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Dan Phantom and Day Phantom (Mikaela2015) by LooneyAces Dan Phantom and Day Phantom (Mikaela2015) :iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 3 2 Danny and Dani Seeing Final Space Shuttle Landing. by LooneyAces Danny and Dani Seeing Final Space Shuttle Landing. :iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 7 6
Final Space Shuttle Viewing (DPxMCU One Shot)
At Fenton Works, 17 year old Danny Fenton and 13/1 year old Danielle Fenton were currently placing their luggage into the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle, or Fenton RV, as Sam, Tucker and Valerie looks on. Jack, Maddie, Danny and Dani are about to spent a three week ghost free family vacation to the state of Florida. Jazz would have joined, but she is now attending Yale University as her high school graduation was a few months ago, but she said that she hopes Danny and Dani have a good time. Despite that founding out recently that the Fenton family are billionaires thanks to their grandfather Harry Fenton who died in 1991, before Jazz and Danny were even born, Danny and Dani has actually been saving money and planning this family vacation for the past four months, and for a very good reason; their love for NASA or aerospace, more specifically, the Space Shuttle. Jack and Maddie will be taking Danny and Dani to Cape Canaveral, Florida to see the launch and landing of the Space Shutt
:iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 2 3
When We Left Earth Landing The Eagle (Ace Combat)
In 1969, a group of Osean astronauts change the world. They ride the biggest rocket ever built to the moon. It's the culmination of more than 10 years of space pioneering and a foundation for more than five decades of exploring worlds beyond their own. This is the story of Osea's greatest adventure.
Chapter 3: Landing the Eagle.
January, 1967- Just two months after the last flight of Project Gemini, OASA is testing the rockets that will launch men to the moon.
"Space was on the front page of the newspapers. They would read about it every day. They relished in our successes. We had learned the new technologies of space. We had learned to work with computers. We had learned to navigate. We had learned to dock. We had the confidence now to take the step, go to the moon." former OASA flight director George Wolfe said.
Apollo 1 is the first chance to test the new three-man capsule in space. Rookie astronaut Adam Richardson joins a crew of OASA elite. Austin Coleman- the first Osean to walk
:iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 1 0
When We Left Earth Friends and Rivals (Ace Combat)
In 1969, a group of Osean astronauts change the world. They ride the biggest rocket ever built to the moon. It's the culmination of more than 10 years of space pioneering and a foundation for more than five decades of exploring worlds beyond their own. This is the story of Osea's greatest adventure.
Chapter 2: Friends and Rivals.
"I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth." President Mitchell said, challenging OASA to land a man on the moon before the end of the decade.
Osea has a new president and a seemingly impossible challenge.
"'This president must be crazy. How can we possibly do that in nine years?'." former OASA Gemini 7 astronaut Douglas Campbell said.
"We had had a total of 20 minutes' manned space flight experience." former OASA flight director George Wolfe said.
"I was just amazed at the courage of it and almost the arrogance that we could do som
:iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 2 0
When We Left Earth Ordinary Supermen (Ace Combat)
In 1969, a group of Osean astronauts change the world. They ride the biggest rocket ever built to the moon. It's the culmination of more than 10 years of space pioneering and a foundation for more than five decades of exploring worlds beyond their own. This is the story of Osea's greatest adventure.
Chapter 1: Ordinary Supermen.
It's the year 1959 and in the high desert of Califia, the Osean Federation's space agency, the Osean Aeronautics and Space Administration, or OASA, tests an experimental rocket plane, the X-15. They want to put a man into space... and they're in a hurry.
"Rockets were powering aircraft at higher and higher speeds. The X-15 had enough energy to zoom to altitudes above the atmosphere." former OASA X-15 test pilot Daniel Johnson said.
The X-15 flies so high, pilots experience weightlessness and look out into the darkness of space. But even at 600,000 horsepower, it would need to fly four times its top speed to put a man into orbit.
The Union of Yuktobanian Republi
:iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 2 0
The Phantom Twins (DPxMCU One Shot)
The sun has already set in Amity Park and the night sky has taken over. People are already at their homes resting after a long day of work. It seems to be peaceful night, unless you count the ghost fight that is taking place in one residential neighborhood between Technus and Team Phantom's Sam Manson, Amity Park's mayor Tucker Foley, Tucker's girlfriend Valerie Gray, aka the Red Huntress, and the half human-half ghost duo Danny and Dani Phantom. It has been one month since Danny and Dani saved the world from the Dis-asteroid and Dani being adopted by the Fentons. One month after the incident, the ghosts have now started to invade Amity Park for the first time since the incident, but now the world knows who Danny Phantom is, and who Dani Phantom is as well. After the two appear on a late night show last month, Danny told who Dani is and Dani told her life story and Danny also warn those, especially the governments of the world, that they'll make a mistake if they think they can get the
:iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 1 4
Marcela Ramirez. by LooneyAces Marcela Ramirez. :iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 3 4
Dani's Adoption (DPxMCU One Shot)
At Amity Park, the town, as well as the world is in panic. The world is on the verge of an apocalyptic and extinction event. Last week, scientists discover an enormous asteroid, composed of "Ecto-ranium" which a ghost cannot touch, is on a collision course with Earth. After many attempts to destroy it, Vlad Masters, the mayor of Amity Park, announces that he has a plan to save the Earth, and with everyone in the world watching, Vlad transforms and reveals to everyone that he is a evil half ghost hybird, calling himself Vlad Plasmius. While everyone is stunned he announces that he is the only person who can save the world, and that he would do it by turning the asteroid intangible and allowing it to fly through Earth, but that he would only do it if they agreed to make him ruler of the world and give him 500 billion dollars. After his demands are met, Vlad Plasmius and Jack Fenton fly to the asteroid, and during the trip Vlad reveals to Jack that it was his fault he became half ghost ba
:iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 3 4
Danny Fenton dressed as Captain America by LooneyAces Danny Fenton dressed as Captain America :iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 7 0 Danny Phantom dressed as Captain America. by LooneyAces Danny Phantom dressed as Captain America. :iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 7 0 Danielle Fenton and Jacob Collins Date Night. by LooneyAces Danielle Fenton and Jacob Collins Date Night. :iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 7 0
Dani's and Jacob's First Date (DPxMCU One Shot)
The sun was beginning to set at Amity Park. The people were starting to prep dinner for their families. However, at Fenton Works, a certain 18/6 year old half ghost Avenger girl was prepping for her first date. It's been three days since Danielle Fenton, aka Dani Phantom, and her best friend and now boyfriend Jacob Collins confessed their feelings for each other, and Dani is extremely nervous about her first official date. Dani was currently looking through her dresses that Jazz bought for her when Jazz entered her room.
"Nervous?" Jazz asked.
"Yeah. This is my first date with Jacob. I don't know what to wear." Dani replied.
"Well, let me see what you brought out." Jazz said.
Jazz then look at the three dresses that were on Dani's bed before deciding the perfect dress for Dani.
"Here, this is perfect for your date. I'm sure Jacob would love it." Jazz said.
Jazz then hands Dani the dress that she picked. A few minutes later, Dani emerge from her bathroom. She was wearing a dark blue dre
:iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 1 7
SSTO Space Shuttle (Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War) by LooneyAces SSTO Space Shuttle (Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War) :iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 4 4 Dan Phantom and Dana Phantom 2. by LooneyAces Dan Phantom and Dana Phantom 2. :iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 9 1 Tabitha Tasman. (Mikaela2015's OC) by LooneyAces Tabitha Tasman. (Mikaela2015's OC) :iconlooneyaces:LooneyAces 4 2


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Dan Phantom and Day Phantom (Mikaela2015)
Here are Dan Phantom and Day Phantom. We all know who Dan is. Now Day Phantom, she is :iconmikaela2015:'s OC who is the future evil self of Dayla Fenton/Phantom. This is how Day Phantom looks like in :iconmikaela2015:'s Phantom Twin fanfiction series. In the Phantom Twin universe, the two fought Danny and Dayla and were defeated in The Phantom Twins: Season 2. They return again in The Phantom Twins: Season 4 in order to get revenge on Danny and Dayla. They would ended up being deceased as Danny and Dayla got them to fade from existence as Jack pulled out some Time Medallions that Dan and Day had fused into their bodies. 

You can see their past selves Danny and Dayla in their ghost forms here:…

You can see their past selves Danny and Dayla in their ghost forms and wearing their Phantom Twins: Senior Year ghost attire here:…

You can see their past selves Danny and Dayla in their Season 4 attire here:…

You can see their past selves Danny and Dayla in their Seasons 1-3 attire here:…

You can see their past selves Danny and Dayla but with their eyes orange in using their fire powers here:…

You can see Danny and Dayla's adult ghost forms here:…

You can see Danny and Dayla's adult human form here:…

You can see :iconmikaela2015:'s storie here.

The Phantom Twins: Season 1. (by mikaela2015)…
The Phantom Twins: Season 2. (by mikaela2015)…
The Phantom Twins: Season 3. (by mikaela2015)…
The Phantom Twins: Season 4. (by mikaela2015)…
The Phantom Twins One Shot Series (by mikaela2015)…
The Phantom Twins: Senior Year. (by mikaela2015)…
The Phantom Twins: Worlds Collide. (by mikaela2015)…

Danny Phantom: (c) Butch Hartman.
Dan Phantom: (c) Butch Hartman.
Dayla Fenton/Phantom: (c) mikaela2015.
Day Phantom: (c) mikaela2015
Danny and Dani Seeing Final Space Shuttle Landing.
Today marks seven year since the Space Shuttle Atlantis made its final landing, to end its final flight and the Space Shuttle Program. So, this Danny Phantom work is a dedication to the final space shuttle landing. Also, this is also a promo to a DPxMCU one shot that I have just uploaded here on deviantart. It shows 17 year old Danny Fenton and his little sister 13/1 year old Danielle Fenton, our beloved ghost boy and ghost girl known a Danny and Dani Phantom, watching the Space Shuttle Atlantis making its final landing. The landing occurred before dawn.  

Remember Danny wanted to be a NASA astronaut and had piloted and landed a space shuttle orbiter in the episode 'Reality Trip', and Dani has a interested in NASA well, despite being a trait from Danny, as seen in 'Kindred Spirits'. So both Danny and Dani admired the space shuttle and NASA. 

You can see the one shot here:…

Danny Phantom: (c) Butch Hartman.
Dani Phantom: (c) Butch Hartman.
Space Shuttle Atlantis: (c) NASA
DPxMCU: (c) Me.
At Fenton Works, 17 year old Danny Fenton and 13/1 year old Danielle Fenton were currently placing their luggage into the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle, or Fenton RV, as Sam, Tucker and Valerie looks on. Jack, Maddie, Danny and Dani are about to spent a three week ghost free family vacation to the state of Florida. Jazz would have joined, but she is now attending Yale University as her high school graduation was a few months ago, but she said that she hopes Danny and Dani have a good time. Despite that founding out recently that the Fenton family are billionaires thanks to their grandfather Harry Fenton who died in 1991, before Jazz and Danny were even born, Danny and Dani has actually been saving money and planning this family vacation for the past four months, and for a very good reason; their love for NASA or aerospace, more specifically, the Space Shuttle. Jack and Maddie will be taking Danny and Dani to Cape Canaveral, Florida to see the launch and landing of the Space Shuttle Atlantis on the 135th shuttle flight. However, this shuttle mission will also be the Space Shuttle Program's last. Danielle and especially Danny are sad that the Space Shuttle will no longer be flying, but at least Danny got the chance to fly and land one safely during the Reality Gauntlet Incident last year when Danny, along with Sam and Tucker, had to recover the Reality Gem of Life from a Space Shuttle Orbiter for the crazed ringmaster Freakshow, which he told that story to his family. Danny and Dani are looking forward to seeing the last shuttle launch and landing since the two admire the spacecraft. Danny had always wanted to be a NASA astronaut before he became a ghost fighter. Despite that she is a clone of Danny, has some traits from him and wants to be her own person, Dani also has a interest in NASA and aerospace despite that's one of the traits from Danny. The two has just finished packing their final luggage before facing Sam, Tucker and Valerie.

"Well, that's all the luggage." Danny said.

"So, after this shuttle mission, the Space Shuttle won't fly anymore?" Sam asked.

"Unfortunately, yes." Danny replied.

"How do you feel about it?" Tucker asked.

"Kinda sad that the shuttle will be retiring after this flight. Always admire that spacecraft. But it was bound to happen. Discovery and Endeavour has made their final flights. I also feel bad for Dani here. She hasn't seen many shuttle launches and landings on TV like I did most of my life." Danny said.

"Don't worry, big bro. At least I'll be able to see a shuttle launch and landing in person before it retires. And besides, we got SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft and NASA's Orion spacecraft to look forward to." Dani said.

"So are you gonna go to Florida to just see the launch and landing?" Valerie asked.

"No, we'll stop by at Orlando, visit the attractions there, then we'll head to Cocoa Beach, enjoy the ocean. We'll also visit the space center's visitor complex two days before the launch. Dani and I will go on the shuttle launch experience ride, watch a IMAX movie there, see the giant Saturn 5 rocket, and go on a bus tour, which is how you can see the Saturn 5." Danny said.

"Well, I hope you all have fun." Sam said.

"Which shuttle is making the final flight for the shuttle program? It's Atlantis, right?" Tucker asked.

"Yeah." Danny said.

Suddenly, Jack and Maddie came out of Fenton Works, Jack still wearing his hazmat suit to prevent itching and a rash like last time and Maddie wearing a blue shirt, brown shorts and boots.

"All right, kids. We better get going. The better we leave now, the better you two can catch that final shuttle launch." Jack said.

"All right, dad. Give us a minute." Danny said before facing his friend. "Okay, are sure you all will be fine with the ghosts while were gone?"

"Don't worry, Danny. Should the ghosts cause trouble here in Amity Park, we'll take care of it." Valerie said.

"Well, should something major happens, contact me." Danny said.

"Don't worry, Danny. You and Danielle have fun." Sam said before she places a kiss on Danny's lips.

"Thanks, Sam." Danny said with a smile before kissing Sam back.

"Bring back some souvenirs." Tucker said.

"Sure thing, Tucker." Danny said before facing Dani. "All right, Danielle, let's get in the RV."

"Cape Canaveral, Florida, here we come." Dani said with a smile.

Danny and Dani eventually climbed in the Fenton RV and Jack drives off with his family as Danny and Dani waved goodbye to Sam, Tucker and Valerie. After waving, Danny and Dani settled in for the long trip.

"You know, Dani, I never ask you this, but have you visit the space center by any chance when you were travelling around the world?" Danny asked.

"Nope. This will be my first time." Dani replied.

"Awesome. You visit it with me. You and I, being awed by NASA's history, and of course the launch and landing." Danny said.

"Well, at least you can finally go to the space center without any ghost problems, unlike last time from that story you told me." Dani said.

"True." Danny said.

"By the way, you think I can apply for space camp? Maybe I can also get a certificate of completion as a junior astronaut like you did, despite that I'm now a ghost fighter and you're training me to be better at the moment." Dani said.

"Maybe. I'll have to do some research though to see if anything change. It's been years since I was at space camp." Danny replied.

"Awesome." Dani said with a smile.

"Say, kids, I've installed a TV in the RV so that you won't get bored on these long distance trips." Jack said as he presses a button and a TV appeared in the RV.

"Oh, good." Danny said.

"And I brought some movies that you can watch." Maddie said as she hands Danny and Dani a bag full of movies.

"So, what do you want to watch, Dani?" Danny asked.


Jack and Maddie would take turns driving the RV on the long distance non-stop trip to Florida. After almost a day, they finally arrived at Florida. They would drive another few hours before they reached the city of Orlando and stop by at many of the city's attractions there. They then drove another 45 minutes to reach the city of Cocoa Beach. Jack, Maddie, Danny and Dani would spend the next few days exploring the town. They went to many seafood restaurants, visit the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop, went go karting, played mini golf, and they also visit the beach itself and the Cocoa Beach Pier where Danny and Dani enjoyed some ice cream there. The Fentons would eventually visit the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex just two days before the shuttle launch. Of course, both Danny and Dani were in awe of the many attractions and NASA history, including the Rocket Garden where they see many historical rockets, including the Mercury-Redstone, the Mercury-Atlas, the Gemini-Titan II and the Apollo-Saturn IB rockets. Danny and Dani also got to go on the shuttle launch experience ride, see a museum where they see many NASA artifacts and watch a IMAX movie there. The Fentons then took a bus tour to see other attractions at the complex. Danny and Dani were in awe upon seeing the giant Saturn 5 rocket that took the astronauts to the moon. They also visit the historical launch pads that was part of the tour before they also visit Launch Pad 39A where they see the Space Shuttle Atlantis on the pad, ready for its final launch.

'There it is, Danny. The shuttle Atlantis." Dani said in awe and excitement as she takes a picture of the Space Shuttle.

"She's one heck of a spacecraft. Shame that she'll won't be flying anymore after this." Danny said.

"Yeah, but at least we'll get to see the launch in person." Dani said.

"True, but still, the Space Shuttle will always be my favorite spacecraft." Danny said.

"Well, at least you got to fly and land one safely during that Reality Gauntlet Incident that you told me. At least you can check that out of your bucket list." Dani said with a smile.

"Yeah, that's true. That was pretty awesome, despite that I had to evade the Guys in White, stop Freakshow, save our family, and Sam's and Tucker's family." Danny said with a smile.

After the tour, the Fentons head back to the hotel and would just spend their time at Cocoa Beach for the next two days.


It was early in the morning of July 8, 2011, before sunrise. Danny has woken up after a good night sleep. He turns on the lamp at the night table before he rubbed his eyes. He then sets his sights on Dani who was sleeping next to him on the bed.

"Dani, wake up." Danny said as he gently shake Dani for her to wake up.

"Give me 5 more minutes, Danny." Dani said tiredly.

"It's launch day today. You wanna get to the space center early." Danny said.

That comment immediately woke Dani up.

"Oh yeah, today's the shuttle launch." Dani said with excitement.

"You better take a shower and get change." Danny said.

"Right on it." Dani said before she gets out of the bed and head straight to the bathroom.

Danny then turns his attention to Jack and Maddie, who were still sleeping on a separate bed.

"Mom, dad, wake up." Danny said as he gently shake Jack and Maddie for the two to wake up.

"Danny, it's 6:30 in the morning." Maddie said tiredly.

"Yeah, but we want to get to the space center early. We want to beat the traffic." Danny said.

"What time does the shuttle suppose to go off?" Jack asked tiredly.

"11:26 AM." Danny replied.

"Danny's right. We better get up and get to the space center early before the traffic gets heavy. This is the final shuttle launch after all." Maddie said as she gets up from bed.

Afterwards, Jack and Maddie gets out of the bed to start their day in their vacation at Florida, with Danny and Dani eager to get to the space center for this historic final Space Shuttle launch. Once everyone got change, Danny wearing a black T-shirt with the NASA logo, and Dani wearing a grey sweater with a hoodie and NASA logo, and ate breakfast, they head to the Fenton RV and goes on their way to the space center again.

"So where are we gonna see the launch from, Danny boy?" Jack asked.

"The NASA Causeway. Sure, maybe far from the launch site, but you can still see the shuttle and it's a great viewing site." Danny replied.

"I don't know, Danny. I don't like the look of those clouds outside." Dani said as she noticed outside that the weather is cloudy.

Danny looks out the window to see that the weather is indeed cloudy.

"That could be a problem. Hopefully the weather will improve by the time of the launch." Danny said.

"And what if the weather is still cloudy and the launch happens?" Dani asked.

'Well, then we'll see the shuttle for only about 40 seconds. Still, better than nothing and we can use the TV to see the rest of the launch there." Danny replied.

The Fentons eventually reached the famous NASA Causeway and parked the RV near a set of bleachers where there are some people that have also gather to watch the launch. They would spend the next few hours enjoying the fresh air, talking to other people, and they also set up the TV to show news coverage of the launch and for people to watch as well. Danny and Dani signed some autographs for their 'Phans' that have recognized them and they also interviewed with the local news reporters on why they are in Florida and to state their opinion on the final shuttle launch. Afterwards, they get ready to see the launch as it approached the final countdown.

"All right, Dani. One minute to launch." Danny said.

"I'm so excited!" Dani said.

The final countdown was was going well. The Space Shuttle Atlantis will soon blast off for its final flight and on the final mission of the Space Shuttle Program. Suddenly, at T-minus 31 seconds, just before Atlantis's computers were supposed to take control of the flight, the launch countdown clock stopped, which confused Danny and Dani.

"What the heck?" Dani asked.

"Why the countdown clock stopped?" Danny said.

Danny and Dani look at the TV on the RV to see what is causing this suddenly halt in the countdown. Danny and Dani soon learn that the countdown has stopped because of a lack of an indication that the Gaseous Oxygen Vent Arm, that was once on the top of the external fuel tank, had retracted and properly latched, a problem that had never occurred during previous launches in the shuttle program's history. Soon the launch team was able to verify the Vent Arm's position with the help of a closed circuit camera, and the countdown clock resumed 2 minutes later.

"The countdown will resume on my mark. Three, two, one, mark. You are go for auto-sequence start." the launch director said through the TV and PA systems.

"Here's we go Dani." Danny said with excitement.

"25 seconds." a NASA launch controller said through the TV and PA. "20."

"Almost there, Danny!" Dani said with excitement.

"15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5..." Danny and Dani said, counting down as they, Jack, Maddie and the other people sees the Space Shuttle's main engines firing up from the distance. "4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Liftoff!"

At that moment, the Space Shuttle's twin solid rocket boosters ignited and the Space Shuttle Atlantis liftoffs on it's final flight to begin the shuttle program's final mission.

"And liftoff! The final liftoff of Atlantis, on the shoulders of the Space Shuttle, America will continue the dream." NASA launch commentator George Diller said through the RV's TV.

People started cheering as the Atlantis starts to climb into the sky, leaving behind a trial of exhaust. Danny looks at the shuttle. He immediately stood at attention like a military soldier and gave a salute to Atlantis as it continues to ascend and begins its roll program to properly align itself.

"Godspeed, Atlantis." Danny said before dropping the salute.

"Look at it go, Danny!" Dani said with excitement.

"Wow, look at it." Maddie said.

"Incredible." Jack said.

"Go, Atlantis, go!" Danny said.

Danny, Dani, Jack and Maddie would see the Space Shuttle Atlantis until it disappear through the clouds 40 seconds after launch.

"Well, there it goes, Dani. The final launch of the Space Shuttle." Danny said.

"That was an incredible, launch. What an awesome spacecraft." Dani said.

"It sure is." Danny said.

Danny, Dani, Jack and Maddie look at the TV to see the rest of the launch, the call to throttle up, the solid rocket booster separation, the final main engine cut-off and the final external tank separation as the shuttle reaches Earth orbit. Afterwards, the Fentons packed their stuff and head back to Cocoa Beach.


14 days has passed since the final shuttle launch. Danny has woken up early once again. It is early morning and still dark out. Danny knows that the final Space Shuttle landing will occur at 5:57 AM, prior to dawn. Danny immediately woke Dani, Maddie and Jack up. The Fentons know that the shuttle will be landing early as well. This also give them the opportunity to start heading back to Amity Park a few hours after the shuttle completes its final landing. After getting change, Danny and Dani wearing their NASA attire, ate their early morning breakfast, make sure all their belongings have been packed into the RV, and checked out of the hotel, the Fentons starts heading to the space center one final time to see the Atlantis make its final landing and the final landing of the shuttle program. The Fentons managed to get to the Shuttle Landing Facility where there are other people eager to see the final shuttle landing. Danny once again turn on the TV inside the RV in order to see news coverage of the landing.

"Well, Dani, I should give you a heads up that you will be hearing two sonic booms right before the shuttle lands. They can scare you." Danny said.

"I heard about that. The booms are cause by the shuttle going subsonic. Hopefully, I can be prepare for that." Dani said.

"I don't know. They are pretty loud." Danny said.

Danny, Dani, Jack and Maddie watched the television and they see that Atlantis is closing in on the landing site. Suddenly, they heard two twin sonic booms, which startled them.

"I didn't know they were that loud." Danny said.

"I was ready for it, and it still scared me." Dani said.

"That was pretty cool though." Danny said.

"At least we get to hear the sonic booms." Dani said.

A few minutes later, they can see the shuttle making the final approached.

"There it is!" Dani said as she points towards the incoming Atlantis.

"This is it, everyone. The final landing." Danny said.

A few seconds later, the Space Shuttle Atlantis touches down at the runway. The Fentons takes pictures and watches as it passes by them, the drag chute being deployed and the nose landing gear touching down. As they watch, Danny and Dani can hear mission commentator Rob Navias declared on nose wheel touchdown and recognizing the conclusion of an era.

"Having fired the imagination of a generation, a ship like no other, its place in history secured, the Space Shuttle pulls into port for the last time. Its voyage, at an end." NASA mission commentator Rob Navias declared.

A few seconds later, the Fentons sees Atlantis comes to its final stop as they still hear the TV.

"Mission complete, Houston. After serving the world for over 30 years, the Space Shuttle has earned its place in history, and it has come to a final stop." NASA astronaut and mission commander Chris Ferguson said.

"We copy your wheel stop and we'll take this opportunity to congratulate you, Atlantis, as well as the thousands of passionate individuals across this great space faring nation who truly empowered this incredible spacecraft which for three decades has inspired millions around the globe. Job well done, America." NASA Entry CAPCOM Barry Wilmore said.

"Hey thanks for the great words, great words. You know, the Space Shuttle changed the way we view the world and to change the way we view our universe. Though all emotion today, but one thing is indisputable, America's not going to stop exploring. Thank you Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Endeavour, and our ship Atlantis. Thank you for protecting us, and bring this program to such a fitting end. God bless all of you, God bless the United States of America." Chris Ferguson said.

Dani and especially Danny became emotional upon hearing those inspiring comments from the mission CAPCOM and the Mission Commander on board Atlantis. They now recognized that the Space Shuttle will no longer be flying anymore. Jack and Maddie noticed this and they place their hands on Dani's and Danny's shoulders.

"Well, that's it. The Space Shuttle is no more." Danny said.

"Yeah. I may not have seen many launches and landings, but at least I got to see a few, including the final launch and landing in person, before it retires for good." Dani said.

"Yeah..." Danny said.

"So what's gonna happen to the shuttle now?" Maddie asked.

"Well, I heard Atlantis will be put on permanent display here at the space center. Discovery will be put on display at the Smithsonian, which means Enterprise, the test orbiter, will moved to the USS Intrepid in New York City, and Endeavour will be put at display at the California Science Center in Los Angeles." Danny replied.

"Well, hopefully someday, we'll visit those sites to see them in person, just for you Danny and Danielle." Jack said, which Danny and Dani smiled.

"Well, this marks the end of our Florida vacation. We should start heading back to Amity Park. Pretty sure Sam, Tucker and Valerie are missing us." Maddie said.

"I'm sure Sam will be happy to see me back home." Danny said.

"Well, hopefully Amity Park is fine while we were gone this whole time." Dani said.

With that, the Fentons heads to the Fenton RV and they start the long journey back to Amity Park. The final Space Shuttle launch and landing is a historical event that Danny and Dani will definitely never forget.
Final Space Shuttle Viewing (DPxMCU One Shot)
Here i my fourth Danny Phantom One Shot chapter. Of course, it's part of the DPxMCU Fanfiction Series. Okay, so today marks seven years since the final Space Shuttle landing, ending the space shuttle program. So what happen when Jack and Maddie takes Danny and Dani to Florida, on a ghost free three week family vacation, so that they can see the final space shuttle launch and landing. What did Danny and Dani thought when they saw the Space Shuttle Atlantis make its final flight to perform the final mission of the space shuttle program? Well, this DPxMCU one shot talks about this. The last space shuttle mission occurred on July 8-21, 2011, so four months after the Dis-asteroid Incident and this one shot takes place in the same monthly time period as my third one shot, which that takes place between April to November of 2011. 

*Remember Danny wanted to be a NASA astronaut and had piloted and landed a space shuttle orbiter in the episode 'Reality Trip', and Dani has a interested in NASA well, despite being a trait from Danny, as seen in 'Kindred Spirits'.*

Danny Phantom: (c) Butch Hartman.
Dani Phantom: (c) Butch Hartman.
Marvel Cinematic Universe: (c) Marvel Studios.
Space Shuttle Atlantis: (c) NASA
DPxMCU: (c) Me.
In 1969, a group of Osean astronauts change the world. They ride the biggest rocket ever built to the moon. It's the culmination of more than 10 years of space pioneering and a foundation for more than five decades of exploring worlds beyond their own. This is the story of Osea's greatest adventure.

Chapter 3: Landing the Eagle.

January, 1967- Just two months after the last flight of Project Gemini, OASA is testing the rockets that will launch men to the moon.

"Space was on the front page of the newspapers. They would read about it every day. They relished in our successes. We had learned the new technologies of space. We had learned to work with computers. We had learned to navigate. We had learned to dock. We had the confidence now to take the step, go to the moon." former OASA flight director George Wolfe said.

Apollo 1 is the first chance to test the new three-man capsule in space. Rookie astronaut Adam Richardson joins a crew of OASA elite. Austin Coleman- the first Osean to walk in space. And Commander James Evans, one of the original Mercury 7 and a good bet to be the first man to walk on the moon. The command module is larger than any other capsule OASA has launched into space and the most complex.

"It was a new spacecraft. It was something that we had to learn from the ground up, and we had to start from scratch." George Wolfe said.

Project Apollo is in overdrive, racing to get to the moon by the end of the decade. There are three years left.

"12, 14, 16, 18 hours a day. Day after day." George Wolfe said.

January 27, 1967- Apollo 1 is less than four weeks from liftoff. Tests now simulate realistic launch conditions.

"The Apollo 1 crew was conducting their pad test at Basset Space Center, a normal procedure that we do with all our launches." former OASA Apollo 10 astronaut Randy Morris said.

The pad test requires running the capsule on its own electrical power while pressurized with 16 pounds per square inch of pure oxygen. It's a deadly combination.

"We should have drawn the line and said, 'Let's call it off today. Let's take a break'. But we did not." George Wolfe said.

A fire breaks out in the sealed capsule. Evans, Coleman and Richardson suffocate from the toxic fumes.

"And it was obvious, walking into that room, that something horrific had occurred." George Wolfe said.

"There was a fire, and the crew got killed, which... You know, the world stopped at that point in time. It changed everything." Randy Morris said.

The cause is a spark from wiring under Evans' seat accelerated by the oxygen. The astronauts are dead within 30 seconds.

"We had become complacent. We had forgotten the hazards associated with a pure-oxygen atmosphere. And we had taken too many things from granted. There was no question, we were responsible for the first spaceflight disaster." George Wolfe said.

"If you put a flame to aluminum in 16 psi of oxygen, it will burn." former OASA Mission Control Director Joseph Clark said.

OASA launches a full investigation, exposing deep flaws in its procedures and quality control problems throughout the capsule.

"Apollo 1 maybe was the catalyst that allowed us to pick up the pieces and not just get the job done, but get it done right." Randy Morris said.

The capsule is redesigned from the inside out- shielded wiring, fireproof materials, and a new hatch for quicker exit in an emergency. Nearly two years later, Apollo 7 fulfills the mission of Apollo 1, testing the command module in Earth orbit.

"From now on, we're gonna stand up and assume responsibility for every action, and we'll never stop learning again." George Wolfe said.

August, 1968- The next step requires a lot more rocket power. It's time to go to the moon. With just four months to prepare, Apollo 8 will be the first manned flight to leave Earth orbit for deep space.

"And he said, 'We're thinking about changing the mission of Apollo 8 and going to the moon. Do you want to do it'?. And four months is not a long time to change your mission." former OASA Apollo 8 astronaut Henry Scott said.

"Lots of things happened on Apollo 8 that were, you know, unplanned." former OASA Apollo 8 astronaut Douglas Campbell said.

"Since this was the first flight on the Saturn 5, first flight to the moon, first of a lot of things, it was a pretty risky flight." former OASA Apollo 8 astronaut Clint Hughes said.

"Our primary mission was to go to the moon, circle it 10 times, and come home alive." Henry Scott said.

Scott, Campbell and Hughes will fly the most powerful rocket ever- the Saturn 5. At 363 feet, it's the size of a 35-story office building and carries a million gallons of rocket fuel. It's been flown only twice and never with men sitting on top, but no other rocket can launch a manned spaceship beyond the bounds of Earth orbit.

December 21, 1968- Launchday of Apollo 8.

"The night before the launch, Saturn 5 was out there with floodlights on it, and somebody had a bad taste of telling it was like a two-kiloton nuclear explosion if it blew up. So, we just hoped it wouldn't blow up." Clint Hughes said.

"This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control at 2 hours, 20 minutes and counting. Countdown still going very satisfactory at this time. We expect that astronauts Henry Scott, Douglas Campbell, and Clint Hughes will be coming out in a matter of a few minutes. We appear to have a beautiful morning here for a flight to the moon, and we're also synchronizing the clocks in the spacecraft with the mission control center in Shannon, Cinaloa." a OASA public relations commentator said.

"I remember going into mission control. The sound. The smell. The stale pizza and the old cookies and the burnt coffee. You can pick up the hum of the room. Very shortly, we're going to launch this mission." George Wolfe said.

"We were driven down to the Saturn 5. We were the only people, except for a couple of nervous people, that were near the vehicle. It had on board around 5 million pounds of high explosives. And of course, there's an old, old joke about, how does it feel to sit on top of a vehicle that was built by the lowest bidder?" Douglas Campbell said with a nervous chuckle.

"This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control. T-minus 16 minutes and counting." a OASA public relations commentator said.

"I had decided that there was about a one-third chance that the flight would be totally successful. Then I thought there was a one-third chance that it wouldn't make it back." Clint Hughes said.

"The mission was more important than anything. It was more important than our lives, than out families. That's what we were there for. We were killed more times in simulation than you can shake a stick at." Henry Scott said.

"T-minus 90 seconds and counting." a OASA public relations commentator said.

"It was very, very cold. We sat in there and shivered and froze." Henry Scott said.

"50 seconds and counting. We have the power transfer. We're now on the flight batteries within the launch vehicle. 45 seconds..." a OASA public relations commentator said.

"You could see up a little bit. We were flat on our backs. And I recall that circling over the spacecraft were a couple of seagulls. I've wondered what happened to those seagulls. They must have been the most surprised birds in the world when that thing lit up." Henry Scott said.

"T-minus 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9... We have ignition sequence start." a OASA public relations commentator said as the massive Saturn 5's engine ignited, shooting a large flame. "The engines are on. 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. We have commence."

"Liftoff. The clock is running." Henry Scott reported.

The massive Saturn 5 rocket lifts off into the blue sky, it's 7 1/2 million pounds of thrust shooting out of the five F-1 engines on the first stage.

"The sideways shaking was unbelievable. The vibration was so intense. You couldn't see the instrument panel." Clint Hughes said.

"We have cleared the tower." a OASA public relations commentator said.

"Roll program!" Henry Scott reported.

"I thought we'd had it, yeah, during the launch." Clint Hughes said.

"Pad's clear." a OASA launch controller said.

"I was hoping that Henry Scott didn't have his hand on the abort control. He said he took his hand off, that he'd rather die than make a false abort." Clint Hughes said.

One minute after liftoff, the Saturn 5 is already supersonic.

"Well, the Saturn 5 is still the most powerful machine that man has ever devised. 20 tons of fuel a second. 7 1/2 million pounds of thrust. I think we were all surprised at how strong that thing was. It had two or three iffy missions before ours, but it was a piece of cake. It just worked beautifully. Unbelievable." Henry Scott said.

Five engines in the stage blast the Saturn 5 to seven times the speed of sound.

"The second stage cut in, Big bang." Clint Hughes said.

At 40 miles high, it's still accelerating.

"When you staged, you were thrown forward in the belts and then backward in the belts." Henry Scott said.

"And I thought I was being catapulted through the instrument panel." Clint Hughes said.

"And the thrust looks good. All engines, all sources show that the stage is burning perfectly." a OASA public relations commentator said.

The third stage fires twice, first, the boost into orbit. The second burn takes the crew of Apollo 8 where no men have ever been- deep space.

"There was no way that the Earth's gravity could hold us back any longer. So we were on our way." Clint Hughes said.

"We could see the Earth. And we could actually see the Earth shrink. It was quite a sensation." Douglas Campbell said.

"That was a very exciting ride on that big Saturn, but it worked perfectly." Clint Hughes said.

"Our good commander, Henry Scott, had a little problem." Douglas Campbell said.

"I got nauseous on the way to the moon." Henry Scott said.

"I won't go into biological details, but basically it was a mess in the spacecraft." Clint Hughes said.

"But of course we didn't want to abort the mission. That was the one thing we didn't want to do." Douglas Campbell said.

"That created an enormous controversy back on Earth. The doctors had an opportunity to say, 'Maybe we need to recall the mission', and all that baloney." Henry Scott said.

"There wasn't anything we could do about it, anyway. We were gonna go to the moon whether he was sick or not. Pretty soon, you know, we just, 'Well, what's for dinner?'. You know?" Clint Hughes said with a chuckle.

Apollo 8 hurtles through space faster than any humans have ever traveled on a nonstop flight to the moon, a quarter-million miles away.

"Each flight was like a big open house, and all the wives and all the husbands and what have you. Joseph Clark came over, and I asked him, I said, 'You know, are you as confident as Henry is about getting back?'." Alexis Scott, wife of Henry Scott, said.

"It was a risk. We know nothing is certain. And particularly in space flight, is anything certain?" Joseph Clark said.

"He thought for a minute and said, 'You know, Alexis, I think we've got a good 50/50 chance of getting them back'. And I said, 'Oh, thank you! 'Cause that's a lot better than what I was thinking'." Alexis Scott said with a chuckle.

Apollo 8 is shooting blindly for the moon. Computers calculate their trajectory. If the numbers are off by even a little, they'll either crash into the lunar surface or miss the moon completely and just keep going.

"Apollo 8, Shannon. One minute to L.O.S.. All systems go." a OASA CAPCOM mission controller said.

"This was one of the more exciting parts of the flight because we knew that if we lost radio communication when we were masked by the moon when we were supposed to on the flight plan, we were exactly on trajectory." Henry Scott said.

"All right. Roger. Going Command reset, tape recorder forward, low bit rate." Henry Scott said.

"We were upside down and backwards in complete darkness." Henry Scott said.

"The biggest thing on our minds, were we gonna hit the moon?" Clint Hughes said.

"Ah Roger, safe journey guys." a OASA CAPCOM mission controller said.

"Thanks a lot troops. We'll see you on the other side." Clint Hughes said.

"And at the exact millisecond we were supposed to lose the radio, we lost it. You stop to think, going 240,000 miles and then aiming for a point 60 miles above the surface... But I think we came out within a mile and a half of where we were supposed to be." Henry Scott said.

"And I looked out, and I could see there were stars everywhere except this big, black hole. It was blacker than pitch. And that was the moon, and it made the hair stand up on my neck." Clint Hughes said.

"It looked like a mess. It had all kinds of meteor craters and volcanoes, and it looked very, very unfriendly." Henry Scott said.

".5 by 60.5." Douglas Campbell said.

For the first time in human history, men look upon the far side of the moon with their own eyes. They're just 70 miles away.

"Good to hear your voice." a OASA CAPCOM mission controller said.

"Well, it was on, I don't know, sixth of eighth revolution, we looked up." Henry Scott said.

"And that's when, when we came into sunlight, we were all totally amazed by the Earthrise. A beautiful sight. There was a big scramble for cameras. Everybody started snapping away. Fortunately for me, I had a color film and a long lens." Clint Hughes said.

"Every newspaper, every print magazine, I think it's been on everything. And true, it is probably one of the greatest photographs of that century, seeing the Earth as it really is." Douglas Campbell said.

"It's tiny out there. It's inconsequential. It was ironic that we had come to study the moon and was really discovering the Earth." Clint Hughes said.

"For all the people back on Earth, the crew of Apollo 8 has a message that we would like to send to you..." Clint Hughes said.

"Just prior to Christmas Eve, we read from the first few verses of the Book of Genesis." Clint Hughes said.

"In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep." Clint Hughes said, reading the Book of Genesis on the Holy Bible.

"It wasn't just Scott, Hughes and Campbell. It was representative of mankind stepping away from their home planet for the first time." Clint Hughes said.

"And God said, 'Let there be light: and there was light." Clint Hughes said.

"The words were so beautiful. Christmas. The moon. They were so far away. Overwhelming. Everybody cried." Olivia Hughes, wife of Clint Hughes, said with a chuckle.

"And God bless all of you, all of you on the good Earth." Clint Hughes said.

"The most apprehensive moment I have ever spent in mission control was the disappearance of that vehicle around the moon on Apollo 8 for the 10th time, to fire those rockets to come back to the Earth. That was the most apprehensive time of my life." Joseph Clark said.

Apollo 8 orbits the moon for 20 hours. One final critical burn will lift them out of lunar orbit and blast the command module on a path to intersect the Earth.

"Had that rocket not fired, I'd still be orbiting the moon. Forever. And I really didn't want to do that." Henry Scott said.

"That burn out of lunar orbit was one of the biggies. A bunch of the girls were sitting there, and it was pretty quiet." Alexis Scott said with a chuckle.

"And I was extremely apprehensive. They could go anywhere. They could be off, going into deep space. Could have hit the surface of the moon. Anything. Oh, the vehicle itself could have blown up, and we wouldn't have known anything about it." Joseph Clark said.

"You light your rocket. You do it behind the moon to give you enough velocity to escape lunar gravity. And then the Earth's gravity takes over, and you continually accelerate. You fall back to the Earth." Henry Scott said.

On their return journey, the heat shield will hit the Earth's atmosphere at record speed. And another OASA first- a dawn splashdown.

"By the time you approach the Earth's atmosphere, you're going 25,000 miles an hour again. It's a pretty exciting time." Henry Scott said.

"Things started getting pink, and then red, and then orange and then yellow. There's fire all around the spacecraft. 6000-degrees centigrade. I kept thinking for sure there was a hole being burned in the bottom of the spacecraft." Clint Hughes said.

"You dig into the Earth's atmosphere a little bit and then come back out to relieve the heat load, then roll over 180 degrees and go back in. It gets like a roller coaster. Then finally you go slow enough that you're dropping straight down." Henry Scott said.

"We hit the water quite hard. So here we were, conquering heroes from the moon, hanging in our straps with all the trash in the spacecraft raining down on our faces." Clint Hughes said.

"We were floating in the Spring Sea in the pitch dark in a rough sea. I got seasick and threw up all over Hughes and Campbell. So that was the humble end to a great mission." Henry Scott said.

The achievements of Apollo 8 can't be overstated. It paves the way for every Apollo mission to follow. But just circling the moon isn't enough. OASA still needs a spacecraft that can land on the lunar surface.

"We couldn't go to the moon until we figured out if the lunar module's gonna work or not. That was our job." former OASA Apollo 9 astronaut Douglas McKnight said.

"We want to develop techniques that we're gonna have to use around the moon and we're gonna take the first shot at them here around the Earth." Douglas McKnight said.

"Whenever I saw a model of the lunar module, it had these rigid sides and really looked strong. Turns out that the external portions of the lunar module are made up of Mylar and cellophane and is put together with Scotch tape and staples. We had to have pads on the floor 'cause if you dropped a screwdriver, it would go right through the floor. Holy Christmas. And we're gonna try to fly this thing? We had a test rig at OASA Redmill held up by a cable that represented five-sixth gravity, so we had one-sixth gravity in the spacecraft. We flew that for a while, and then we had a thing called LLTV." Douglas McKnight said.

"LLTV is the ugliest-looking contraption in the world. It was not an exact simulation of the lunar module. It didn't simulate the cockpit, but it was your own fanny hanging out there. In a simulator- 'Stop. You just crashed. Let's go talk about it'. In the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle, the LLTV, you either landed it, or you ejected or you killed yourself. We started out with four of these things. They were very unstable, and three of the four crashed. Three people ejected, including Daniel Johnson during his training process." Randy Morris said.

"When Johnson ejected from the LLTV, he ejected nearly horizontal. Have you ever seen pictures of him doing- Yeah. Scary, isn't it? Every flight we flew leading up to Apollo 11 was absolutely essential." Douglas McKnight said.

"Liftoff. We have liftoff at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time." a OASA public relations commentator said as a Saturn 5 rocket lifts off, carrying the Apollo 9 spacecraft and the lunar module, callsign Spider.

March 3, 1969- Apollo 9. Steve Washington, Patrick Harrison, and Douglas McKnight. Their mission- test-fly the lunar module, the LEM, in Earth orbit.

"Apollo 9, you are go all the way. Everything looks good." a OASA CAPCOM mission controller said.

"9 was the first time we ever put two crewmen in a spacecraft that couldn't reenter into the Earth's atmosphere." George Wolfe said.

"And, Apollo 9, at 5 minutes, everybody is as happy as a claim here. Looking good." a OASA CAPCOM mission controller said.

"The command module is sort of divided into two environments, one where you're lying on your back, looking at an instrument panel up here. And then the navigation station. And you can stand up, move around down there. So they were really two different things. And then when you wanted to go into the lunar module, the lunar module's upside down. So you got to turn back around. It was the first flight where we had all these things together." Douglas McKnight said.

The LEM is the last essential piece in the Apollo fight plan; a spacecraft that can land on the moon, then rendezvous and dock with the command module in lunar orbit.

"Flying the lunar module for the first time was a real challenge." Douglas McKnight said.

"3, 2, 1. Liftoff." Patrick Harrison said as the LEM Spider separates from the command module, callsign Gumdrop.

"All test pilots like to be a guy who flies the first flight of any vehicle." Douglas McKnight said.

"That's a nice looking machine." Steve Washington said.

"So is yours." Patrick Harrison said.

"I'm sure it was in Patrick's mind, and I know darn well it was in my mind, we better get back to this place or we're gonna be toast. I really mean toast." Douglas McKnight said.

"Spider- Gumdrop. I can see jet fire a clear as a bell." Douglas McKnight said.

"Roger. I'd like there to be light down there." Steve Washington said.

"OK, we're 5 feet per second, about 610 feet." Douglas McKnight said.

More than 17,000 miles an hour in a machine so fragile a few grains of sand rushing through space could tear it up.

"Upside down again." Patrick Harrison said.

"Yeah, I'm thinking one of us isn't right side up." Douglas McKnight said.

"The interesting thing about the lunar module is that you fly it standing up. All the gauges, the panels, were set up so we could stand up. And the reason for that was you get a lot better view trying to land out the front if you can see up close to the window." Douglas McKnight said.

"How does that sports car handle Doug?" Steve Washington said.

"Very nice." Douglas McKnight replied.

"Fired the engine, moved away." Douglas McKnight said.

"Hey, Steve, we're at 49 miles and we can still see you." Douglas McKnight said.

"We went out, staged. We blew the descent stage off. Then we lit the ascent stage. it worked fine and we maneuvered on to where we could do the final rendezvous." Douglas McKnight said.

"Now you're coming in. There you go. I think you've got a handle on it now. Good show Spider." Steve Washington said.

"Worked just like it was planned." Douglas McKnight said.

"Hey, Shannon, we're locked in." Douglas McKnight said.

The LEM can fly... at least around the Earth.

May 18, 1969- With only nine months before the end of the decade, there is one final test before OASA can attempt to land on the moon.

"You know, Apollo 10 was only the second flight of the lunar module ever and we were gonna take it to the moon." Randy Morris said.

"The Apollo 10 was a total dress rehearsal for the first lunar landing, with the exception of the landing itself." George Wolfe said.

"Apollo 10. You can tell the world that we have arrived." Randy Morris said.

Apollo 10, Jason Peterson, William Fenton, and lunar module pilot Randy Morris.

"And we were gonna separate from the command module and go down over the landing site about 47,000 feet a couple times and re-rendezvous. So it was somewhat of a hairy mission. But, you know, that's what we were there for.

"Charlie Brown, Shannon, over." a OASA CAPCOM mission controller said.

"Roger read you loud and clear. Snoopy is go for DOI." William Fenton said.

"Our target was to cross the landing site for Apollo 11 at about 47,000 feet. Man, we came scooting in going, what, 3,000 miles an hour over the- At 47,000 feet, you are really, really hauling the mail at that point in time. I almost felt like I had to pick up my feet to keep them from dragging on the top of those mountaintops. I mean, we really came in low and fast." Randy Morris said.

"Shannon, Shannon, this is Snoopy." Jason Peterson said.

"Roger Snoop, go ahead." a OASA CAPCOM mission controller said.

"It's go and we are down among 'em Charlie." Jason Peterson said.

"Roger, hey you're weaving your way up the freeway, can you give me a post burn report, over?" a OASA CAPCOM mission controller said.

"Being the first or second man on the moon wasn't important to me at that point in time, but landing on the moon was. What an opportunity. What a challenge. Well, we came close, and we didn't land. And Apollo 10, I think a lot of people thought about the kind of people we were and, you know. 'Don't give those guys an opportunity to land, 'cause they might'. So the ascent module, the part we lifted off the lunar surface with, was short-fueled. The fuel tanks weren't full. So had we literally tried to land on the moon, we never could have gotten off." Randy Morris said.

"Hey, Josh, we're about ready to dock." Jason Peterson said.

"Roger that." a OASA CAPCOM mission controller said.

"So we did everything except- You know, I tell Daniel I painted a white line in the sky so he wouldn't get lost, and that's about what we did, and they were able to concentrate pretty much on the descent itself, which, you know, turned out to be, obviously, a pretty big challenge for them." Randy Morris said.

With the success of Apollo 10, OASA is ready to land the next mission on the moon. The crew training for Apollo 11 are all veterans of spaceflight from the Gemini program. Daniel Johnson is mission commander. Marcus Winters, command module pilot, and Rob Griffin, lunar module pilot. They're training for the mission of a lifetime.

"Apollo 7, 8, 9, and 10 had all done a great job. Each flight achieved all it's important objectives, giving Apollo 11 all the information that was needed to try a descent to the lunar surface." former OASA Apollo 11 astronaut Daniel Johnson said.

"Daniel Johnson was what I'd say the quiet type. He was very focused. He was obviously the commander. You could look at him, knew he was the guy in charge. Rob Griffin was absolutely a whiz in the operation of the computer. I think he knew what was going on inside the machine. He understood the beauty, the complexity. Marcus Winters, the guy that you wanted in case you ran into problems. Extremely competent in his judgement. Training for Apollo 11 is extremely intensive. You have the training for all of the launch phase and all the aborts that may occur. You had the training for what you were going to do on the surface of the moon, the extravehicular operation. Every phase of the mission." George Wolfe said.

Only Johnson and Griffin will walk on the moon. But mission planners are giving them plenty to do when they get there.

"We were all going through geology training. And frankly, it was a real eye-opener to me. But somehow it just seemed a little make-believe for us to be geologists for that brief period of time. So I felt some of the training that we did was... Not really a charade, it was more put on for show for the cameras and the people watching. And, 'Yeah, we'll go through these exercises'. I guess that is a little bit the way I looked at it." former OASA Apollo 11 astronaut Rob Griffin said.

The public's appetite for the new celebrities of space is insatiable and exhausting.

"About two weeks before launch, you're in your almost fine count. You're getting ready for the flight-readiness review, and we have an enormous stack of checklists and procedures and flight plans that we go through. What you want to do is you want to get away from it all and then start going through your own personal preparation, your countdown, your last few simulations. So it's really essential to find some quiet time." George Wolfe said.

July 16, 1969- Eight years, one month, and 22 days after Charles Mitchell challenged Osea to land a man on the moon, Johnson, Griffin, and Winters are ready to fly.

"The astronauts then sat down to breakfast. They had a menu of filet mignon, scrambled eggs, toast, coffee, and tea. This is Apollo Launch Control. We're still aiming toward our planned liftoff at the start of the lunar window, 9:32 a.m. Pacific Daylight." a OASA public relations commentator said.

"All the flights sort of can be looked at as a dangerous endeavor. You're flying machines, and machines break. Nobody, you know, wrung their hands about, 'Oh, my God, Why am I doing this? Look at this. All these things can go wrong, and this thing can break. It's crazy. Let's don't do it'. But everybody's standing in line. 'Let's go. If you don't want to go, I'll go'. former OASA mission control CAPCOM Dave Parker said.

"This is Apollo Launch Control. T-minus 3 hours, 4 minutes, 32 seconds and counting. Right on time as far as the astronaut countdown is concerned, The prime crew now departing from their crew quarters here at the Basset Space Center. The transfer van now departing on the start of its eight-mile trip to the launchpad. Right now our count at three hours, three minutes and counting." a OASA public relations commentator said.

"Well, my position in the launch was gonna be in the center with Daniel on the left in the commander's position and Marcus Winters on the right. But that meant that I would be the last one to be put into the spacecraft." Rob Griffin Said.

"Astronaut Robert Griffin will stand by in the elevator, seated in a chair, while his two comrades first board the spacecraft." a OASA public relations commentator said.

"So I had my little air-conditioning unit all by myself. I could look out and see the sun beginning to come up. And I could sort of see the evidence of people out there gathered to watch. I could see them, and they couldn't quite see me, I guess." Rob Griffin said.

"Once Johnson and Winters are aboard, then Griffin will be called, and he will take the middle seat in the spacecraft." a OASA public relations commentator said.

"This was a lonely situation. Here I am on the outside of this rocket. We're gonna be on the inside pretty soon, and we're not gonna see the outside again anymore if things go right." Rob Griffin said.

"This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control. We've passed the 6 minute mark in our countdown for Apollo 11, the flight to land the first men on the moon. The swingarm now coming back as our countdown continues. Firing command coming in now. We're on an automatic sequence as the master computer supervises hundreds of events occurring over these last few minutes." a OASA public relations commentator said as he continues providing the countdown. "T-minus 15 seconds. Guidance is internal. 12, 11, 10, 9... ignition sequence start. 6..." a OASA public relations commentator said.

The Saturn 5 rocket ignited before it lifts off into the blue sky, carrying the Apollo 11 spacecraft and the LEM, callsign Eagle, as the mission will make history by attempting to land the first humans on the moon. The Osean citizens cheering on as the massive rockets continues to ascend and eventually blast out of Earth orbit.

Once the spacecraft rockets out of Earth orbit, the moon is a three day journey.

"The crew is the tip of the iceberg. In Apollo 11, there were 400,000 people underneath that all had to do their job or we weren't gonna make it, and I think every crew realized that. It was a team effort of OASA that got us to the moon." Dave Parker said.

"These are probably the finest systems engineers in the world. They're all young. Average age was 26. I was the oldest guy that day. I was 36." George Wolfe said. "'Okay guys, it's time to get down to business. We're about ready to land a man on the moon'. And I start talking to them because I feel compelled to talk. I was probably the most emotional of the flight directors. 'From the day of our birth, we were meant for this time and place. And today, we will land an Osean on the moon. Whatever happens here today, I will stand behind every decision you will make. We came into this room as a team, and we will leave as a team'. Then I tell my ground controller to lock the control room doors. And from now on, no person will leave or enter this room until we have either landed, we have crashed, or we have aborted. Those are the only three outcomes from this time on."

"The first thing, obviously, that we're gonna have to do is to undock from he command module." Rob Griffin said.

"Roger, how does it look?" Marcus Winters asked.

"The Eagle has wings." Daniel Johnson said.

"And then we rotated around so that Marcus could sort of make a quick check of our landing gear." Rob Griffin said.

"Listen, Josh, everything is going just swimmingly, beautiful." Marcus Winters said.

"Then the first thing we need to do is to establish communication with the Earth." Rob Griffin said.

"Shannon-Eagle. How do you read?" Rob Griffin asked.

"Five-by Eagle. We're standing by for your burn report, Over." Dave Parker replied.

"Roger. The burn was on time." Rob Griffin said.

"Tempo in the room picks up right as we acquire spacecraft telemetry, and we immediately got problems." George Wolfe said.

"'X' and 'Z' nulled..." Rob Griffin said.

"We got communications problems you cannot believe." George Wolfe said.

"Columbia-Shannon, we've lost all data with Eagle. Please have him reacquire on the high gain. Over." Dave Parker said.

"We couldn't communicate with the lunar module. Marcus Winters could because he could see them. He could point his antennas at them and talk to them. So what we would do is we would say, 'Marcus, have the crew select a different antenna'." George Wolfe said.

"Shannon, we've lost them. Tell them to aft Omni. Over." Dave Parker said.

"Take Omni Bravo or Omni Delta. Will you roll the spacecraft a little bit for us? He'd roll the spacecraft, we'd get data." George Wolfe said.

"Eagle-Shannon. We recommend you yaw 10 right. It will help us on the high-gain signal strength. Over." Dave Parker said.

"Yeah, you should have him now, Shannon." Marcus Winters said.

"Eagle, we got you now. It's looking good. Over." Dave Parker said.

"And at descent minus 5 minutes, I give the go for a power descent." George Wolfe said.

"Go. You're a go to continue powered descent. You're a go to continue powered descent." Dave Parker said.

"The descent was very tricky business. Our plan was to start at about 50,000 feet altitude, 3,000 miles per hour, to use one continuous rocket burn to decelerate to a hover in the landing area." Daniel Johnson said.

"Eagle-Shannon. Everything's looking good here. Over." Dave Parker said.

"Throttle up, and I get confirmed throttle up. And telemetry drops out again, and I'm back in this ground role. Do I have enough information to continue the descent or not?" George Wolfe said.

"All flight controllers, gonna go for landing. RETRO." George Wolfe asked.














"CAPCOM, we're go for landing."

"Shannon, you're a go for landing over."

"Program alarm." Daniel Johnson reported.

"And about that time, we got a computer alarm of 1202." Rob Griffin said.

"1202." Daniel Johnson reported.

"The computer was giving us trouble." Daniel Johnson said.

"It was a big attention-getter. My first thought, 'Oh, no. We've lost it. We're not gonna make it'." Dave Parker said.

"All we had was 1202, which is kind of disconcerting. You lose information, plus you've got an alarm, and you don't really know what it is." Rob Griffin said.

"Give us the reading on the 1202 program alarm." Daniel Johnson said.

"I was reaching for my checklist to turn to this program alarm when the guidance guy, James Cole, said, 'We're go, Flight, on that alarm'. George took his word. You know, 'Okay, we're go'. He didn't ask for an explanation. We're go." Dave Parker said.

"Roger, we got you, we're go on that alarm." Dave Parker said.

"Now the landing radar can begin to pick up range and velocity of the ground beneath us, and it compares that with what the computer thinks it ought to be., and there's a big difference." Rob Griffin said.

"Our position down range seems to be a little long." Rob Griffin said.

"Roger." Dave Parker said.

"1201." Daniel Johnson said.

"Well, this is extremely serious. Is the computer breaking? Is it telling us it's not functioning right?" Dave Parker said.

"1201." Daniel Johnson reported.

"Roger. 1201 alarm." Dave Parker said.

"What is the alarm telling us?" Dave Parker asked.

"We're go. Same type. We're go." James Cole said.

"Same type. It was a different number, but same type. He said, 'Same type, Flight. We're go'." Dave Parker said.

"47 degrees. Roger." Rob Griffin said.

"The computer was so busy, and it couldn't get all the jobs done. So it was dropping off these other little jobs down on the end and not doing them, which were jobs that weren't really that critical." Dave Parker said.

Just as Mission Control decides to ignore the computer alarms, the LEM sends another strange signal.

"47 degrees." Daniel Johnson said.

"We just saw this strange trajectory that we'd never seen in training." Dave Parker said.

"300 feet, down 3 1/2. 47 forward." Rob Griffin said.

"He went down to about 400 feet, stopped his descent, and leveled off and started flying horizontally across the moon. He didn't tell us, but out the window what they were seeing was a big boulder field." Dave Parker said.

"Our computer was steering us toward football stadium-sized craters surrounded by steep slopes and covered with very large boulders." Daniel Johnson said.

"250 down at 2 1/2. 19 forward. Altitude, velocity light." Robert Griffin said.

"Daniel had the one thing we did not have. He had the out-the-window view." George Wolfe said.

"16 forward." Rob Griffin said.

"He knew whether he was over a safe place to land or over a boulder field. My job was to tell him how much fuel he had. And when it had zero, that was our best knowledge. We had zero." George Wolfe said.

"5 1/2 down. 9 forward." Rob Griffin said.

"The fuel states were falling, and we were getting close to what was gonna be an abort situation." Dave Parker said.

"100 feet, 3 1/2 down. 9 forward." Rob Griffin said.

"When we got to about 100 feet, the low-level light came on, and Dave Parker gave us a call of 60 seconds." Rob Griffin said.

"Simple call, 'Eagle, 60 seconds'." Dave Parker said.

"60 seconds." Dave Parker called out.

"We better get on the ground pretty soon." Rob Griffin said.

"He had 60 seconds to land, and after that 60 seconds, it would be abort." Dave Parker said.

"Down 2 1/2." Rob Griffin reported.

"I didn't want to disturb Daniel's concentration 'cause I knew he was really working that problem." Rob Griffin said.

"Picking up some dust." Rob Griffin reported as the LEM Eagle started to pick up lunar dust, indicating it's close to the moon's surface.

"And now the crew is kicking up some dust. So we know they're darn close to the surface, but they were scooting pretty fast across it last time we heard." George Wolfe said.

"4 forward, drifting to the right a little." Rob Griffin said.

"We used most of our remaining fuel finding a relatively level and smooth landing spot." Daniel Johnson said.

"10 1/2." Rob Griffin said as the LEM gets closer to the lunar surface.

"30 seconds." Dave Parker called out.

"We had 30 seconds to land. I mean, it was deathly silent, and I don't think he was gonna actually abort. I mean, that wouldn't have been the right stuff." Dave Parker said.

"Contact light. Okay, engine stop. ACA out of detent." Rob Griffin reported as the LEM has successfully landed on the lunar surface for the first time in human history.

"I looked over at him, and he looked over at me, and there was not a great emotion, but there was a smile of satisfaction on both of our faces." Rob Griffin said.

"We shook hands." Daniel Johnson aid with a smile.

"413 is in." Rob Griffin said.

"We copy you're down Eagle." Dave Parker said.

"Shannon uhh... Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed." Daniel Johnson reported, saying the historic quote that will be heard around the world and go down in history. The Osean Federation has landed the first men on the moon.

"Roger, Tranquility. We copy you on the ground. You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We're breathing again. Thanks a lot." Dave Parker jokingly said.

"And you finally can say, 'We just landed on the moon'. We hit the moon with 17 seconds of fuel remaining." George Wolfe said.

"Shannon, this is Daniel. Radio check." Daniel Johnson said.

"Daniel, this is Shannon. Loud and clear." new CAPCOM Tyler Ross said.

Inside the LEM, Daniel Johnson and Rob Griffin suit up for the most remarkable extravehicular activity of all time- the first EVA on the moon, with millions of people around the world watching live.

"Break, break, Rob, this is Shannon. Radio check and to verify TV circuit breaker in." Tyler Ross said.

"We changed shifts. My CAPCOM replacement was Tyler Ross. Tyler came in, and I told him about the status of everything and said, 'Adios', and I went home and turned on my TV, and I watched it with everybody else and my little kids and my wife, and we were home watching the first step on the moon." Dave Parker said.

"I could see the moon, and intellectually, I knew that there were friends of mine on the moon and that I was gonna talk to them and they were gonna go out and walk around. But I couldn't bring myself to believe it because the moon didn't look any different, you know, and surely it should have." Tyler Ross said.

"Okay, Daniel. We can see you coming down the ladder now." Tyler Ross said as Daniel Johnson climbs down the LEM's ladder but remains on the landing gear.

"Very, very fine grained as you get close to it, it's almost like a powder." Daniel Johnson said as he observes the lunar soil.

"The marvel of it all. The miracle of it all. My God, we not only landed on the moon, we're getting ready to go out and walk." George Wolfe said.

"I'm gonna step off the LEM now." Daniel Johnson said as he historically places his foot on the lunar soil. Osean astronaut Daniel Johnson becomes the first man to step foot on the moon. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

"And look at those guys, a bunch of kids seeing something for the first time, and you're pointing at these things. And it's like a, just a joyous ride where you hope that the ride will never end, that you'll never have to get off." George Wolfe said.

"You're gonna get the contingency sample. Okay, that's good." Tyler Ross said as Daniel Johnson sets up the lunar sampler to get a sample of lunar soil.

"As the first priority, they had to take a scoop of lunar soil, put the bag in a pocket in the pressure suit. And that guaranteed that even if something went wrong there or four minutes into the spacewalk that we would have some, you know, sample of lunar material to bring home." Tyler Ross said.

"I'm trying to get a rock in here." Daniel Johnson said as he tries to grab a moon rock.

"Mitchell's challenge was we would land on the moon and we would return safely. Didn't say anything about picking up any rocks. Just said, 'Land on the moon'. But if one of you are gonna land on the moon, you ought to pick up some rocks." Dave Parker said.

"It has a stark beauty all its own. It's like much of the high desert of the Osean Federation. It's different, but it's very pretty out here." Daniel Johnson said.

"Okay, ready for me to come out?" Rob Griffin asked.

"All set." Daniel Johnson replied.

15 minutes later, Rob Griffin is ready to join Johnson on the surface of the moon.

"I could care less who went out first as long as they both got out and got back in safely, 'cause I needed both crewmen inside the spacecraft to accomplish my part of the mission." George Wolfe said with a chuckle.

"There you go." Rob Griffin said.

"For those who haven't read the plaque, we'll read the plaque that's on the front landing gear of this LEM." Daniel Johnson said.

"We had a couple of things to do, and one was to unveil the plaque that was on the landing gear." Rob Griffin said.

"Here, men from the Planet Earth first set foot upon the moon, July 1969 AD. We came in peace for all mankind." Daniel Johnson said.

"'We came in peace for all mankind'. That statement really, to me, was a very symbolic one of not just our mission, but all of the Apollo effort." Rob Griffin said.

"Columbia, this is Shannon. Reading you loud and clear. Over." Tyler Ross called.

Nearly 60 miles above them, Marcus Winters orbits the moon alone in the command module.

"Reading you loud and clear. How's it going?" Marcus Winters asked.

"Roger. The EVA is progressing beautifully. I believe they're setting up the flag now." Tyler Ross replied.

"Great!" Marcus Winters said.

"I guess you're about the only person around that doesn't have TV coverage of the scene." Tyler Ross said.

"That's all right. I don't mind a bit." Marcus Winters said.

"Tell me if you've got a picture, Shannon." Daniel Johnson said as he and Rob Griffins prepares to set up the Osean flag.

"We got a beautiful picture, Daniel." Tyler Ross said.

"The flag was kind of wrapped around the upper pole, and as it unfurled, there was a rod that would snap into position." Rob Griffin said.

"See if you can pull that end." Daniel Johnson said.

"But it didn't do that, and it was sort of bunched in one end, so we had to even it out." Rob Griffin said.

"Straighten that end up a little." Daniel Johnson said.

"And I tell people that all the six flags up there, that clearly ours was the best looking one." Rob Griffin said.

"They've got the flag up now. You can see the white and blue and seven stars on the lunar surface." Tyler Ross said to Marcus Winters.

"Beautiful, just beautiful." Marcus Winters said.

"If you look real close, you can see that I'm saluting the flag. And for a military person, that was indeed a very, very proud moment to be on the moon saluting the Osean flag." Rob Griffin said.

"Beautiful view." Rob Griffin said.

"Isn't that something? Magnificent sight out there." Daniel Johnson as he looks at the surrounds in awe.

"Magnificent desolation." Rob Griffin said.

"Daniel and Rob, the President of the Osean Federation is in his office now and would like to say a few words to you. Over." Tyler Ross said.

"Well, this was kind of the last thing I thought would happen, and I felt like I was a silent, stuttering observer." Rob Griffin said.

"That would be an honor." Daniel Johnson said.

"Go ahead, Mr. President. This is Shannon, out." Tyler Ross said.

"I'm sure that Daniel knew that this might happen." Rob Griffin said.

"Hello, Daniel and Rob. I'm talking to you by telephone from the Oval Room at Bright Hill. And this certainly has to be the most historic telephone call ever made. I just can't tell you how proud we all are of what you've done. For every Osean, this has to be the proudest day of our lives." Osean President Craig Andrews said.

"It was a particular moment that was gonna be very symbolic to people on the ground to have the President talk to the two guys on the moon." Rob Griffin said.

"For one priceless moment in the whole history of man, all the people on this Earth are truly one." President Craig Andrews said.

"I was with Mr. Andrews in Bright Hill. There was some pretty long speech he was supposed to make, and I wrote, 'I think this would be a great mistake. You'd be taking up airtime. You didn't really have a lot to do with this program. You inherited it. You ought to keep it simple and keep it short'. And he did." Henry Scott said.

"And thank you very much and I look forward- All of us look forward to seeing you on the Buzzard on Thursday." President Craig Andrews said.

Johnson and Griffin spend just over two hours exploring the surface of the moon.

"You've got your feet underneath you." Rob Griffin said.

"They climbed back inside, closed the hatch, repressurized the lunar module, and then took a nap, and that was basically the spacewalk. It was a technical tour de force. It went very nicely." Tyler Ross said.

"9, 8, 7, 6, 5. Abort stage, engine-arm, ascent, proceed." Rob Griffin said as the LEM's ascent stage lifts off to begin it's rendezvous to the command module and start the voyage home.

"With the planting of the Osean flag on the moon by Rob and Daniel, Mitchell's political objective was satisfied. Humans, just happened to be Oseans, actually broke free of their own planet. They traveled to another planet and eventually landed on it and explored it." Clint Hughes said.

"The legacy of Apollo is, when a group of people sees a challenge, human beings can accept a challenge and chart a course and do just remarkable things." Rob Griffin said.

"Given a task to do, one that seems impossible, given the desire to do it, humans can accomplish almost anything." Douglas Campbell said.

Apollo 11 returns to Earth a few days later, with the Osean people cheering and waving Osean flags.
When We Left Earth Landing The Eagle (Ace Combat)
The Apollo program  is preparing for the ultimate prize of the Space Race, landing humans on the Moon. But a fire breaks out in the pressurized capsule of Apollo 1, resulting in the deaths of James Evans, Austin Coleman, and Adam Richardson, in 1967. The loss changes everything at OASA. The Apollo astronauts and engineers turn the tragedy into triumph, with the first piloted launch of the formidable Saturn 5 rocket, lifting three astronauts deep into space for the first time. Two missions later, OASA is ready to go to the Moon.

Ace Combat: (c) Project Aces
When We Left Earth: (c) NASA/Discovery Channel. 

BREAKING: After going over this conflicting subject, I have finalized on which Danny Phantom character/OC (Member of Team Phantom) will die in the upcoming DPxMCU story GHOSTLY AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. It is not an easy decision for me, but it has to be done in order to see how will the surviving members will cope with their losses and what will happen in the DPxMCU version of the upcoming Avengers 4 movie (Some of the Avengers are members of Team Phantoms thanks to the events of TUR, but I don;t need to point that out since we know who dies). The deaths will also have a impact on the upcoming DPxMCU story DANI PHANTOM: THE PHANTOM WAR which features :iconallyphantomrush:'s DP Next Generation characters. Also to dully noted, not only some of Team Phantom will fall victim thanks to Thanos, but the ghosts of the Ghost Zone, including my ghost OCs, and other Danny Phantom characters and OCs will also die as well. As seen in the list below. As mentioned before, I will not say who dies. You'll have to find out when the story gets published on November 8, 2018. #DannyPhantom #DaniPhantom #Avengers #GOTG #InfinityWar #DaranakNova #SalzerNova #OCs #PhantomTwins #NovaTwins #DPxMCU #Fanfiction #Crossover #GoGhostAgain

Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom

Danielle Fenton/Dani Phantom

Sam Manson

Tucker Foley

Valerie Gray/Red Huntress

Jazz Fenton

Jack Fenton

Maddie Fenton

Jacob Collins (OC)

Sierra Williams (OC)

Venus DeLisle (OC)




Daranak Xander/Daranak Nova (OC)

Salzer Xander/Salzer Nova (OC)


Archer Ghost

Asgardian Draugrs (OCs)

Baby Face Boyle (blue skinned ghost prisoner)



Box Ghost

Box Lunch (yes, she will finally appear)




Dairy King

Dan Phantom (Trapped in the new and advanced Fenton Thermos)

Dana Phantom (OC/Dani’s evil self and trapped in the new and advanced Fenton Thermos)



Elastica (one of Freakshow’s former ghost slaves)

Ember McLain

Ember’s Ghost Band

Executioner Ghost

Far Frozen Yetis

Fright Knight (though he’s imprisoned in a pumpkin)


Geir (OC/ trapped in the Fenton Thermos)

Ghost Snake

Ghost Wolf

Ghost Writer

Goliath (one of Freakshow’s former ghost slaves)

Grabacr (OC)

Gunne (OC/trapped in the Fenton Thermos)

Halvar (OC)


Johnny 13



Lunch Lady Ghost


Medusa (ghost Medusa)

Midget Ghost (one of Freakshow’s former ghost slaves)

Nicolai Technus


Ofnir (OC)



Pariah Dark (though he’s locked up in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep) 

Penelope Spectra 

Prince Aragon

Princess Dorathea

Rigr (OC)

Sidney Poindexter

Siv (OC)




Tucker Phantom



Vulture Ghosts


Walker’s goons



Youngblood’s assistant


Angela Foley

Abigail Williams (OC/ Sierra’s mother)

Amberline McKnight (OC/Rebecca’s daughter and Ember’s niece)

Antoine Williams (OC/ Sierra’s father)

Damon Gray

Dash Baxter

Derek Denton

Jennifer Collins (OC/ Jacob’s mother)

Jeremy Manson


Lance Thunder

Manfred Bauer

Marcus McKnight (OC/ Rebecca’s husband and Ember's brother-in-law))

Maurice Foley

Mr. Lancer

Pamela Manson

Paulina Sanchez

Principal Ishiyama

Rebecca McKnight (OC/ Ember’s sister)

Star DeLisle

Tiffany Snow

Tommy Mitchell


William McKnight (OC/Rebecca’s son and Ember’s nephew)


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