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Yup, I'm getting on the commission train and offering my services.
Here the specifics:

All pictures done in 8.5x11, prices vary on anything bigger.

Base price: 10$ - 1 character inked (black & white)

Add-ons (to be added onto the base price):

+5$ - For an extra character

+10$ - For a background

+15$ - For colored work

Example works and prices:

ERIS:XX RAPIDFIRE by lookehereguy (10$) 1 character B&W

The Maxx v. Lobo by lookehereguy (15$) 2 character B&W

Ms.Clean by lookehereguy (25$) 1 character + color

Res: VOID 2097 by lookehereguy (25$) 2 characters + background

Howdy yall, I'm currently doing the 30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge!
Frequent my 30 Character page, it will be updated daily with sweet Knome arts.
Go know you want to.
Howdy, much like the rest of my things. I get into something I should have done 2 years ago...but yeah

Pages from my sketchbook will be uploaded there primarily

Follow and enjoy
-Steve O
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Hey everyones, check my art blogs.

Follow me,
It has a little bit for everyone. Guns, Girls, Ink, Racism, Bazookas ect.
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Finally finished my site! There are some newer stuff not on my DA, and it is where I'll post most of my sketches.

EDIT: I'm still on Respark
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so i passed 5k views, if anyone gets 5,678 screen cap you can request (unless its a retarded idea)or ill come up with something fer yah. either way winner gets a drawing done
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So ive been looking through my gallery and such, ive noticed that many peeples have fav'd my DeathCloud submission. So ive decided to turn it into a tshirt on and now you "for a limited time!!" can vote on this shirt and then maybe will become a shirt in which you can buy to wear and like brag that your shirt rocks.

so if you could throw your opinion that would be awesome…
ima draw something cool when that happens...and whoever has a scrn cap of the 2000 or anything close gets a personalized one... whutup
im so emo right now typing up a journal.

Dear Journal,

        I signed up to deviant art like 2 years ago and never have i had a avatar........BUT NOW I DO BIATCH...RANGER INDUCED SIEZURES FOR EVERYONE HOLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAA