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I got comissioned to make this EP cover, but the client doesn't want it. It's up for grabs if any bands out there would like to use it for cheap. I'll even throw in some logo design work as part of it.
Message me if you're interested.

It's a girl running away in desperation from falling satellites
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dude what?! they turned it down?! bunch of assholes!! You did an awesome job of this...i hate people sometimes
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Thanks mate!
I know, I was so gutted when they told me. I've worked with before as well, and get on with really well. Turned out some of the band decided they wanted something totally different to what they commissioned me to do and went and commissioned someone else at the same time.
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thanks muchly :)
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doncha hate it when clients mess you around like that? :/ .. I hope you find someone who can put this cool concept to good use! :)
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I know, it sucks! thanks though, glad you like it!
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