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Published: April 29, 2018

thanks everyone for 14k (almost)

To celebrate 14K watchers, I decided to do an art raffle ! I'm not fully there yet (still 27 to go),, so I thought I would open it and close it around the time I do reach the number- so enter till you can !
At least one person will win - I may gonna do more prices if I have time / feel like it
this raffle is gonna be open for a couple of days - I cant really give a specific deadline

what can you win ?

Anything from my gallary - you can ask for something specific like a half body in a certain style
or a custom design / redesign for a character,, but you can also just send a link to your (or someone else) their character and let me draw it in any way I want

how do you enter ?

Leave a comment down below with the following information
- What you want to win (see orange box)
- A link with a ref to your character(s) if necessary
- A description of what you want for the custom (re)design if necessary (you can leave as much as you want up to me)
- Why you want to win


- The winner(s) will be revealed when I upload the drawing(s) - so please give me all the info you want to give to me in your comment
- You can give me multiple options of what you want- however, if you win I will only draw one of your characters / design one custom (re) design
- You can also enter for a friend (send a link to their character)
- You can also suggest a canon character you want me to draw
- Normally I don't mind this, but since it's a raffle to celebrate watchers, you have to be a watchers to enter, new watchers are welcome

thank you again my dudes

I just really want to thank anyone who watches me- or just enjoys my art. I'm enjoying myself so much with just drawing and talking to you guys - these little inside jokes and just everything. You guys not only help me with my art and characters (by commenting and stuff) but also you guys are just super cool. Thanks for watching - thanks for faving - thanks for looking - thanks for being there. I hope this shows my gratitude, I'm awfully busy with school nowadays, I wish I could do more. Hope everyone of you has a wonderful day ~

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IsolatedPsychoHobbyist General Artist
what i would like to win: i'd like to win a fullbody of my character cherise sitting down!
reference links: cherise and pose
description: it can be as elaborate or simple as you prefer. cherise is the embodiment of the lake she occupies (her bio is in the toyhou.se link), so you can put her in a situation where she is flourishing or is "stressed". i don't want to make this too complicated ;;
why i would like to win: your art style is just.... goals? i would love to see my character drawn by you because you are literally my inspo to improve my art!

thank you so much for the chance to do this! congrats to the winner in advance~
xTriss's avatar
xTrissHobbyist General Artist
♥ What I want to win? A redesign of her: Miu 
♥ For redesign, nothing special. I just want to make her new clothes and do something with this hairstyle, and maybe some markings for her?? I think it's all. I want her to be more celtic-ish themed. (remind that she's a child)
♥ Why I want to win? You're my inspiration. My art style improved because of your drawings I started to draw more realistic people because of you. I just want an art from my idol, that's all ;p
ToukoRoses's avatar
ToukoRosesHobbyist General Artist
what i want to win-
anything involving my guy here  Fox   Cow By Esaku Ponpone-d80c7ss by ToukoRoses
why i want to win - because you're an absolutely amazing artist, i'm never disappointed by what i see, and you're very inspirational with how much time and effort i see put into your works. i believe you could do great justice to my guy and think that anything you draw of him would be great. i admit it's selfish of me but getting a piece of art from you would be a a nice boost to my motivation and self confidence, plus i'd feel really special. i hope to one day actually commission you so if i don't win it wouldn't be the end of the world, but for now it's the only way i can afford it XD
here's hoping i'll be not broke sometime in the near future (bills be my enemy lol)
PoisonDemonSaskia's avatar
PoisonDemonSaskiaHobbyist Digital Artist
What you want to win something like this: deloo by Looji  of Saskia or redesign of Zico
- A link (above)
- I am using this character for two different things and he's also the oldest character I have. I would enjoy to see a less aged/tired approach and I think your style would suit him perfectly.
Why Because, honestly, how cool would that be? 
Pl-e-a-s-e's avatar
Pl-e-a-s-eHobbyist Digital Artist
Congratz on the big 14K! You've come a really long way!

What you want to win: Any art style or redesign of my characters would be lovely ^^
- A link with a ref to your character(s) if necessary:  Loryalm: Vivienne ref #1 by Pl-e-a-s-e   The Flower Power by Pl-e-a-s-e  
- A description of what you want for the custom (re)design:  GELEA OC Personalities~ (ADDED NEWER REFS)People with the same background colour probably know each other..



Gelea Characters:
Name: Bram ???
Known as: Rammy, Bram, Brim
Age: 7
Sexuality: only-eyes-for-one-specific-person, but he's a kid so no thank you at the moment
Occupation: He a kid :0
Specie: half human, half ???
Born in: ???
Current location: ???
Personality: Bram is a nice kid, he's quite the brave one as well, but he's also clumsy af. Bram's a pretty chill child, a bit old-in-mind for his age, but makes up for it with his spunky personality and drive to make friends. Bram has a knack for playing the ukelele, and reading as many books as he can. He never knew his birth parents but he never really cared who they were if they
 feel free to design any of these characters! None of them are from Gelea anymore, I'd love to see any one of them in the traditional russian fashion style ^^ and If you choose to redesign; Vivienne, Pandora, Alivia, Beryl, or Olivin they all have tribal like body tatoos all throught their bodies also 
Olivin sketches by Pl-e-a-s-e  Olivin has lots of feathers all around him and tribal like symbols all over as well as a mask.
Why you want to win:
I've been in love with the progression of your art over the time since I've started watching you, and I've loved seeing you grow in your art from the classic cutesy and loose, to adding in your own quirks, extremely fine details and well thought out expansive colour schemes. Your artwork and humour has had a brilliantly enchanting touch that has always put a smile on my face, and so it would be amazing to see how you could perceive and spill out some magic in the additon of my characters into your gallery
Frizzhle's avatar
Congrats on the 14K!! If I were to win I would love for you to draw Silas as either an elf or merman in colour any colour palette is fine, with the same tattoo style as Kenny or Dane and maybe some facial hair whatever style you think would suit him best and more freckles either way he will look amazing in your style! I would like to win because I've never entered one of your art raffles before and it would be pretty cool to win but if not I'm happy I finally entered!
ethereal-dancer's avatar
ethereal-dancerHobbyist General Artist
Congrats on 14k watchers, that's great!! :D

If I won I'd love to see toyhou.se/1128593.amaris in your style, I really liked how you did that taur in your recent DTA :) However you want to draw her is completely fine with me!

I want to win because I really love your art style :)
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IvyHessilHobbyist General Artist
Congrats on 14k!! You've totally earned it!

If I win, I'd get this character: Ivy however you'd like to draw her. I'd love to win simply to have my main character drawn in your style. Your art is a huge inspiration to me and the mini Carrot comics (not to mention Garrets suposedly-not-or-is-it-canon 'wife') always make me smile. You're one of those artists whose art I always look for first. Your work is just absolutely charming.
PenelopeJadewing's avatar
PenelopeJadewingProfessional Digital Artist
Congratulations on the 14k, you have certainly earned it! Your art is absolutely fabulous!!

If I were to win... hm... I'd probably request a half body drawing of my elf boy, Sundance. ^u^ Or possibly like... him with a custom outfit that bespeaks of his wealthy, high-fashion background.
[HIC] Sundance Merryweather by PenelopeJadewing   [HIC] Group Selfie by PenelopeJadewing  
As for why I'd want to win... your style is just so gorgeous. It's so elegant and expressive, your characters so unique and beautiful and fun... and I love when I see a new deviation from you in my notifications. Your art makes me happy... and on a personal note, I think Sunny would look absolutely stunning in your art style too, so. :V there's that too.
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VerixpaHobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats!! You deserve it, you worked hard ^-^

If I win I'd want a custom design and all I ask is the main color for it be yellow (and for it to be sorta simple so I don't cry trying to draw it, but don't limit yourself!)

I'd like to win because I love your art and the characters you create, so getting something of both would be amazing! You/your drawings recently have also been an inspiration to me, motivating me to keep drawing
mavhem's avatar
mavhemHobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats! You deserve it :D
I have a couple of characters you could draw; i don't have anything specific in mind :)
her: mavhem.deviantart.com/gallery/…
or any of the characters in this folder: mavhem.deviantart.com/gallery/…
I'd like to win because I love your art style and I'd love to see your rendition of my characters !
memeathon's avatar
memeathonHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaa congrats!!!
I'd like a custom design if i win! 
Some kind of elf would be cool! I really like dark elves (with the greyish skin and light hair) but it doesnt necessarily have to be! Id prefer male, too. Tbh i love your designs sm i trust u completely oml
All of your designs are just amazing!! I started watching you for the DTAs and stayed because im just in love with your style tbh!! The character would probably be used for dnd pppft-
TheAbstractKat's avatar
TheAbstractKatHobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations of Fourteen Thousand!  You worked very hard and definitely deserve it :D

I would love to see a character design/redesign of mine in any of your styles.

I've been trying to figure out concrete designs I want to use for this guy for a while, and I would be interested in seeing what you would imagine he would look like.  The first picture has information about him, and feel free to message me if you need to know anything else!

[OC] Avienki by TheAbstractKat  
IfPidgeonsCouldTalk's avatar
Congrats on 14k! You've come a long way!

If possible I'd like to see this character, no preference to which style, whatever you'd want 

Why I'd want to win is to get to see this character in your style, I think she'd probably fit in pretty well into your universe so i'm really curious to see how you'd draw her in that universe 
  Elliot's Tail by IfPidgeonsCouldTalk
samanthadmedeiros's avatar
samanthadmedeirosHobbyist Traditional Artist
Congrats, Looji!
I would love to see my character(I dind't give him a name, yet...) in your style, I just created him in middle of a class, and I loved how kind he can look when he is around of he's cats or the ones he loves. His personalities is similar to a hufflepuff(one of the Hogwarts' houses), he is loyal and determined, and he is also inspired in the character Newt Scarmander(from the film Fantastic Beasts). Here's a link from a sketch I made of him(www.instagram.com/p/BhAL6PeBob…).
I would like to win because I love your art style and I been watching you since the firsts drawings about Snow, Captain, Kit, Cabin and the Crew, so, It would be special to me win a simple illustration from you! And you can him in the poses you want, it must just be him. Ans congratulations again for the 14K!! ;3;
SoulfulMirror's avatar
SoulfulMirrorHobbyist Digital Artist
What I want to win?
--> A full body (or half if full body is too much) of my OC enjoying her shower.
Link: sta.sh/2bmk9jwh2co (Characteristic: Shy and nerdy)
Why I want to win?
--> I am gonna be honest here, I have too little art of her so it'd be nice to have a few more. :)
AnnJoanne's avatar
AnnJoanneHobbyist Digital Artist
Ooooh cool an art raffle ! :la:

- I would like to this this babe- 
Anvy Mahabir by Estrella-Angel   Wardrobe: Anvy by Estrella-Angel
- Any style is fine with me- they all look amazing ! 
- Why i wanna win? Wel first of- i really really love your style- like the moment i saw it i was like "damn thats pretty" 
And then it was an even bigger plus when i saw you were dutch- i need more dutch friends here xD 
And i never joined an art raffle before- so i'm kinda excited for it :la:
lumidescent's avatar
lumidescentStudent Digital Artist
- whatever you want to draw w/ this bab is fine by me !!
- Ayako by lumidescent   Ayako by lumidescent
- honestly i just!!! love your art! i've been watching you for a really long time and your style's always been so beautiful! you've improved a lot since i first started watching and it's cool to see how your style has developed !!
Tassji-S's avatar
Tassji-SHobbyist General Artist
Congratulations Looji, you really deserve the love and appreciation for your art.

So the character I would put up is Vinny, Vinny is the Vampire who has the complete polar opposite personality to a stereotypical vampire, he loves humans, although lives as an Aristocrat would rather help spend his time on a farm - or at least he would except for the whole can't go into the sun thing. Truth be told, his character and Magnus (The other character in the images) are living in each other's bodies so he is used to the peasant life and has no idea how to deal with the aristocratic life or thurst and restrictions of a Vampire, whilst Magnus is stuck living as a werewolf and having to deal with poverty and learning to take care of a farm. 

So in short, its the Vampire design I would really want to be redrawn in your style, giving you free control on outfit and style of his clothes.

Art trade w/ Tassji-S by TheHoneybird   Story Idea by Tassji-S   A random idea for the comic by Tassji-S

You ask why, well why would anyone pass up a chance to win a drawing from you, I have been following you as long as I have had DeviantArt, and admired your art for years before I decided to get an account. To win a custom drawing from you would be a dream. Your art is superb and wonderful and whoever wins is very lucky indeed.
Tumbling-Pumpkin's avatar
Tumbling-PumpkinHobbyist Digital Artist
Good job on getting 14k! 15k is definitely on the way!

I'm definitely joining just for the opportunity!
>Style 3 (I think that's correct, I'm looking at your commissions information!)
>Link to Chara: A Happy Amal (I have no formal reference piece of him yet)
>Why- I've been fascinated by your style for a while! It's so gorgeous and it looks like you put a lot of heart into it! Also your ocs are pretty hot not gonna lie
Mayeru's avatar
MayeruHobbyist Digital Artist
Congratz! ^^
I would like to join, 
- Any style is fine : ) i like them all. 
- Doku : toyhou.se/564176.doku
- If you cool make him look cooler that would be great xD feel free to add other props or another hair style, (if you don't feel like thinking about it it's okay too, you can draw the original design too)
- Cuz i love your art of course, if there's a chance to get some of it i will take it. : )  
littleinksheeples's avatar
littleinksheeples Digital Artist
Congratulations! If you don't mind, I would like a full body drawing of my oc E'Tol in your style please. littleinksheep.tumblr.com/post…
Cirrogrond-Lions's avatar
Cirrogrond-LionsHobbyist Digital Artist
congrats to (almost) 14K watchers! :D

What I would love to win from you is any of these characters (toyhou.se/CirrogrondLions/char…) in your style! I'll leave it completely up to you on what you want to do.

Why I would like to win is because you're a great inspiration to me. I've always enjoyed seeing your art pop up in my notifications!
TopazOwl's avatar
TopazOwlStudent Digital Artist
woah! congrats on all the watchers!! you deserve all of them and more!

What I want to win:
anything from you would be awesome, I'd probably have to say custom design

Hmm, I don't have anything particular in mind, maybe a witch/wizard boy, but I'm cool with you doing whatever you want! 

Why I would want to win:
All your art and characters and stories are so good and I love your art style alot <3 
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