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Art related

- Are you doing...?
Commissions: depends on the time I have, and what the commission is about. You can ask me, but it's not guaranteed that I actually say yes.
Trades: Only with friends and people I find especially awesome.
Requests: No.

- Can I use your work...?
For reference: Yes, if you credit me and send me a link.
For tracing: No.
For recolors: No.
As stock: No.
For blog layouts/Profile pictures (on any site): No.
For commercial use: No.

- What are your drawing tools?
All The Little Treasures by Loonaki I think there should be all listed there.

- What paper do you use?
Watercolor: Canson Montval cold pressed 200g/m², Copic/colored pencils: very smooth, thick paper (There is nothing written on the packaging, so I can't tell you which EXACT paper I use, sorry), Sketching: printer paper, average sketchbook paper, Moleskine sketchbook paper

- What scanner do you have?
Plustek OpticPro ST48 (almost ancient...)

- Which program do you use for editing scans/photos?
Photoshop 7

- What is masking fluid and how do you use it?
Masking fluid is a liquid that you can cover up spots of your painting with that you don't want to be affected by color. You paint it on with a brush (use an old one, because masking fluid destroys the bristles), then it dries to a thin rubber coat. You can now paint over it, without the watercolor affecting the paper underneath the masking fluid. To get it off again, carefully rub it off with a pen-eraser or your fingertip. If you put masking fluid over a spot that is already colored it depends on the colors and the paper you use whether or not it will damage the color or paper.
The masking fluid I use is from Schmincke.
Here is a video of me showing how to use masking fluid. www.youtube.com/watch?v=P00X3n… (There are lots of other helpful tutorials about masking fluid on YouTube too)

- What did you paint/draw this (insert picture here) with?
I'm gonna try and always write in the artsists description what I used (and update all my older deviations, just give me a little time for that)

- How do you make the watercolor effects?
Watercolor Tutorial by Loonaki See my watercolor tutorial for that

- How do you draw (insert body part here)?
I already made a few step-by-steps on how I draw certain things (and I will make more eventually):
Eyes: How Loonaki Draws Eyes by Loonaki Girl faces: How Loonaki Draws Girls Faces by Loonaki Girl bodies: How Loonaki Draws Girls Bodies by Loonaki Poses: How Loonaki Draws Poses by Loonaki

- How do you edit your drawings with photoshop?
I scan my paintings, the scanner settings are chosen so that the outcome is a little grey-ish and the contrast isn't really high. Then (in Photoshop) I look for a spot in the picture where the original painting is white. There I use the eraser tool (or brush tool, doesn't matter) and make a little white dot, so I see how white the grey has to get to REALLY be white on the screen later. From there I start with adjusting lightness and contrast, always keeping an eye on the erased spot. When I don't see it anymore, all the grey is now white. Then I just adjust some of the colors, making them brighter or less bright. And that's about it.

- How do you remove your backgrounds when you post a traditional drawing?
example: Froschkoenigin by Loonaki
I scan the pictures normally, then I set them in Photoshop from being "background" to a layer. Then I erase all the background parts I don't want to have in the picture. I save the file as PNG, and when I upload it, it has no background.

- How do you add texture to a drawing?
I usually put the texture layer on multiply and then make a mask and mask the parts I don't want texture on, or erase the texture that I don't want. That's about it.

- How do you make gifs?
Since I don't have a video camera I use continuous shooting on a normal camera and make a few photos. Or when I make a drawing-gif, I scan the picture after each drawing step and get the pictures from there. Then I open them all in Photoshop and drag them into one file to make them layers. Then I jump to Image Ready and make as many frames as I need and set the visibility of the single layers in a way that every frame shows a different photo/drawing-step, in the right order.

- What is your advice on making good linearts?
Use different sizes of liners.
Use lineweight.
Take your time.

- How do you improve as an artist?
I improve by
- practicing as much as possible !
- trying to challenge myself with new techniques
- reading other artists tutorials and tips
- sucking in every inspiration I can get
- being my own hardest critic, but never discourage myself by hating on my work without a good reason and loving my pieces like they were my children (so I can continue art simply for the joy of doing it)

- how many times do you draw/sketch/practice a week?
I doodle around almost every day at uni (in boring classes), but I really work concentrated on things maybe 3 times a week (more when I have off time from uni, then almost every day)

- How long does it take you to draw a picture?
Everything between 30min and 10h. For big watercolor work (or detailed colored pencils/Copic work) 6-7h are pretty much minimum. I'm a slow artist.

- Did you like to draw as a child?
Yes, a lot. I always drew.

- How long have you been drawing for?
As stated above, since forever. But I started to take it more seriously and wanted to improve from late 2003 on (I was 11).

- How long have you been using watercolor?
I already worked a lot with watercolors in school when I was 7/8/9 or so. And then I started making personal work with it from about 2005 maybe (When I was 13). It became my favorite medium again in late 2010.

- Do you personally think you draw better at night or during the day?
Probably at night.

- What caused your interest in art?
My family is full of talented people, who draw and paint very well. For me it was natural to draw too. There wasn't a certain cause. Art is just part of my life.

- Are you only interested in anime/cartoony art?
Absolutely not. I love very different kinds of art.

- Did you study art in college/uni?
No and I don't plan to.

- Where you get your inspiration?
- music
- randomly browsing the internet, looking at pretty pictures
- movies
- other artists
- emotions
- thoughts
- situations
- little things (colors, angles, movements, body features)
- just life

Hair related

- What is your natural hair color and thickness?
My natural hair color is a dark, ashy blonde/light brown, and my hair is about the thinnest on planet earth. xD

- When did you start dyeing your hair, do/did your parents have a problem with it?
I first dyed my hair with non-permanent dye when I was 10. It was cherry red. My mom dyed my hair so I doubt she had a problem with it. No, honestly. My parents let me do with my hair what I want. They don't care.

- Did you bleach your hair to get the colors that bright?
The very first time I dyed them bright pink, I had them aggressively bleached before. From then on I only used hair lightener, which, in my experience, is less damaging (I could be wrong though).

- What volume of bleach did you use?
I have no idea what volume I used... For my first bleaching I was at the hairdressers and don't know what they used. And all the other bleaching I made with these packages you buy in normal supermarkets. I guess I used the L++ stuff (which I think is the strongest... but I'm not too sure xD).

- Do you go to the hairdressers or dye them yourself?
For the bleaching I went to the hairdressers. From then on i dyed them (and cut them) myself.

- How many times have you dyed your hair and has it damaged it so far in any way?
How many times... you mean in ever or since I use bright colors? xD I've had permanently dyed hair in all variations since I was maybe 13 (before I only used non-permanent dye).  So I forgot... But after the bleaching I dyed them probably 10 times with the colorfull stuff, I guess.
Damaged? Yes. I definitely don't have the healthiest  hair. But they're not absolutely killed and frizzy, and I don't lose unreasonable amounts of hair.

- What brand of hairdye do you use (What colors)?
The colorful stuff is the non-permanent dye La Richè Directions.
Pink: Carnation Pink
Orange: Apricot
Blue: Lagoon Blue
Also used: Pastel Pink, Bright Daffodil (yellow)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic color chart: i42.tinypic.com/33a79cn.jpg

- How long does the color last in the hair?
On bleached hair: very long, I don't wash my hair that often, but I redye them once a month or so, which is why I can't even say how long the color would stay until it's completely gone. 2 months maybe.
On natural hair: not long. A few washes, 2 or 3 maybe. And the darker the natural haircolor the less the dye shows up.

- Tips on keeping dyed hair in a good condition?
- don't wash them too often (I wash them every 3 days and use dry shampoo to keep the grease away between washes)
- use a good deep conditioner
- use repair fluid or spray
- use heat on your hair as less as possible
- don't brush them too often (I only brush them once a day)
- don't ever brush them when they're wet
- don't wash them with very hot water, the cooler, the better
- cut the tips regularly


- How old are you?
20. This is shown on my profile (top left)...

- What do you want to do (as far as careers go)?
Right now I study architecture, but I never actually wanted to (or to study at all that is). I hope I can apply for learning a job soon. I'd like to learn a craft like bookbinding, printing or tailoring.

- How do you keep your skin so nice?
LOL I don't. I use Photoshop. My skin isn't in a good condition.


- How did you make you journal skin?
I installed an already existing skin and then changed the code around (in trial and error method xD because I have no idea of what I'm doing). It took me forever to figure out what codes to change so things look like I want them to. So I really can't customize a skin for you or help you make one, I literally have no idea of it whatsoever.

- What camera do you use?
Canon EOS 1000D

Will be updated regularly
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