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March 1, 2012
Watercolor Tutorial by *Loonaki
Featured by Elandria
Suggested by kayleero
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Watercolor Tutorial

Gosh that took me so long. I hope it will be helpful for you! :B

Used pictures:
Violet hair: [link]
Colorful one with the bird: [link]
plant: [link]
Ariel: [link]

Collage of painting examples: [link]

I didn't spell check and I had some problems finding the right words in English, since I'm German. If there are mistakes... sorry about that. xD

Thank you so much for the DD to =kayleero and ^Elandria
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BOBA-LIFE's avatar
This is incredibly useful ! Thank you so much for creating this for us <3

When I want to ink my illustration do I ink it first before the watercolor process, or after?
ceciosorio's avatar
Great information, thank you for sharing.
telebab's avatar
This is very helpful, thank you so much. <3
brightwash's avatar
That is a great tutorial. Very informative, you are a great teacher.  I have been painting watercolors for a long time and this was still helpful!
Aquafolie's avatar
This stunning! Thank you so much for this enlightening tutorial !!
riezyoe's avatar
I have masking liquid with brand winsor&newton, but i don't know how to use it. I've several times try it on paper, but just when i pick it with brush, it's wrinkled right after it's out of the bottle. can you give me a suggestion of this problem? ;A;)
Loonaki's avatar
I have never used the winsor&newton masking fluid, so I don't know why it's doing that... I'm sorry I can't be of any help to you. >_<
riezyoe's avatar
Np >< yesterday i've googling it (i've not try this before, i feel so stupid orz) and now i knew what's the cause, i'm not shake the bottle before i pick it with brush so it's wrinkled. Just because i don't 'shake' it. Omg i really feel so stupid TAT) but now, i can use it >\\\\\\\\\<
FTSArts's avatar
This is a great tutorial! Going to get into watercolor paintings, very glad I found this. Would you say it is important to let the paper dry everytime between layers? 
Iamverylucky's avatar
By tape I think you probably mean masking tape. But thanks! I really find it useful.. :D
Eyliana's avatar
Great tutorial!

I had a questions, what is a good way to apply masking fluid to the paper?
Loonaki's avatar
Thank you!

I usually just use a brush (and as I mentioned in the tutorial, I don't ever use my good brushes, but old ones, because the masking fluid ruins them). For really small details I sometimes use a toothpick to apply the masking fluid.
I hope this helps. :)
Eyliana's avatar
Thank you :) I'll give it a try!
KristineBreum's avatar
Great tutorial, thanks! Clap 
Loonaki's avatar
Glad you like it! :]
chepau's avatar
Thank you so much!! I'm still beginner in painting with watercolors so this helps a lot :D (Big Grin) 
Awesome tutorial. Thank-you.
jenninn's avatar
Great tutorial! :clap:
AnodyneOcean's avatar
I think that this is the post that will get me back into watercolour painting!
Loonaki's avatar
That is awesome! I'm glad. :]
Shembre's avatar
This is really neat, thank you for sharing! :D
Loonaki's avatar
You're very welcome. :3
thatgreenbean's avatar
Thank you so much for making this tut!  I was wondering if you could help me with my salt placement problems..?  When I put the salt on, it doesn't do anything.  I used sea salt; not regular table salt.  Do you think that would matter?  How wet do you have the paint when you sprinkle it on?  And what type of paint do you use?  I use just crayola watercolour paints on a pan...  do you think paints in a tube give different results with the salt?  Sorry I'm asking so many questions : (( Thank you!!
Loonaki's avatar
Mh. Well, when I put on the salt, the paper is still pretty wet, though I do wait a little between applying the color and sprinkling the salt. The type of color you use can be a factor, but I myself didn't use all that many different types to really define what is best. I use liquid watercolors, which always works for me.
I guess it also makes a difference if you put the salt on, let's say yellow or black for example. I've seen the effect work better on darker colors. 
I don't know if the point is that it's sea salt. What is important is that the salt has to be really dry, as the effect is only made possible by the dry salt absorbing the water from the wet paper and colors. So if your salt tends to clump together or something, it's probably too damp. Try and put dry rice in with the salt and let it sit for quite a while. Maybe that helps. Also sea salt (I don't know if that's the case with yours) tends to have larger grains which makes the effect harder to achieve, so maybe use salt that is finer grained.
If it still doesn't work, it's probably the type of colors you use after all.  
I hope this helps a little. :]
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