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Published: December 22, 2017

happy almost christmas ~

I want to celebrate that by doing a giveaway

What can you win ?

I'll be giving away at least one headshot like this
Cab by looji

How can you enter ?

Write in the comments below the following
/ Which character you want a headshot from (that includes a link to their design, I can't smell how they look like)
/ why you want to win a headshot

you can still join the giveaway if you're not a watcher of mine

Christmas is for everyone ~

I'll be making the prize(s) a little after Christmas, since I won't be able to work on christmas day haha

but that still ends quickly so join before its over ~~

I still have an open Christmas collab btw, check it out here

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Delta-MagnusHobbyist Digital Artist
This is a link to my oc Jen Sanchez…

I would want a headshot because I think it’d be fun to try a contest for once and also see how one my Ocs is drawn by one of my favorite artists.
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Freckled-JellyfishHobbyist Digital Artist
Write in the comments below the following
I'd like a headshot of my oc that is actually me smirk shibe 
here's a few pics (drawn by me :'3) 
  Pancake And Tea #92 by PancakeAndTea Pancake And Tea #96 by PancakeAndTea Pancake And Tea #97 by PancakeAndTea Untitled by PancakeAndTea
I really love your style gurl, and I entered one of your contests before because I wanted to see one of my characters in your style so badly OoO
I love the way you shade your characters and uozghomthif they just look so good, I don't really know how to describe it tbh XD

what I also like is that you give characters so much personality, it's very charming and I'd like to see that with my characters :"3
ya know just to see them a little more "alive" if u know what I mean <3
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Oh gosh oh gosh
I'd like to enter!!  :heart: 
If I won, I'd love if you could draw my son Daiquiri because I think he would look really nice in your style!
Your work has always been an inspiration to me- your lines are always so clean, and the way you draw hair is absolutely beautiful.  Your style and use of color is really iconic, which can be a difficult thing to achieve, and I'm always so excited to see work by you.  When I see you submit to your gallery, it makes me want to work harder to improve in my own style.
I love catching your streams, and someday when I have a job again I hope to be able to commission you to support your work.  This is a wonderful opportunity and getting one of my characters drawn by you would be a real honor.
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This is my character Holic.
Memories: Guardian by desertxue

I'd like to enter because your artwork is just so lovely. You pay such great attention to character in both personality and appearance.
That and it's always fun to see character designs in another person's art style ^-^
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SlaySlothEsikmoHobbyist Digital Artist
id like to enter
your arts really gorgeous, its a unique style thats really smooth and pretty, so honestly id love to win a headshot from you because its a style that appeals to me a lot

id get one of this boyo if i did win

thanks for this opportunity, have fun with the headshot(s) you do
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MiniMagpiexxHobbyist General Artist
My OC x
I'd like to win cause it's been a shit year and I'd like to end/start the year with hope Hahaha XD
Nah, I'd love to win because your ar is goals and I absolutely would love to buy a commission from you but I'm poor af 
sorry I can't be serious XD
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BurntNightHobbyist General Artist
I would like to enter because I quite enjoy your art style, it's quite nice to look at!

The link my girl: Maddie Ref. That I would drawn in the event I win, thank you for this opportunity!

Best of luck to everyone and good-day/night~
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GiantPurpleCatHobbyist Filmographer
My OC, Dagger Mouth! :dummy:
MS: Smoking is Bad, M'Kay? by GiantPurpleCat   MS: Dagger Mouth Sketch Dump by GiantPurpleCat   MS: Dagger Mouth Expression Studies by GiantPurpleCat
I want a headshot of my character because i just love to see my OCs drawn in other peoples' styles! :dummy: It's very interesting to see other peoples' take on my characters! :D
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mitssiStudent Digital Artist
i hope this is still open aa ;v;
- here's the ref
- i've always been a huge fan of your style! i can always tell it's yours because of the cleanness of everything and the expressiveness of the characters you draw. i'm also interested on how you would draw her in your style!
hope you have a lovely christmas <3
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WT-01Hobbyist Digital Artist
+i gotta choose my main girl kasumi…
+The first reason is because I'm in love with your art style! The colors are so crisp and the expressions you give the characters are great. Second reason is because I'm always curious as to how other people draw Kasumi. Especially since I keep changing how I draw her lol
+Merry Christmas! ^^
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PalePastelsStudent Writer
hell yea ill throw my hat in
Official Auiun Reference by PalePastels  in the green outfit
ive been watching you since the mlp days and still adore your style so to get my elf oc drawn in your style would be quite the christmas(and birthday) gift~
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MojomitoHobbyist General Artist
I'd love to join!

My gal Reala: (Any outfit/Headdress from her vast collection is fine! :) )

I think your style is very distinct, it's hard to describe, I want to say angular? but that's not quite the right word!
Perhaps clear cut is better?? I also love your designs, especially your recent concepts for Shade! I love the aesthetic! 
Along with everyone else, I'm really interested in seeing my character drawn in your style, I think she's someone
who is quite open to interpretation and i'm curious to see how you would do so with her! xD

Thanks for your consideration! :)
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sshattereduniverseHobbyist General Artist
thank you so much for this opportunity! I really love your art, the designs look so good!
The Boy by sshattereduniverse I love seeing my characters in other people's artstyles, it would be such a blessing in yours 
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crystalpony32Student Digital Artist
omg i'd love to win this >.<
I absolutely love your art and characters, you're probably my fav artist on this site
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ToonMidnaHobbyist General Artist
Idella by ToonMidna1  maybe my girl Idella?

i usually don't join giveaways cuz im awkward and i don't want to seem like one of those people who only care about free art-
but i really enjoy your art and it'd be v cool too see idella in your style! :' )
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Hi hi! Thank you so much for doing a giveaway like this! It's so reassuring to see folks be in the holiday spirit for this sort of thing. It's something that the world needs a lot more of, in all honesty. So, thank you. *bows* 

In terms of why I would like to win a headshot? Well, it's simple really: your art style is amazing and I would be honored to see one of my characters rendered in your style. I have been an admirer of your art for some time and this is chance for me to finally be able to secure a piece from you and display it for all to see! I suppose that is a bit selfish, but I have to be honest with my motivations. The "tldr" is that I love your art!

As far as what character to do, I suppose it would be best of me to let you pick between my two currently active characters, so that you could choose the one you would have the most fun doing. I would love to have either one done by you, so either way its a win for me!

The two characters are:

1. My Miqo'te White Mage from FFXIV:…


2. My Blood Elf Priest from WoW:…

I will look forward to the drawing with hopeful anticipation. Thank you again!
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ethereal-dancerHobbyist General Artist
So sweet of you to do a giveaway!

I'd love to see this girl in your style:

I love your style and art, honestly getting something for you would be amazing! I also don't have any art for this lady yet :)
Xaniladera's avatar
XaniladeraStudent Digital Artist
Cobalt by Xaniladera
I love how cartoony your style looks with its colors but how realistic it looks as well if that makes sense, no one else draws my ocs so i would love to see someone else's interpretation of my oc cobalt :) thanks for doing this with your time btw :)
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moneysexualHobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh its so nice of you to make a giveaway,, even in a busy time like the winter!

Honestly id love to see some art of this guy here!
First and most obvious reason is ofc that all your men are gorgeous and who doesnt want to see their son in your style???
But another point is that i adore how you can make pretty males without making them like,, smol/skinny/the typical pretty boy sort of image
You have gorgeous guys with A+++ bodies (looking at u petrus my love),, and i just thought it would be super nice to see a pretty boy in a more sharp,, sort of style
You really manage to get out the beauty,, without erasing the male features
PetitexCossette's avatar
I'd really love to see your take on my baby Sidhara the fae queen. I think she'd look fantastic in your style.…
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IvyHessilHobbyist General Artist
Here's this darling child:
Colisreference by IvyHessil

I'm a huge fan of your art and the emotions that sometimes come in the little stories you have under comics or pictures. Your art makes me really happy!
SoulfulMirror's avatar
SoulfulMirrorHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd like to join. :)
Character: <<- She is shy and nerdy. :)
I want to win 'cause I'd like a headshot from you. :)
Kat-of-the-Night's avatar
Kat-of-the-NightHobbyist Digital Artist
Merry Christmas, Looji!

Getting a headshot of my girl, Tami, in your style would be amazing!

Tami by Kat-of-the-Night

I've always been a fan of your work, and your original content always inspired me to make my own original characters. I've had Tami for awhile-ish now... a couple years? But I've never really done anything with her. But seeing all the work you put into your own characters motivates me to flesh out and build upon my own creations. So, in short, it would be amazing to get a picture of my mischevious girl drawn by the person who inspired me to create her in the first place.

And... just to be honest... who doesn't want art of their characters in general? lD
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Bel-Art27Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would like a drawing of my bby Jonathan Park UvU

Jonathan Park Practice by Bel-Art27    Jonathan Park by Bel-Art27  

I would like to see my characters in other styles and not only mine (I really love the way in wich you draw boys♥) and because he is one of my precious babies XD
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