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See Dark Side Wonka.

Amazing community.
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Are the four brats dead?

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ok... run... kids....... RUN!!!!!!
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Oh my gosh. Wonka has all five kids in his clutches. He really is evil. I guess that means Slugworth really is the good guy. That's very interesting.
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slugworth in the first adpatation works for wonka in the end of the movie it's revaled so.....   he's not a god guy if he was here 
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Actually he would be a good guy. In the Tim Burton adaptation he's not working for Wonka. He steals ingredients from Wonk's factory to make his own candy witch gets the factory closed down. So he really would turn out to be the good guy i Wonka was evil.  
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oh right guess i got that mixed up but their is a theory wonka owns slugwroth's bussisenness scertly. sorry for spelling
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That could be it. But it's kinda hard to tell.
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 Creepy! Very scary. Awesome drawing by the way! I can imagine this as a dark twist fanfic on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
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so does he like charile ?
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If that ain't creepy, I don't know what is.
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I love how Charlie is the only one with his eyes open, like he knows what's going on but he can't stop it. 
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*stepping into the portal back to the underworld*
You're Welcome Mr.Wonka
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Come little children, I'll take thee away
into a land of enchantment...
Come little children, the time's come to play,
here in my garden of magic...
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omy god so true 
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Charlie's like, why??!
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I love t this. when I was young like 5 years old Willy Wonka was the creature of my nightmares. He always turned everyone I loved into candy because  I said no to being his hair. When Wonka showed up I knew I was going to be dragged into a nightmare and there was nothing I could do. In a strange way, I really relate to this image. To this day I can't watch Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.  but I love charlie in the chocolate factory. 
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~Not judging, but you didn't agree to be his HAIR, you mean heir?~
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Madness of Mr. Wonka anyone?Cool pic too ;-)
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There's a deep meaning in this portrait, Uh.. .I don't want to go into it
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