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100 Challenge #93 - Give Up

By Looneygurl96
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That is exactly what I feel like doing. Giving up on the hope that Fairly Odd Parents will return to the way it used to be. You know, Cosmo and Wanda still in love, Jorgen (and other characters) not this stupid, and actually following the established plot and making sense.

My thoughts on Sparky are Cosmo and Wanda's exactly. That's how I felt when I found out they now had a dog. I mean, I've seen a few episodes with Sparky in them. I'll admit, he's not a bad character. He doesn't really add anything. In a way I feel like he's a crutch. I don't think it really makes sense for them to have a dog in the first place. Cosmo and Wanda have always been Timmy's dogs, cats, fish, or whatever pet he wanted at that given moment. Why does he need a dog?! :facepalm:

I wonder how it'll play out if they ever end up going back into the Crimson Chin comics and Timmy would now have 4 dog sidekicks. Ace, Clefto, Poof (what was Poof's dog name anyway? Or did he have one?), and...what?!

Yeah, FOP doesn't make any sense anymore. To see how the show has changed over the years is actually a little bit depressing :depressed:

But I won't give up YET. I will hang on to what little bit of hope that I have that it will return to normal.
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I stopped watching The Fairly OddParents somewhere in season 5, so I can't say much for the newer episodes of the show, but here's what I think: The new characters aren't to blame, the show itself is the problem. It's changed a lot since I used to watch it, and not in a good way. The characters are flanderized to hell now, and the show is much, much more in-your-face than it used to be (and for The Fairly Oddparents, that's saying something!).
For instance, I watched a few of the newer episodes recently (can't remember which ones) and Timmy would freak out and have weird spasms Crocker-style. He didn't used to do that. The other characters would also have weird close-ups and expressions. His parents are even dumber and meaner now too, Timmy is more of a jerk, and too many episodes revolve around the baby. I haven't seen much of Sparky, but from what I have seen of him, he actually isn't too bad. Unfortunately, it's too late for me to get back into the show now. I just can't get into the style of the newer episodes. I can't stand them.
I choose to remember this show from back before the era of Sparky and Poof, back when (in my opinion) the show was smarter and more heartfelt and creative. I'll just pretend the show really was cancelled after season 5, and the new episodes are just part of a poor reboot. It's not that hard, considering there are more than a few continuity errors I noticed in the newer episodes that don't match up with the older ones.
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I agree with you. I can't pinpoint which season i actually stopped watching regularly but it wasn't long after they first had Poof. To me a handful of the episodes with Poof aren't that bad though so i don't have a problem with him. 

From the few very recent episodes i have seen i find it very hard to watch now. Everything you said about the characters changing and it being more "in your face" is exactly what i think. i couldn't have said it better myself. If i were to watch a new episode and a really old episode, i'd probably be brought to tears with how different it is now. And it's not different in a good way.
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Metylover2143Student Digital Artist
Well Remember That Episode Called Planet Poof Where Wanda Cosmo And Timmy Won't Play With Poof Maybe Sparky Is There To Give Poof A Dog To Play With sO pOOF wON'T bE lONLEY 
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Looneygurl96Professional Traditional Artist
You could be right. I haven't seen any recent episodes so i can't make that judgment. But from the two or three episodes i have seen of Sparky i just don't like him very much as a character. In my opinion, he doesn't really add anything valuable to the show. i still think he's nothing more than a crutch.
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Metylover2143Student Digital Artist
Yeah Sparky's So Cute And Without Him It Wouldn't Be Nice