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Floral Majesty by Queen-Kitty Floral Majesty :iconqueen-kitty:Queen-Kitty 141 8
Novelties for 2019
:pointr: Novelties for 2019 :pointl:
Hello everyone :la: ! First of all, I wish you an happy new year. Thanks for being a member, of the group ! I would like to bring some activity here, I'll explain what I've thought about below. But before an announcement, I would like to welcome the new member of the team, VctrNiki ! If you want to be an admin of the group, feel free to ask ! :eager:
:megaphone: :new: Monthly feature :
Each month, the group will publish a journal entry with an interview and a thourough insight into a worldbuilder's universe. If you are interested in being featured in February, let me know about.
:megaphone: :new: Chat Tribune :
The related chat will host weekly a talk, in which  worldbuilders can explain a point about their universe. :la:
:megaphone: [New] Individual Gallery's Folders :
If you have a world already advanced in building, you can ask for the creation of a gallery made especially for you !
That's it. Take care
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A guy from Kansas (colors) by ArteDigitalSA A guy from Kansas (colors) :iconartedigitalsa:ArteDigitalSA 6 5 Frank Castle (Sketch) by ArteDigitalSA Frank Castle (Sketch) :iconartedigitalsa:ArteDigitalSA 11 7 Planetary Nebula by Iakobbaz Planetary Nebula :iconiakobbaz:Iakobbaz 15 7 West Highland White Terrier by SulaimanDoodle West Highland White Terrier :iconsulaimandoodle:SulaimanDoodle 74 23 rarity and diamondhead  by x-overboy01 rarity and diamondhead :iconx-overboy01:x-overboy01 4 1 Unconditional - Thor/Elsa by LaChicaRara Unconditional - Thor/Elsa :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 6 0 Stardew Valley - Leah by Yaantii Stardew Valley - Leah :iconyaantii:Yaantii 207 12
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Hermione Granger by Trunnec Hermione Granger :icontrunnec:Trunnec 172 13 Proposition 5 by Iakobbaz Proposition 5 :iconiakobbaz:Iakobbaz 26 4 Math Misc by Iakobbaz Math Misc :iconiakobbaz:Iakobbaz 14 0
Honey Firebee OC Profile(My Little Pony FIM)Update
Name: Honey Firebee
Nicknames: Honey, FiBee, Fi, Bee-Bee
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Unicorn
Height: She is slightly taller than the average unicorn.
Weight: She is skinnier than the average unicorn but not by much.
Hometown: She was born in Cloudsdale.
Current Residence: Ponyville, Near Sweet Apple Acres.
Occupation: Beekeeper
Mane Color/Style/Length: Her mane is red with orange streaks, and is normally either in a messy bun or a braid.
Coat description: Her coat is dark navy blue, with splotches of lighter blue on her upper legs and flanks.
Eye Color/Shape: Her eyes are small and very circular, and are orangish pink in color.
Accessories: She always carries an art kit around in a saddlebag.
Allegiance: She is a heavily devout follower of Princess Luna.
Cutie Mark: A paintbrush with a swirl of green paint around it.
Special Talent: Painting
Family: Scarlet Honey (Mother), Hornet Charge (Father), Crimson Bird (Sister)
Personality: She is very kind, but at the same time, very social
:iconmysticduskastudios:MysticDuskaStudios 4 6
Galaxy Star OC Profile(My Little Pony FIM) Updated
Name: Galaxy Star
Nicknames: Galaxy, Starry (By her adopted mother only)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown. She does not age, and her true age is unknown.
Species: Unicorn
Height: She is slightly shorter than the average unicorn but has strong, thick legs.
Weight: She weighs more than the average unicorn
Hometown: A village in a faraway land, made up of Gargoyles.
Current Residence: She lives in a small cottage just outside of Canterlot
Occupation: Cartographer  
Mane Color/Style/Length: She has a long curly mane that’s spiraled in two distinct parts, red and dark purple in color.
Coat description: Her coat is dark pink with dark purple “socks” on her legs.
Eye Shape/Color: Her eye color is pale red near the pupil, and the main body of her irises is purple. Her eye shape is very oval.
Accessories: She wears a big blue bow on her tail, and a pendant around her neck that’s an odd stone of some sort on a silver chain. She also wears glasses.
Allegiance: Her only all
:iconmysticduskastudios:MysticDuskaStudios 4 9
Simple Cat Colored by YuyaDesigns Simple Cat Colored :iconyuyadesigns:YuyaDesigns 2 2




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Tais Gibert
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I paint with Watercolors

My birthday badge

Instagram by Th3EmOo
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Every Moment
"Every moment I spent with you shined. Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad and because the weather was good enough. I loved every moment of it."
This is from the kdrama Goblin, hope you like it!



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Hi! As you may have guessed by reading the title, I am writing this to let you know that I have opened traditional art commissions.
I am in need to earn money to buy art supplies and art books to improve my style. I would like to find a stable job as a paid artist (something that I know I can do well).


I do traditional art (I'm learning digital art, but I don't do digital art commissions yet). My work is done in A5 watercolor (210 gsm or 350 gsm) paper sheets with Winsor & Newton® watercolors or Chameleon Color Tones® Chameleon Pens (markers).


—HEADSHOT: These images show only the head, shoulders, and sometimes chest of the character. Hands aren't normally shown. They are more like close-up portraits.  ( / )
—PARTIAL: These images are of only a portion (about half) of a character's body. The hands may or may not be shown, the feet won't be. / / )
—FULL: These are full-body images in which the hands and feet are shown depending on pose, along with the rest of the character's body. / ) 
—LANDSCAPE: These are sceneries (fantasy or real) / )
—ANIMAL/CREATURE: Animal drawings are cartoonish, semi-realistic or realistic (you can choose) / / )


—HEADSHOT: $6.00 / 480 points
—PARTIAL:  $8.00 / 640 points
—FULL: $10.00 / 800 points
—LANDSCAPE:  $8.00 / 640 points
—ANIMAL/CREATURE:  $5.00 / 400 points
+Scene background: $7.00 560 points
+Additional characters: Double the price of the comission you chose (headshot, partial or full) for each character. So, for example, a drawing of two headshot characters would be $12.00 or 960 points.


I accept PayPal (United States Dollars) and DeviantArt points.
ARGENTINA: Si usted vive en Argentina, sería mejor que depositara el dinero en pesos argentinos en un cajero automático y lo transfiriese a mi cuenta de banco (cuyos detalles le daré después de que acepte su comisión). De esa forma, no será sustraído ningún dinero por parte de PayPal o DeviantArt y la entrega será más rápida. Para convertir dólares a pesos y vice versa, yo uso este sitio web:…
I use this converter from Points to USD and vice versa: DeviantArt Point Calculator
For payments, please DO NOT donate points into my account. If you just donate points, I will NOT be able to withdraw any real cash, so the payment will be pointless.
Of course I will refund you the points immediately and I will ask you to submit them the right way, but it would be upsetting and would show that you have not read this in its entirety.
If you have money in your PayPal account, then it would be better for me to be paid there, so there won't be taken too many fees (if you pay with points, DeviantArt takes a fee, and then to turn those points into real money, PayPal takes another fee). I will give you my PayPal account details when the commission is decided, because some people might send me payments for commissions I had not planned to accept, and it's a big hassle to then return the money.
If you do not have money in your PayPal account, or do not have a PayPal account, then you can pay me with points, BUT only through the "Commissions Widget". Do NOT just donate points into my account. Tell me you want to pay with points, and I'll create a commission in the widget for the specific amount of points that you have to pay. That way, I'll get the points directly converted to cash (20% of which is retained by DA).

Send me a note here on DA or an email to with "COMMISSION" in the subject line (so I don't lose it!), detailing the type of commission you want, and any pertinent details to what you want in the image. Be as detailed as possible please! I don't want to have to send you 50 emails to figure out what you want.
I will then confirm that you understand the price of the commission and have read the entirety of this journal. If you agree to my terms, I will give you the email I use for PayPal, or if you are Argentinian, my bank account details, so that payment can be made, and I can begin to work on your commission! Of course, if you will pay with points, it is the same. I will show you a quick sketch before the payment is made, and I will edit it acoording to your wishes before starting the real piece.
Don't be afraid to ask questions if you have them, I don't mind answering them, and I want both of us to be clear on the commission process before any transactions are made. I will try my best to give you an estimate on how long it will take me finish your commission. Depending on the size and detail involved, pieces usually take me 4-48 hours of straight work (several days real time. I do need to eat and sleep, etc.). Visual aids are helpful if you have a certain pose, hairstyle, or clothing you want in the image, or if you have reference images of your character, but they aren't required. A text description is perfectly fine.


—1— Check out my gallery to make sure you know what you are getting into. I am better at some things (people, especially women) than others (animals, environment, houses...). I am still learning, but I will try my best to complete your commission as best I know how.

—2— I will not draw everything. I have certain limits. I don't feel comfortable drawing LGBT+ or NSFW. 

—3— I retain the right to turn down a commission for any reason I so choose. I may get busy, someone may ask me to draw something I really don't want to work on. It will not happen often, but I reserve the right to do so.

—4— I reserve the right to post your commission in my gallery or use it for self-advertising, though I will not make money out of it. I may or may not post it, but I drew it, and I would like to show it off. If the commission is of a personal nature (a portrait of a loved one for instance) you may of course, ask that I not post it. I may agree not to if you ask nicely.

—5— All commissions come with my signature somewhere in the drawing. You may not remove it under any circumstance. Although you paid for the image, I drew it. I want credit, because credit is what will make me known to other people. If for some reason you want a version of the image without the signature (and can give me a good reason) I will consider leaving it off. But it'd have to be a very good reason, and credit would still have to be given wherever it is posted.

—6— You may do whatever you wish with your commissioned image as long as you do not remove the signature, and credit to the artist is given wherever it is posted. I don't mind if you make prints of it and sell it, upload it to your own gallery, put it on a professional website, etc. I don't mind, as long as I receive the credit. Which means that I retain the copyrights.

—7— All commissions are given in digital-art form (.jpg or .png, whatever you prefer). My work is done traditionally in A5 watercolor paper sheets, and then scanned in high-resolution. Then, if necessary, I fix colors, lighting and things like those in an editing software to make the piece a faithful copy of the original (because the scanning process can change the colors a bit). If you ask before I start drawing, I can change the size of the paper sheet to make it smaller or give it a different proportion (like a square), but I can't make it bigger because I don't have larger paper sheets and my scanner does not support larger sheets either.

—8— The commissions can be delivered by note or by email. That is up to you.

—9— I reserve the right to artistic license. If you ask for a certain type of picture or pose, I will try my best to accomplish what you ask, but I like to experiment and change details. If you have any objections to my artistic license, voice your concerns early. (For instance: if it's a commission for a book cover, you may want the characters portrayed exactly to some specification, and I will comply to your request) But if you are not detailed enough in what you want, or you aren't sure, and say something like "I just want a waist-up shot of my OC...", expect random creativity. The more creative leeway you give me, the better your commission will probably turn out.

—10— If you ask, I will draw you copyrighted characters, but you must have permission from the original owner of the copyright. I want expressed, written permission from them, not you. I don't want to step on anyone's toes and earn money off someone else's character unless they are all right with it. So before you ask me to draw it, get permission. Anyway, I can draw fanart of famous books or movies like "Harry Potter", where it's impossible to obtain permission from the original author.

—11— I do collaborations. If you have had another artist create you a commission and you would like me to edit something on the commission or to complete it, I would be willing to work on it (we can negotiate prices based on what needs done) but I do require that the original commissioned artist sends me a note letting me know that it's okay for me to work on their piece. I don't want to step on any toes or end up over-drawing something someone was really proud of unless they know about it and are okay with it. I may also agree to do a collaboration with you, but ask first.

—12— I will try my best to finish commissions in a timely manner, and with the utmost effort I am capable of. However, occasion may arise in which I must put off work for a couple of days - please be understanding of any delays, and I will try my best to keep you informed of any and all work on your commission so that you always know where I stand with its completion. 

—13— I work on a first-come-first-serve basis. I have a running list of commissions in the order I received them, and they are completed in that order. Occasionally I will skip a commission up my list if the person before them on my commission list has not been responding to messages, the commission can be done really quickly (like a sketch), or the person before them has put a hold on their commission due to financial reasons. I do what I can to get my commissions done as quickly as possible for everyone concerned. When you commission me I will warn you about how many commissions I have before you, and will note you when it is time for me to start your commission. You need not pay for your commission until I am ready to start it.

—14— Payment MUST be made before I begin to work on your drawing. Anyway, I will show you a first sketch BEFORE you pay, so you see if it's what you are looking for before making the payment for the real piece. If I choose not to finish your commission, I will refund your payment. If you receive your commission and don't like it, we will discuss it. I am very thorough when I work on a piece, and check in with my progress on a daily basis, and fix it along the way to your specifications. Because of this process, I will NOT redo an entire piece once it's finished. You will have had plenty of time to speak up about any problems with it before then, and I will assume you are trying to con me out of my pay. I am not opposed to fixing small issues even after it's colored, but I will not redraw the entire piece, nor will I give you a refund at that point. This is why I said #1 up there: know what my capabilities are, so you know what to expect. Don't expect a miracle, and then demand a refund. Whether you like it or not, I put a lot of effort into the art I created, and I am entitled to payment for that work.

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