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Honestly, I've been having a really big art block this week, everything looked awful and drawing was just blegh. So I decided to write a bad fanfic of my characters and then I accidentally made six of them. I just put them in my status update the past six days, everyday one. They're very bad on purpose and I didn't even spell checked them or something, made up the story as I went. they're totally made for fun and are not ment to be taken seriously pff. Here they are all in one journal, complete with their bad layout.

He looked at her and said "you? You did all this?" "I'm sorry captain-senpai, I- I just couldn't see you being upset..." She lowers her head, tears falling down. "Snow-chan." He sighs. "Thank you for making my date with Pepe-Chan so amazing but." He pauses for a moment. "I'm not in love with her." Snow-chan startled by the handsome blond's answer. "You're not? I was so sure you liked her! I wanted to arrange this date for you because.. because that is what friends do... I didn't know you weren't in love..." "I am in love... just not with her Snow-chan..." the girl startled again, still with tears in her eyes "Oh no, was it the wrong girl!? I-I was so sure.. so it was Lotta chan wasn't it? How can I call myself your best friend when I don't even know who you like..." the handsome blond chuckled. "You still don't know... do you." He reaches his hand to her face, holding her cheek with his hand. "Why would I fall in love with those girls... when I have my best friend..." "M-m-me!?" She became almost as red as her long hair, burying her face in her cozy scarf. "I love you snow-chan... this date you arranged.. let's go on it together." Snow chan couldn't believe it. The guy she loved since the day they met, the guy who's been dating all the pretty girls in Gelea academy, the guy she called her best friend... loved her!?? "Captain senpai... I - I love you!!" His lips coming closer, he whispered "same"
Suddenly snow Chan was awoken by her alarm clock, looking at the time she yelled "OH NO I'm late for school again!!"

"Wow isn't that Dan-san?" "Yeah, he's the richest boy in town." "Wow, he even has a butler that brings him to school!" Dan-san sighs. It's always like this when he arrives at school. "Do you need me to carry your schoolbag, young master?" The boy looks at his trustworthy butler "No thank you, Huaan. You can go home now, I can take it from here." "Of course, sir." Huaan makes a quick bow before heading back to the limousine the boy was brought to school with. Dan-san sighs again, he asked numerous of times to walk to school alone, but they never let him. If only he could be a normal boy, like the others... "Everyone knows me at this school, but I don't know any of them..." Having friends is something he never had but dreams about every day. As he continues his walk, the whispers continue. But this time, it isn't about him. "Have you heard about the new transfer student?" "Yeah! I heard she came all this way from a really cold country or something." Transfer student? At this time of the year, that's strange... But maybe this time, the people would talk less about him... Dan-san gazes over the playground when he spots her... A small girl with her white shiny hair tied in two buns. "S-so... Kawaii...Is that the transfer student?-" KYAAAH
Suddenly Dan-san stumbles upon someone who's been running. "A-aah I'm  so sorry Dan-san! I was late for school again... hehe" "EEEHH, Snow-sensei!??" In front of him, his home-room teacher, barely holding her balance, and a piece of toast in her mouth. "See you in class, Dan-san! I can't keep my students waiting~" The young woman with the long red hair runs along. "Aah... Miss Snow-sensei is so baka sometimes..."

"AAaaah! Looks like our club room is almost ready, Chive-san!" Kit-kun looks at his best friend. "Haha, might I remind you that we still need a teacher's approval and at least 3 more members? A club can't exist with just two members." Chive-san smiles with his eyes closed. "I know that... but our own classroom is already a great start!" "How did you even got this, kit-kun?" Kit-kun turns around with a big smile "I found it and it was empty!" He stands up and picks up the sign he's been working on all day on the table in the corner. Chive-san walks to him and read out loud "The anime club". "Who wouldn't want to join that!??" Kit-kun yells proudly. "Haha..." Chive-san smiles again (with his eyes closed). "And for a teacher's guidance... how about your home room teacher, Chive-san?". "Aah- I don't think Ken-sensei really likes anime, besides I heard he is already the teacher for the sports-club." Kit-kun sighs "That's too bad... My home room teacher Helmen-sensei already does the parrot club..." The two boys walk out of their just claimed clubroom. In the hallway they spot Dan-san. "Maybe he wants to join our club! I don't recall him being in a club yet?" "What, Kit-kun are you crazy? That's Dan-san, the most popular kid in school. He doesn't want to join our club!" "Only one way to find out." Kit-kun suddenly takes a sprint and walks up to Dan-san, who is startled by the sudden appearance of the young boy. "KONICHIWA DAN-SAN!" "Aa-ah, uhm- good morning." "So- me and my buddy here- " he points at a nervous Chive-san, who is still meters behind him "made an anime club! But we still need 3 more members, so you wanna join?" Startled by the sudden question, Dan-san is shocked. No one ever asked him to join a club before, they're always too scared too approach him. But what if they only are doing that for his fame... it would sure be a good sign if the son of the richest family in town joined their club ... But it would be nice to have friends... "Uhm- n-no thanks.." "Ah, okay, no worries." Kit-kun says slightly disappointing, before he goes back to his friend back in the hallway. Why did you say no, Dan. You want friends, right. Why did you say no? You baka...

"Ah, Snow-sensei, sit down." Snow-chan walks in the office of Cookie-sensei, the headmaster of Gelea Academy. "Of course, sir." Inside both Captain-san and a girl are sitting down. Captain-san gives a smiles to Snow-chan, who blushes. "I called you all here for Ellanora-Chan." Headmaster Cookie points at the girl. "Very nice to meet you! I'm Snow-" Before she wants to bow Headmaster Cookie stops her. "That's okay, Snow-sensei. She isn't from around here, and doesn't know the language yet. That's why I called you two here." Headmaster Cookie says. "You will be her homeroom teacher, so it's important for you to understand her, and she can understand you." "Headmaster Cookie, I'm afraid I don't know her language, I-" Snow-chan tries to explain herself before being interrupted by Captain-san. "That's why I'm here, right? I speak her language fluently." "Yes, that's correct, the language we are avoiding to name." Headmaster Cookie puts a folder on his desk. "These are her school papers, all the information you will be needing is here." Captain-san grabs the folder and starts reading it, all the while having a conversation with Ellanora-chan. Snow-Chan turns to Headmaster Cookie. "I'm sorry, sir, but what do you exactly expect me to do? I mean- Captain-san has his class, he can't play interpreter for her all the time." "That's something you two need to figure out. But you've always been a good working team, I trust you two. Now get out of my office, I need to do some Headmaster stuff." Before they know it they're in the hallways. Captain-san and Ellanora-chan are still having a conversation, one Snow-chan can't understand. "Uhm, where are you guys talking about?" "I'm explaining to her the school and what is expected of her, nothing special." Captain-san smiles at Ellanora-Chan who giggles. They sure have a nice bond... I can now already tell I'm not gonna like her... Ah, I can't believe I'm jealous of a little girl... "So, I will get some dictionaries from the libary, for Ellanora-Chan and you. Be right back. Why don't you two - get to know each other?" Before Snow-Chan can answer Captain-san is gone. Leaving the two behind in the hallway. "Uhm. Hello!" Snow-Chan waves at Ellanora-Chan, who happily waves back. "I em uhm.. hap-py!" Ellanora-Chan tries very hard to speak the only few words she knows. It's kinda kawaii... Maybe she isn't that bad after all... When Snow smiles back with her eyes closed she spots a figure down the hallway. Is that Dan-san? And why is he hiding behind a pillar? It would be nice to introduce Ellanora-Chan to one of her classmates. "Hey D-" But before she can call him out, Dan-san noticed that he was caught and quickly turns around, out of sight. Mmm.. that's strange... Was he looking at Ellanora-Chan???

"Good news, Chive-san!" Kit-kun runs up to his friend, followed by a girl. "I got us our first member!" He proudly points to the girl, who is still behind. "That's great! Someone from your class?" Chive-san smiles. "Yup!" Kit-kun says proudly. "This is Idla-Chan." "Don't think I like anime or something, bakas." Idla-Chan crosses her arms. "Haha- okay." Chive-san smiles with his eyes closed, making Idla-Chan blush. "So I got us a new member, did you find a teacher yet to supervise our anime club?" Kit-kun asks Chive-san. "Not yet, sorry.." "That's okay!" Kit-kun looks around him and suddenly runs off. "He sure is happy, though" Chive-san mentions. "It's not like I like that, or something." Idla-Chan says. Kit-kun runs up to Captain-sensei and Snow-sensei who've been talking with each other at the other side of the playground. "Captain-sensei Captain-sensei!!" Kit-kun yells almost out of breath. "Hey, there buddy." Captain-sensei answers. "We- uhm. We still need a supervisor for our school club. And we thought-" Before Kit-kun can finish Captain-sensei stops him. "Nah, sorry kid. I'm already the supervisor for the girl dance club." "Pervert." Snow-sensei says under her breath. "Ahh.. that's too bad." Kit-kun is slightly dissapointed. "Maybe Snow-sensei can help you guys out. You're not a supervisor for a club yet, right?" Captain-sensei asks Snow-sensei. "What? Ah, no - no. I'm not a supervisor yet. But I don't know if I'm cut out for that I-" "PLEEAASE SNOW-SENSEI PLEAASE!!" Kit-kun makes a chibi face. "Mmm.. okay." "YEESSS" Kit-kun yells. "But on one condition." Snow-sensei says.
~over to the next scene in the anime clubroom. Kit-kun, Chive-san, Idla-chan and Ellanora-Chan are sitting down~
"Snow-sensei wanted to be our supervisor in exchange for letting Ellanora-Chan join our club. We just have to help her with the language and stuff." Kit-kun explains. "That's do-able. And we have a new member, so that's only good news." Chive-san smiles with his eyes closed. "Yeah, more friends!!" Kit-kun yells. Ellanora-Chan cheers along. "It's not like I like having friends or something." Idla-Chan says in a tsundere way. "We're almost on our way to becoming a real club. Just one member more, and we're good. But how are we going to get more members?-" Chive-san questions "- We already asked everyone we know." Kit-kun nods "We just need to do something that will caught everyones attention, show them we're just a group of fun people!" Everyone starts thinking of ways, except Ellanora-Chan, who has no idea what's going on, but is still happy regardless. "Hey. I know -" Kit-kun points to the sky. "- There is a talent show next month, right?"

Dan-san sits outside. It's lunch time and like always, he sits alone. When he opens his lunch box he is greeted by some amazing looking jelly doughnuts. "Huaan sure outdid himself this time, they look amazing.." Dan-san says to himself. Suddenly he hears voices behind him. "Okay, so - who's got a good idea for the talent show??" Dan-san turns around to see Kit-kun talking to three others. A nice looking guy with his eyes closed, some kind of tsundere looking girl and - His eyes widen in surprise. It's the new transfer student. Did she join their club? They asked him to join their club too, but he said no... "Can anyone play an instrument or something?" he hears Kit-kun say. "Do you think we'll attract any members with a band?" Chive-san asks. They're looking for members, still? That's right, they do need 5 members in total to be an official club... "I can play the violin if it helps. But it's not like I like that, or something." Idla-chan says with her arm crossed. "You play the violin? That's so cool!" Kit-kun smiles, making Idla-Chan blush. "But I don't think we can do something with just one instrument, though... Mmmm..." Kit-kun thinks out loud. Behind them Dan-san is still listening along. He closes his lunchbox with the delicious jelly doughnuts and stands up. He makes eye contact with Ellanora-Chan, who waves in return, making the whole group look up at Dan-san, who now is standing in front of them. "Uhm-- Hi. I uhm. I heard you were looking for another member and I thought maybe- since you asked before-" before Dan-san can finish his sentence Kit-kun already jumped in the air. "YOU WANNA JOIN??" Startled by the happiness of the young boy Dan-san blushes. "Uhm, yeah I guess I do... I-if that's okay of course." "OF COURSE! YESS" Kit-kun cheers. "So glad you could join us." Chive-san smiles. "Ugh- whatever." Idla-Chan looks away. Chive-san tries to explain to Ellanora that Dan-san just joined them, with the dictionary they got from Snow-sensei. Upon hearing the news Ellanora-Chan smiles at Dan-san giving him a sweet "Yay". Now Dan-san looks even redder then before. He can't believe he just joined a club... and made- friends...


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FINALLY! I can favorite this masterpiece now!
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Yassss! That's what it's meant to be, fun!! XD
I thought it was lovely! Very refreshing! c':

As long as you had fun and got a nice break out of it, I think it has done its job well! :3
Don't push yourself too haaard!!
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Thank you for this by the way, was actually wanting to ask you to do something like this. (I just had no idea how to do it) It may be trashy fan-fiction (hilariously so), but it would have been a shame for all this (glorious?) work to disappear into the ether never to be seen again.
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