
"we can't bully you--we're your family. it doesn't count"
then what does count ?
does my life count once it's gone ?
i hope you learn a lesson when i hang from the ceiling
:iconmoonstruckmutt:moonstruckmutt 2 1
gross, foolish
i felt like i could trust you, ya know?
telling you my story of 2013 was a sign of trust
in other words: i have bared my stomach to you, like a fool
and i regret it completely
you never cared for me when i showed signs of depression
(i thought that’s what true friends do)
all you did was scoff and take it personally
“how dare you vent your feelings,” i could almost hear you say
and you did say it
not the exact words, but
you certainly rephrased it in a way that twisted the dagger in my chest to worsen the wound
why did i ever trust you anyway?
i was a fool
i still am a fool for continuously thinking of you
you’re nothing but a robot
a robot with no consideration for others
and you’re disgusting
you don’t deserve to be around me
no one does
but you’ve made number two on my list
get out of my face
:iconmoonstruckmutt:moonstruckmutt 2 0
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Andrea Cato
United States Minor Outlying Islands
I more of a poet rather than an artist who draws or a graphic designer. I am a psychology major and I enjoy anime. As far as personality goes, I can be rather energetic and easy going.


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