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TMNT: Ninja-ing
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By loolaa   |   Watch
Published: April 2, 2012
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Little kid Turtles again. :love: The boys are in trouble. They gotta do twenty flips each.
(Donnie started it! :XD: )

I've been working on this for weeks. I can't believe it's finally finished. :faint:

And no matter how much measuring I do, I can't get the panels the right size. Oh well.
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Leave it to Raph to make the explanation! 
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changeofheart505Hobbyist General Artist
This makes me laugh. :D

Mikey and Donnie: *fight in a cartoon dust cloud*
Raph: *munching an apple. Sees his brothers fighting past him. Throws apple away, with only one bite in it*
Mikey, Donnie, and Raph: *fighting*
Leo: *training. Sees his brothers fighting. Goes to lecture them.*
Raph: *pulls Leo into the fight*
Turtle tots: *fighting*
Splinter: *appears*
Turtle tots: *stop fighting*
Splinter: What are you doing?
Leo, Donnie and Mikey: *look nervous/scared*
Raph: Ninja-ing Sensei!
Splinter: ....I see...
Me: XD
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kagamine02loverHobbyist General Artist
Why is Leo the only one with a mask?
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KronosamHobbyist Artisan Crafter
LOL! Poor Donnie just trying to upgrade Mikey's car! . . (or at least that is my guess)
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Omg I can't believe Donnie an mikey started it lol raph was perfect I loved his gleeful trouble in the making expression right befor he dives in Donnie & Mike may have started the fire but raph brought the gasoline poor Leo didn't have a chance to do much more than blow hot air an smoke right before getting drug into the burning pile lol but splinters presence certainly puts an end to it pretty quickly this was great made me laugh awesome job
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RoseDuelistBBSHMProfessional Digital Artist
Leo and Don look so adorable in the 2nd-to-last panel. XD
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You can tell which turtles is which by what they do XD
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you totally blew it dudes
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i love raph! "hm. there's a fight...but i'm eating an apple...screw it. i'm in!"
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I love Leo's face XD he looks so horrified XD
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I'm guessing Mikey got mad at Donnie and punched Donnie and then Raph was the one eating the apple and came out and saw his two younger bros fighting and thought "Just for tda shell of it I'm goin' to jump in ta da fray" and jumped at them and began to fight with them too and I'm gueesing Raph pulled Leo into the fight and Raph was the one that said "Ninja-ing, sensei!"

Am I right XD?
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That's it exactly! :D
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I even know the Turtles without their masks on XD

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punk0000Student General Artist
haha ninja-ing huh XD
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RaphaelsgirlStudent Artist
This is so cute! I love your Turtle Tot comics! :heart:
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Amaterasu-HanakoHobbyist General Artist
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WindWings15Professional General Artist
Yah, but who threw the first punch? X)
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he read comics, ate pizza and got disapointed because of a broken toy... hmmmm... who could it be?... =D
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WindWings15Professional General Artist
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SassyCassieArtHobbyist General Artist
XD Very cute^^
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Oy vay you know this isn't going to end well, Splinter is probably going to give them extra chores to help them burn their excess energy. Boys will be boys though. XD
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Extra chores and flips and a good telling off.
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Well definitely have a family meeting to sort this all out. What was Don doing trying to fix the toy car or seeing how it worked or what. Poor Leo tried to break it up.
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