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Sky for the Soul

"What are those bright stuff running into the clouds?"
"Grandma says they are souls coming back for a visit."

*munch munch munch*

"Why aren't you wearing your hood?"
"Cause my head is getting sweaty."
"Devils don't get sweaty, they aren't afraid of hot temperatures."
"But I'm not a devil. I'm only wearing the disguise."

*munch munch munch*

"Halloween is great, don't ya think?"
"Yeah. We get to get free candies. "

*munch munch munch*

"Why don't adults celebrate halloween?"
"I don't know. But grandma says they wear disguise everyday anyway."
"Really? They must be doing trick or treat everyday too."
"Yeah, that must be why they can get candy any time they want."
"Yeah! I wish I can grow up soon and have Halloween everyday."
"But grandma says you will end up hating it, cause you do it everyday."

*munch munch munch*

"So what are you going to dress up as when you become adult?"
"I don't know. But defenitely not an angel, cause the halo keeps hitting my head."
"But devil's tail can be annoy too. It hurts my butt when I sit on it too long."

*munch munch munch...*

A belated Halloween piece. :)
Done in openCanvas 3. Duration: approx 4 hours

1024x768: [link]
1280x1024: [link]
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1280x1024 pic is not working for me :'(

Could u give me the link by a note?

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Try this link: [link]
Thank you so much
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My heart, it has been warmed. ♥
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It's a cute picture with a great story to go with. WONDERFUL job!
scenicbeauty's avatar
very cute
i reaaally like the story
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:bulletpurple:SUCH A VERY SWEET:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:LOVELY :heart: ARTWORK:bulletpurple:
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I loved the little story that you wrote with it! It's so true...
This is fantastic. So cute
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Whouah cute ... :+fav:
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so beautiful.... the little angel and the little devil watchin' the sunset... so inspiring...
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Beautiful work!!
:clap: :+fav:
BluDrgn426's avatar
I love this piece very much, and I really love the little conversation you have with it.
ArmiesAgainstMe's avatar
I'm not quite sure what to say--
The image is gorgeous enough on its own, but in conjunction with the passage, I'm rendered speechless.

Fantastic. I really, really like this.
makeromance's avatar
childhood....... :aww:
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i choose this one for my "July Support" journal, cause i love it!! Hope, it it ok for you ^^ Have a nice week!
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Absolutely adorable.
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