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It's the Same, Only Different :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 26 6
As I Lay There By Your Side
As I lay there by your side,
Eyes closed tight against the storm;
The tears fall without remorse,
Though I don’t know why and don’t know how.
Faces float throughout my dreams,
Haunting them with persons past;
But there’s no recognizable ache,
Just grief as it strangles me in its hold.
Yet even as I hiccup and sigh,
Shivering against my nightmares and guilt;
Against the dark I feel your arms,
And calm presence against my back.
You held me close and kept me safe,
Wrapped tight in blankets so warm;
You chased away the fears and pain,
And helped me to find my breath.
:iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 6 0
I Wish I Knew
I wish I knew beforehand that the day we’d meet, that midnight arrival as I shakily stepped off the plane and into a whole different world to my own, would be the start of the best time of my life. I wish I had known it hours earlier while my palms became clammy and my heart started pounding, watching the sky open up and swallow the daylight, night chasing away the last strands of hot pink and lavender.
Geez I was so nervous. It seems silly now, of course, but goodness; I had done so well until that last leg, that last hour of suspension in the air. Until I realized just what I was doing, racing across the continent to meet someone who had taken such a big part of my life, and had held it for so very long, and suddenly I worried over first impressions.
Would I be what you hoped, what you expected? Would I be what your parents looked for in a person, a family friend? Or would I end up disappointing you, as a friend and partner, and have this trip be done for nothing.
But seeing th
:iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 1 0
Mature content
Tell Me :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 3 5
Mature content
Gold Winning Moment :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 6 4
Surprise From Across the Pond by Looney-Girl2772 Surprise From Across the Pond :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 1 0 Cassidy Coyote Cosplay - WIP #1 by Looney-Girl2772 Cassidy Coyote Cosplay - WIP #1 :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 6 2 What Are Borders Between Brothers? by Looney-Girl2772 What Are Borders Between Brothers? :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 6 3 Mattie's New Home by Looney-Girl2772 Mattie's New Home :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 4 7 Introducing Mochi!Matt! by Looney-Girl2772 Introducing Mochi!Matt! :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 4 9 -WIP- Desktop Brainiac by Looney-Girl2772 -WIP- Desktop Brainiac :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 13 4 Not Your Average SuperHeroine~ by Looney-Girl2772 Not Your Average SuperHeroine~ :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 4 7 The Boys Are Back~ by Looney-Girl2772 The Boys Are Back~ :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 6 5 Guarding the Flag Standing Free by Looney-Girl2772 Guarding the Flag Standing Free :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 9 11 When Fangirls Spend At Cons Prt4 by Looney-Girl2772 When Fangirls Spend At Cons Prt4 :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 1 0 When Fangirls Spend At Cons Prt3 by Looney-Girl2772 When Fangirls Spend At Cons Prt3 :iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 1 7
Drawings of what I love most: my fandoms! As well as some pictures from my odd, maple-lovin' Canadian life, and some stories and poems that I've written. I've also drawn and written some gifts for people, so go check it all out!

Random Favourites

drifting by The7thLoonatic drifting :iconthe7thloonatic:The7thLoonatic 6 0 Try Again Stamp by kalot3000 Try Again Stamp :iconkalot3000:kalot3000 384 46 Ninja .:stamp:. by Lunar-Rider Ninja .:stamp:. :iconlunar-rider:Lunar-Rider 258 29 HAPPY B-DAY PIMPY by nichan HAPPY B-DAY PIMPY :iconnichan:nichan 57 16
Worthy Of You 3
// ...// means past events
"Finally done"
Oren took a step back to examine his booth, everything was set up perfectly, and his most prized possessions were in the back ready for view from his most wealthy customers.
"I love the black market" Oren sighed before officially opening his shop.
In the back, behind stolen ancient artifacts were several cages, each filled with aliens all stolen from other planets and waiting to be sold, inside one particular
cage was Michelangelo.//
His master wasn't an idiot, in fact he was a very smart Triceration when his temper wasn't getting the best of him, it's just that he was very easy to manipulate, though only he knew of this and took advantage of it.
Taiga smiled up at his master, as he listen to the Triceration talk about what he would do once the Teleportal device was finished, purring when a large clawed hand caressed his thigh.  He pressed closer to the large body.
"I heard you've been to the Big House Taiga"
Taiga didn't even blink,
:iconmoody67:moody67 4 5
TMNT - Raph by Radiant-Grey TMNT - Raph :iconradiant-grey:Radiant-Grey 144 30 Neon Nightriders by Garth2The2ndPower Neon Nightriders :icongarth2the2ndpower:Garth2The2ndPower 115 44 Ninjara and Monalisa by Topsukka Ninjara and Monalisa :icontopsukka:Topsukka 43 25 Anthony Dinozzo by Dynamunique Anthony Dinozzo :icondynamunique:Dynamunique 44 1 Ziva David by Dynamunique Ziva David :icondynamunique:Dynamunique 28 3 TMNT : The Future by saintcosevent TMNT : The Future :iconsaintcosevent:saintcosevent 926 48 Brothers in the wind by saintcosevent Brothers in the wind :iconsaintcosevent:saintcosevent 473 33 I love Vulpix Stamp by LiitTutubi I love Vulpix Stamp :iconliittutubi:LiitTutubi 97 13 Ignoring is Bliss by kevinbolk Ignoring is Bliss :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 251 32 p-chat sketch 04 by Hiso-chan p-chat sketch 04 :iconhiso-chan:Hiso-chan 12 1
Mostly what's in here are my favourite drawings, photos, stories and poems of people who I think are super talented. Hopefully I can get as good as them. 8D


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hey, I'm Looney-Girl2772. I'm a bit of a shrimp, but I make up for it in heart! :D

I'm a yaoi/yuri fan so yes, it will leak into my favourites and gallery quite a bit. I'm also a turtlecest fan, but my gallery is divided into sections for those who don't want to see or read it. Nonetheless, I'll still love you all the same if you don't. :huggle:

I'm in LOVE with the relationships within Hetalia, especially familial and friendly bonds, and even more so if they are historically correct (haha, history buff here, so historical Hetalia is my weakspot. :heart:) That said, FACE is amazing as a family group, and AmeCan and FrUK are my OTPs. Although, I also have a weak spot for:
:bulletred: RusAme
:bulletred: Spamano
:bulletred: GerIta
:bulletred: Germancest
:bulletred: GerUK
:bulletred: RomaCan
:bulletred: PrUK
:bulletred: SpUK
:bulletred: BTTxUK
:bulletred: FrUS
:bulletred: MapleTea
:bulletred: RomaUK
England, as much as I love him, is my 'pair with everyone' guy. Same with Canada; I'm good with anyone paired with him. I'm not that big of a fan of JapanEngland, AmericaJapan, Franada, and USUK, which is weird seeing as FACE foursomes don't really seem to phase me with the same problem. I dunno, it's just odd (not to say that I still won't be pals with you if you're a fan of the opposite! <3).

I'm also trying my hand at cosplaying, but I'm not the best at it, so please be a bit patient. It comes with practice, I hear, like all good things do. :)

Personally, I'd rather listen to both sides of the story before making a verdict. :nod: This way it's easier to get an idea of what's happening, and why there's a problem.

Everyone is considered equal in my eyes, so please no bashing. I know that many people say that respect is earned, not given, but I am a civil person and I will give you the respect I believe everyone is entitled to. Screw that up or disrespect me, and you will need to earn it back. It's that simple; while fun and games are entertaining, just remember to play nice and play fair.

♂ + ♂ = ♥
♂ + ♀ = ♥
♀ + ♀ = ♥
Gay, lesbian, straight, interracial, human/robot, bisexual, pansexual, anything--
Love is love, no matter the form.
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Wow, I haven't really been on here in ages... ^^;

Hey guys, sorry about the, um... long and seemingly abrupt absence I keep having from here. I keep meaning to get back and post stuff but I always forget. :XD: Truthfully, there's not much that I've been working on lately. No poems or art or stories, anything. I barely want to do the homework for my classes, getting distracted by Youtube and Tumblr and fanfiction and other things. But I'll keep hoping I'll come back here eventually; I miss this place and the memories it has. :) :heart:

That said, here's a bit of an update on my life. This weekend's been absolutely fantastic and full of adrenaline what with Canada beating the US in Women's Hockey for the gold and coming home for reading break this past Thursday afternoon. I've got a little over a week off so I came back to my hometown via my mother's rickety old van. She brought my close friend from Elementary School with her, one who just came back from her trip across Canada, so we all had a good time catching up (mostly on her pregnancy), shopping, and having dinner on the way home.

Then yesterday, against all odds and signs that it wouldn't be happening for weeks still, the same friend who I had spent time with on Thursday texted my mother and I right after the Men's Hockey semifinals (Canada vs. America; which we won~ :excited:) saying that she was in labour. So we dropped everything and drove her and the father to the hospital just in time since an hour and a half later, little Kendall Dawn was born. :love: And I became an Aunt! :D So, for the last two days, my mother, Mike, and I have been running around trying to get things ready for her and the baby to come home. And I have to admit, while I'm not a big fan of kids, seeing how tiny Kendall is and how happy her parents are to have her is making me rather excited for whatever future plans may come my way. :meow:

Now I'm going to sleep early so that I can wake up at 4am for the Sweden vs. Canada gold medal hockey game tomorrow morning. :XD: 

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