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TMNT: Another Fighty
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By loolaa   |   Watch
Published: April 11, 2012
© 2012 - 2019 loolaa
Another old fight pic I found that I just coloured. Don is doing the exact same thing in this pic as he did in one of the other ones. Pfff. No imagination.
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All right!  More action art!  Way cool!
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Wildcat1999Hobbyist Digital Artist
That looks cool and awesome! :)
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tmntartistHobbyist General Artist
Another fight fight! Cool
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ashleyjordanHobbyist General Artist
One of your best pieces in my opinion, I loe the differences between the black and the background and the brighter, contrasting colors, awesome movement and composition of this piece!
loolaa's avatar
Thanks! I'm quite fond of this pic too. :D
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jewelschanHobbyist General Artist
I love how random the ninjas are XD They make my day.
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Yu-tan9Student General Artist
Mikey: Don, you fight the same way every time, dude! Ya gotta be creative, like ME!
*Does a backflip in mid-air to prove point, only to land on his head*
Mikey: OWWW!!!
Don: And this is why if it's not broken, don't fix it.
Darekbarquero's avatar
lol Michelangelo would be upside down
loolaa's avatar
Fighting's more fun when you're upside down. :D
zakniteh's avatar
" *sigh* Another Foot ambush. another night."
Don is doing the same thing because he's good at that. It's like, his special combo move. Up, Up, Left, Right, A!
loolaa's avatar
:laughing: As long as he doesn't say that annoying phrase he kept saying in one of the video games. I can't quite remember it, but it was something like: "Let's play stickball, I'll be the stick! You be the ball!" Over and over and over and over and GAHHH DONNIE I LOVE YOU BUT SHUT YOUR FACE!
zakniteh's avatar
I remember something familiar to that, but I think it was Leo who annoyed me to no end. After a while, the same three catch phrases can get rather annoying, huh?
loolaa's avatar
YES! Leo: "Slice and dice, slice and dice, slice and dice, slice and dice, slice and..."

Go get him Raph!
BlueRoseKelly's avatar
I think Don's phrase was "Let's play stick-ball, I have a stick you be the ball" and it all got more bearable when you learned to tune them out.
Feevs's avatar
don is so techincal, he does the same moves over and over if they work XD
loolaa's avatar
Oh Don, someone will get wise to it! And what will he do then?
Feevs's avatar
he'd probably have to rethink his stratagie
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kittykrugerHobbyist General Artist
these are really cool! :la:
oldmanwinters's avatar
It may be old, but it's still awesome! Thanks for sharing, loolaa!
loolaa's avatar
No prob! I love to share. :D Glad you like it.
LeahNardo's avatar
Is it just me, or does Leo look kinda bored?

"C'mon, guys, at least make this a *challenge*!"
loolaa's avatar
Yeah, he does doesn't he? :XD: You have to *make* it more exciting Leo!
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